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2-17-12: Where are the Women (in Virginia)?

"Rombo" is the new Santorum. This clever new ad from the no-frills Santorum campaign mixes a Romney look-a-like, a cardboard cut-out of the former Pennsylvania senator, and a splattering of brown crap. Oh, shoot, what a mistake that was! Haha, but it looks like the voters are eating it up. Eww!

Moving along.

The Week That Was

The White House somehow managed to anger congressional Republicans this week (really?!) by releasing Barry's budget proposal for fiscal year 2013. So what exactly is gettin' people all hot and bothered? Could it be the $350 billion to extend the payroll tax cut, boost domestic manufacturing and the hiring of more teachers? How terrible of him! Of course, his plan comes with a huge price tag, but what's a trillion dollars here and there these days? He'll definitely run into some trouble trying to coax Congress to go along with his communist (or is it socialist?) idea to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire on people raking in more than $250,000.

Maine Republicans are about to upend last week's caucus results which gave a slipping Mitt Romney a narrow win. What's worse (for him) is that several localities have yet to participate. It's our way or the highway for Ron Paul fans. In other news, Rick Santorum is still surging and it's looking more likely that he'll cruise to victory in Michigan and Ohio.

Sister Sarah has returned to us from Wasilla, Hollywood, or wherever the heck her last grifting gig/policy speech took place in. She's praying for a brokered convention, folks, and she will be your savior. (Not that Jesus dude). Anyway, we'll give her props for placing name forward, because we know her anti-Establishment rants will be rewarded justly.

A despicable showing this week from car thief and House Oversight and Government Reform guru Darrell Issa: The Chairman held a hearing on the separation of church and state (from a Republican!) and the White House's rampant trampling of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. Catchy. Five panelists testified before the Committee in the first round -- all men. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat, inquired about having a female law student testify, because, perhaps a woman TR fivepanelistsmight have some sort of insight on this issue. Three Democratic committee members walked out. Kudos to them. Oh, and about that female witness? Sorry, but the hearing was not about "reproductive rights and contraception." What ingrates.

Ah, Virginia - we're still very fortunate to have you as a member of the Union. A supermajority of House Republicans voted in favor of HB 1, which gives person-hood rights the moment a sperm and egg unite. The second piece of legislation will require women to undergo a "transvaginal ultrasound" before having an abortion. Gov. Bob McDonnell has indicated he will sign the person-hood bill, but, as of now, has not taken a position on the ultrasound legislation. We're not holding our breath. Now is the time for STATEHOOD, NoVa. What say you, Arlington and Alexandria?

The New York Times recently took a peek into the lives of several Greek families as they endure and adapt to the ongoing financial crisis that has gripped their country and threatens to drag the Eurozone into a steep decline. The Greek economy continues to falter -- it's expected to contract a further 6% this year. There's nothing snarky about what our Greek friends are going through. Then again, aren't we so blessed to live in the United States, where everyone has a fair shot at living the dream? Oh, whoops. Our bad.

Chinese delegates are heading home after a week-long visit to the States. While most discussions between the two parties involved business and the economic issuse, there were no doubt behind-the-scenes discussions about human rights and religions freedom, which our GOP friends happen to be experts on!

Are You Not Entertained?

And the winner is... The Grammy show went on as the music world mourned the sudden passing of Whitney Houston. Adele took home six awards. The winners are all listed here.

Did any of you attend CPAC? We hope you had fun, but not too much fun! A short recap: Victoria Jackson likely induced seizures on many of her listeners as she spouted her "thoughts" about gay activist judges, communism and living in pods (okay...). Meanwhile, angry loudmouth Andrew Breitbart - who honestly appeared to have been kicked to curb - told the OWS folks to stop raping people. We thought the nuthouse was restricted to the hotel itself.

MSNBC dropped Pat Buchanan. Someone finally found out about the subtly racist commentary and ripped up his paycheck. What took you so long?

Are wary Tea Party conservatives tuning out Fox News? A conservative outlet polled their readers and 70% of them said that the network had veered left. A few are even turning to CNN for their fair and balanced news consumption. Honestly, we don't see a difference.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Teehee! Mitt Romney has a Rick Santorum Google problem. But, we seriously doubt Mittens was courting the canine vote.

Costs are rising everywhere, from fuel to groceries, which is why President Obama now wants to cheapen the penny and nickel -- literally. Altering the composition of the coins would save approximately $100 million per year.

Proud Brooklyn parents are starting their young ones a tad early with the espresso. 'Babyccinos' is allegedly the latest trend in getting your child a leg up in the world. Don't be surprised if Starbucks catches on (because they will). 

The tiniest chameleon species has been found on an island off Madagascar. The little rascals are probably too small to make a decent profit from insurance commercials.

Here's a heart-warming story (okay, so it's from Wyoming): A fugitive wanted in Georgia ran out of gas and called the sheriff for assistance. Now that's a novel ending. 

Fridays with Violet

The #Linsanity fever is spreading with Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks point guard, dominating the sports and social media world. His YouTube Videos have garnered more than one million views and his Facebook page is overwhelmed with comments from his fans. Lin is the first Asian-American player in the NBA since 1947, and his name has been one of the most-searched terms on Sina Weibo, a Chinese website similar to Twitter. Most of the mentions about Lin were positive (around 80% of them). Some argue that Lin’s fans are giving the player too much credit prematurely while others say he could be the Tim Tebow of basketball. It’s still too early to hand down our social media prediction, but you can bet we’ll be checking in on the Linsanity when the Knicks come to town.

Out on the Town

Here are some suggestions for President's Day weekend:
  • Aeroplane performs at the U Street Music Hall.   
  • Neal Brennan will hopefully make you laugh in Arlington.  
Shameless Self-Promotion

Are you thinking about women's rights a little more this week after the shenanigans on Capitol Hill? If so -- we'll be participating in the discussion at RootsCamp. Be sure to read a preface by Project Manager Abigail Collazo. You can join the conversation throughout the weekend by following the hashtag #femroots12. We'll be tweeting all weekend, so we hope to hear from you!


All across the country we are seeing social conservative extremists waging war against women's health. It's not a fight we talk about every week on the Report, but it's one we all should think about, especially when us as citizens have the opportunity to elect leaders who share and fight for our issues.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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