Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6-29-2012 We're back!

We're baaaaaaaaaaack! Yes, now that SCOTUS (formerly known as SCROTUS) has done the right thing, it's safe to come out.  Or is it? 'Cause Queenie's back in town, spitting mad and snarking it up.

C'mon in and join the fun, loyal subjects....

So what the Efff, Queenie???

angry queen
Yeah, yeah Queenie knows. This capriciousness suiteth not thy subjects.  Well, get used to it.  Queenie's been with the killing squads in Honduras , she's been plotting with progressives, she's been hanging out with Nobel Laureates...... And all this reality has interfered with the royal digestive track. She's. so. damn. tired. of what we're NOT talking about. 

So the TR will come out intermittently, and it may not hew to the topics presented by the political process and the news.  Because, guess what? The news is missing the point oh so very often.  And there are plenty of other people already sucked into that echo chamber.  Stay tuned to this space for lots of stuff you're sure to disagree with - but, hey, rant and rave right back at me! *Air kiss*, lovies, now to the death match...
Situtation Normal All Effed Up
Yes, that's a smirk....
Yes, that's a smirk...
Yes, step one, Queenie admits powerlessness over both the eff word AND the tiniest piece of inside-the-Beltway rant...  Because while we're busy applauding that cute little Judge Roberts, has anyone noticed how he actually did his job while also creating a hot mess for our buddy Barry in November? That's right you delightful Tea Party fun guys -- O wasn't actually Constitutional and he did actually impose a tax!

What's more, the federal government has to honor Medicaid/Medicare commitments even if the states refuse them! So big-swinging-dick Republican governors can refuse to be part of our new socialist state without actually creating problems for their citizens!  And the fatted masses can continue to believe the right wing is the standard bearer of light and truth while ignoring the fact that it's corporate America feeding at the trough, not them.  Oh he did thread the needle well, that adorable judge!  Bless the cockles of his black little heart!
WAIT!!! Mea culpa mea mea culpa, Queenie is NOT TOEING PARTY LINE... and in an election year... Wait -- giant win, incredible victory for everyone, and Queenie is really, truly happy that folks can get healthcare.  All true.  But so is that other stuff.
Sad White Babies, Mean Feminist Mommies....
i wannn my mean feminist mommy!!! 
i want my mean feminist mommy!!!
Jessica Valenti, we worship at your throne. Thank you for the phrase that perfectly describes that sharp pointy stick The Atlantic Monthly poked in our feminist eyes this week. Baklashtastic also worthy of idolatry, as was colored unicorns and a host of other critiques of power, defenses of feminism, and 
.  We all took the bait and dove in.  Even Queenie couldn't resist explaining how our deadbeat husbands have benefited from feminism.  Oh, wait, that's not QUITE what I sad... 
So what was that death squads stuff...? 
Queenie grows weary, so here's the ADHD re-cap of the past few weeks' epiphanies. 

Honduras is beautiful but one grows weary of having three bodyguards at all times... It's the most dangerous country in the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, with civilian homicide rates spiking in direct proportion to the rate of US drug war dollars pouring into the country.  Don't worry, Queenie should have it all straightened out by Xmas. 
And in another Reagan Era Deja Vu (or was that Bush fils?) while all the cool kids at Netroots Nation sat in the technical panels, Queenie joined the old hippies in the content sessions and was reminded that it may be too late for democracy - more laws have been passed to erode access to voting since O was elected than at any other time in history - the banks have permanently eaten our lunch - Muslims are living in an out-and-out police state with little or no first amendment rights - and many other things to make a thinking person's blood run cold.  No worries, though, Queenie's on the case.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, mes enfants.... More to come.  Please post rants and raves directly on the blog or e-mail me at suzanne@turnerstrategies.com.

Ciao ciao kittens!