Friday, October 21, 2011

10-21-11: No Escape for a Dictator

The St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers kicked off the World Series with special guests Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. What you may not know is that our First Lady finally got the hang of how to use the Twitter. Yay for her!

Do you think Michelle would enjoy some snark from Turner Central?

The Week That Was

Well, what a hoot GOP debate #3,421 was! The City of Sin played host to a gaggle of traditional values candidates and their well-informed supporters. Unlike the previous yawners, there was some drama that made the debate worthwhile. We particularly enjoyed the dance between Romney and Perry that has everyone talking. Beyond them, stealthy frontrunner Herman Cain is spewing wacky ideas left and right, isn't certain about his position on abortion, and is TR PerryRomneyperforming a little grifting on the side. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann scored the coveted endorsement from Wayne Newton. That will bring her back up to double-digits in Iowa. The Obama campaign is watching the gang-up on Romney and may play from the Bush 2004 campaign book to take the former Mass. governor down.

GOP establishment people are criticizing Barry this week for going on another one of his bus tours. He's campaigning on the taxpayer dime, they say. (It's not like his predecessor could be accused of the same thing). Gramps doesn't like the look of the monster, either. He may have been the one behind the teleprompter theft. While Obama pushed his jobs agenda, Tea Partiers are taking one step back (just one!) by calling on small businesses to STOP hiring people. Back in Washington, the Senate's back on recess and staying true to the new American exceptionalism, where nothing gets done.

Happy one-month birthday, from Antarctica, Occupy Wall Street! The movement is raking in the cash as the upset 1% plus Andrew Breitbart are doing everything in their power to bring them down. We also hear that Photoshop is the new best friend of Breitbots. Citibank is making the viral news circuit for all the wrong reasons. A woman at one NYC branch was arrested for trying to close her account. This must be how customers "enjoy rewarding banking." Oh, did you also know that @McCainBloggette is occupying Wall Street for research?

President Obama called Iraq's Prime Minister with breaking news: We're outta here by the end of the year. TR GaddafiUN

He ran, but he couldn't hide. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan dictator who ruled for 42 years, was killed yesterday. Reports say Gaddafi was injured when his large convoy of vehicles was struck by a French airstrike (with a little help from us). He was slain by rebel fighters in his hometown of Sirte. Obama declared that America had achieved its objectives and Republican presidential candidates are notably muted after lobbing harsh criticism at the President. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Libya just days ago to offer support for Libya's Transnational Council. At a town hall, Clinton was quoted as saying she hoped Gaddafi would be "captured or killed soon." Now that's a fast turnaround.

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was released by the militant Palestinian group Hamas after five years in captivity. In exchange for Shalit's freedom, Israel agreed to release more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Hamas says Israel still has more than four times that number in custody and that this latest deal would not negate their willingness to take further soldiers as prisoners. Ugh. When will the cycle end.

We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but Harold Camp says the world is coming to an end TODAY. Yeah, he just made a small, five month miscalculation.

Are You Not Entertained?

We have some heartbreaking news for the Kardashians: President Obama is not a fan of the show, and it appears he's hoping his daughters stay far away from it. The Kardashian clan is shocked, absolutely SHOCKED by the duplicity!

People are still rushing to get their hot little hands on the new iPhone, including Mike Sorrentino. We applaud the Apple worker who kept the situation in check.

TR saltpepperYour Royal Executioner admits to not being the best example when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. But the Fox and Friends gang are always up for stirring up a ruckus about that over-regulating President Barack Obama. They brought on a high school student, who lays no blame on the school, but participated in a boycott to hurt Wentzville High anyways. Bringing your own lunch from home is hip, y'all.

Has the justice system had enough of Lindsay Lohan? A Los Angeles court judge is sick of the incomplete community service hours and multiple probation violations. Bail is set at $100k. Maybe we're sick of hearing about it, too.

A passenger on a New York-Los Angeles flight says Anna Wintour changed twice on the six-hour flight. What we want to know is why Ms. Wintour was flying commercial.

Interweb Tomfoolery

It turns out K Street is not so into the Twitter and Facebook thing. According to Politico, only half of the top lobbying firms have a presence on either of the two top social networking sites. That's understandable. You can't do the dirty work out in the open.

Today in the animal kingdom: An Alaskan grocery store becomes a playhouse for a lost cub, and penguins can be mischievous criminals, too.
TR ShawnWeiner
Speaking of which, today's dumb American criminal is 39-year old Shawn Weimer, of Brownstown, Michigan. The wasted father had his 9-year old daughter drive him to the gas station (probably to fill up on the booze) and proudly bragged to the attendant that his designated driver was under-aged. What a jerk. His previous offenses include robbery and receiving and concealing stolen property.

This has to be one of the best push polls of the year. Thank you for this, Kentucky.

Make your own animated election video of your favorite candidate here. We'll start with Herman Cain.

Watch out Google. There's new competition for your search engine. MC Hammer previewed WireDoo in San Francisco on Wednesday. This is not a joke and we're nowhere near April 1.

Out on the Town

Staying in town this weekend? Here are some suggestions:
  • Howard University's day-long Yardfest features music and family events
  • Take a tea tour in Alexandria (no misspelled signs allowed)

We had another one of those weeks when the news quickly turned upside down. Don't be surprised to see more coverage of the end of Gaddafi and the future of Libya in the coming weeks. So, how long will it be until the average American news consumer returns to the "nothing else is going on beyond our borders" state of mind? Tomorrow.

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