Friday, May 4, 2012

5-4-12: Why is Ted Nugent Still Hanging Out with "Brain Dead" Liberals on CBS?

There's a new book out that has the Obama people on the edge.  Although there are no earth-shattering revelations, Barry's haters say the author paints a picture of a calculating and ambitious young man.  And of course, we were absolutely surprised about the angle the Washington Times took on this one.

Haters gotta hate.

The Week That Was

Forward!  The Obama 2012 campaign has finally chosen THE slogan that will mesmerize followers of the great community organizer.  And you can bet the wing-nut critics have their own theories of why Messina & Co. chose that word.  The Moonie Times dug up the dirt from the bowels of Wikipedia, of all places.  It's not new news that NObama is a European Marxist.  But from Kenya?  Not a chance.

Sneaky reporters this week caught Mitt Romney (and Rudy) handing off some fresh pizza to an ever-loyal aide.  Were the pies, in fact, a form of staff compensation? We will never know for sure.  Speaking of loyal subjects: the Romney campaign is said to be seething at British Prime Minister David Cameron for lavishing praise on President Obama during the state visit last March.  Mittens is hoping to kiss up to Mr. Cameron while attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London.  (Romney confidants say the trip will boost his foreign policy credentials).  Why is Mittens placing Great Britain ahead of America? Traitor.

Another week and another report of that Barack Obama wasting your tax dollars for political gain.  Of course his predecessor cannot be accused of the same.  Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to sign a security agreement with Hamid Karzai.  The trip was "clearly [...] campaign related," said closet climate change-backer Jim Inhofe.  Gramps, meanwhile, emerged from the old-folks home to tell his former foe to stop bragging.  Also, did Twitter almost blow Obama's cover?   

Yesterday was World Press Freedom Day.  It is a day to celebrate and increase awareness of freedom of the press and honor journalists who have lost their lives in their profession.  Hillz reminds us of the sacrifices members of the press make while in search of the truth.  While we're still talking about the press, we have some sad news to share: the American Prospect, a progressive political magazine, is close to shuttering, unless TR owssfsignificant funds can be raised.  The Prospect may continue forward as a strictly digital publication. 

Occupy Wall Street took part in actions across the country, but a large number of self-identified anarchists ruined the May Day festivities.  In San Francisco, Wells Fargo donated $25k to businesses affected by rioting.  So much for demonizing the banks.  And the FBI arrested 5 suspected anarchists who were plotting to blow up a bridge and financial institutions in Ohio.  There's still plenty of crazy people back home.

Have you been following this Chinese activist story closely?  Chinese officials say Chen Guancheng can apply to study abroad "like normal people." That's quite a compromise!  Guancheng had been under house arrest before escaping briefly to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.  House Republicans (yes, they too have a link to this story) took a call from the man of the hour during a congressional hearing.  Absolutely not a stunt, peeps.  It's great to see compassion coming from these guys.

Are You Not Entertained?

So, fess up, Turner fans.  Did any of you attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner?  Let us know privately.  *Wink, wink*.  Obama brought down the house, getting in a few zings at Mittens, and likely gushing at the audience, knowing that he's knocked off some other most-wanted terrorist.  But what's this?  Allen West was also in attendance.  He ripped the occasion while wining and dining with the best of the best.  Allen West, never a friend of the media crowd.  Ha!

Ted Nugent was back on the celebrity circuit to complain about how brain dead liberals caused him to threaten his president.  CBS is the wrong outlet for you, Ted.  Go ahead and fire your assistant.  That would save a few brain cells.  

Oh, that feeling of rejection.  Hillary is a little occupied at the moment to make the leap to Hollywood, Mr. Segel.  Just have the Muppets ready to go at a moment's notice.  You never know.

The cast of the West Wing reunited for a walk and talk all the way back to the Oval Office.  A funny PSA, huh? Unfortunately, it's also timely.

Interweb Tomfoolery

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Pinterest goes Pinternational!  The social media site is looking for translators, starting with French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.  Of course, Pinterest is already used by many overseas to share beautiful images.  Translations will make the experience even better.  Language lovers, sign up now!

Out on the Town

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • More than 40 embassies are opening their doors to tours tomorrow.    

Pizza.  That just had to be the first scandal of the Mitt Romney campaign.  His servants are doing a mighty fine job running a tight ship.  Uh, except the Richard Grennell thing.  Maybe Mittens should have kept him on board during this Chinese activist story, which will no doubt be in the news forever.  Whoops.

See you all next week!