Friday, October 7, 2011

10-7-11: Sarah Palin Quits (the Speculation)

Protests, protests, and more protests! It appears this Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading like wildfire. Mainstream politicians are throwing their support behind them, three weeks into the demonstrations. Tea Party officials, busy cashing in, say it's absurd to compare the two movements. We do, too! Astroturfing is not the way to go!

Will Wall Street get the message?

The Week That Was

Renowned American historian/reality television actress Sarah Palin waited until the last minute (so she could sucker a few Tea Partiers out of their final paychecks) to announce that she's quitting again, much to the angst of Fox and Friends. Repeat after us: No more news about Sarah Palin. However, let it be known that the grifting will continue. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also ended media speculation that he'd jump into the 2012 race. They TR PalinNopewon't have Chris Christie to roll around anymore.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus must be enjoying his stint at the helm of the Grand Old Party. The Iowa Caucus is set for January 3. Florida, Nevada and South Carolina moved up their primaries a couple of weeks and that didn't go over well with the entitled folk in New Hampshire, who threatened to hold theirs in December.

Rick Perry is slipping and sliding over the latest embarrassing story: the offensive name of a hunting camp once leased by his father. The candidate claims his father painted over the racial epithet, shortly after the elder Perry began leasing the property. But that's not what some local leaders recall. Despite the scrutiny, Rick's managed to raise a whopping $17 million since entering the race less than two months ago (which is still far short of Barack's haul). The money isn't helping the Texas governor in the polls, though. He's fallen behind Mitt Romney and Herman Cain. Yes, the Pizza Man is cutting up the competition now. Lastly, where is Michele Bachmann these days?

Obama held another press conference in Washington, urging Congress to work with him to pass his $447 billion jobs package. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor previously called the bill dead on arrival, laughed, and promptly blew cigarette smoke at some poor reporter's face. Okay, we made the last part up. He should be thankful he represents a relatively well-off district, as opposed to those represented by some of his Tea Party comrades. As the GOP pledges to cap, cut and balance, they're doing an awesome job racking up a huge bill to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. We're back to the good old days of compassionate conservatism. Finally, Harry Reid, tired of GOP obstructionism, went nuclear.

The OccupyDC protesters are staked out a few blocks from TurnerTR OccupyDC Central. Perhaps you have seen them? The media is doing a mighty fine job covering the growing protests. The New York Times managed to alter reality in a few short minutes, while a WaPo columnist did a little dance as he sort-of endorsed the other 99%. A CNN business reporter took to the Twitter in awe of the bongos and weed. She previously reported that Wall Street workers "truly emphasize and understand" the protestors. How snarky! Oh, and Herman Cain. Did we mention him before? To the unemployed Occupy Wall Street people: Blame yourselves.

Steve Jobs, who only recently stepped down as CEO of Apple, passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Tributes poured in from all over the world, from business and world leaders, to those who had a few "insanely great minutes" with him. He's left some big shoes to fill in the tech world. Rest in peace.

Are You Not Entertained?

It's always about the money, isn't it? 20th Century Fox TV is in negotiations with the cast behind the voices of The Simpsons. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement today, this season may be the show's last. D'oh!
TR hungry muppet
Sesame Street is up to its liberal shenanigans again! (Aren't they always). Coming to a television near you: Lily, a muppet, whose family struggles with hunger. The October 9 special will also star Brad Paisley and will bring attention to food insecurity in the United States.

Fox News did not air this interview with one of the Occupy Wall Street protesters for a very good reason - it wasn't fair and balanced.

So, like, you know. Did you, like, do something, like, yesterday? Yeah. I totally was, like, annoying. Shut up. Totally. Thank you, American television viewers, for making Kim Kardashian famous.

Interweb Tomfoolery

YouTube has added a channel dedicated to the 2012 campaign. You can watch the top campaign videos and see how each official campaign's YouTube channel stacks up to the competition. Barry, you need to do a little catching up!

Have you ever been too lazy to make it out of the office to get lunch from the deli just around the corner? Then the PR2 is your solution! This robot will make sure you never go hungry (but it might need some assistance at the elevator).

We're all familiar with the TR ReplyAllpotential disaster of the "reply all" button. After the Bloggess snarkily replied to an inappropriate and off-topic email pitch with a picture of Wil Wheaton collating, one PR firm's VP expressed his disapproval in a way that would not be endorsed by Dale Carnegie. You stay classy, "Jose." We're certain your clients at BrandLink Communications approve.

This is what happens when American Express didn't take a little helpful advice seriously. And this is why Twitter outclasses the dinosaur phone.

Hey there, attempted robber! An unarmed man demanded cash from a convenience store manager as a local policeman stood footsteps behind. Watch the amusing video showing the manager laughing as he stuffs the cash, and shoppers going about their business. The would-be thief was arrested as he left the store. Some people were born to entertain.

Maryland is taking gerrymandering to the extreme.

Out on the Town

We hope you're ready for the three-day weekend. If not, here are some suggestions:
  • The Maryland Brewer Association's Oktoberfest is at the Timonium Fairgrounds
  • Enjoy the music of more than 125 bands at STPP Fest

Oy, are we seeing the end of the Tea Party and the rise of a new era of protests? The people at FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity should jot down some notes instead of stuffing their pockets with cash from the misinformed.

Steve Jobs - your legacy will be remembered for years to come.

We'll see you next week!


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