Friday, September 9, 2011

9-9-11: Remembering 9/11, Jobs and More Jobs, and a Lasagna Dinner Gone Wrong

This coming Sunday will have much meaning to all of us. Most of us still remember what we were doing that morning as images of terror and heroism streamed by on television and on our computer screens.

Ten years later, while we remember those we lost, we are reminded of those rescuers and survivors who still need their voices to be heard.

Never forget.

TR 911

The Week That Was

Last night, President Obama delivered his jobs speech to a joint session of Congress. Predictably, several Republican party poopers sat out, including lonely Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, who resorted to a Twitter town hall with an overwhelming two followers. What's in Barry's TR Obamajobslatest jobs package? There's $240 billion to expand and extend the payroll tax cut, $62 billion for unemployment insurance and job programs, and $60 billion for infrastructure projects. Funding will also be provided to prevent the layoffs of hundreds of thousands of teachers, firefighters, and police officers. Moody's says the $447 billion deal (if passed) would create 1.9 million jobs. Obama says there's "nothing controversial about" his proposals. Hah! We bet Republicans have already found something to complain about. Yep, they already have.

Well, you didn't miss much at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library slumberfest. Mitt Romney and the "others" ganged up on newly-minted frontrunner Rick Perry. Michele Bachmann, who just lost her two top campaign staffers, scored a few points in the "how Congress works" column, but otherwise offered little else. We hear the pro-life, pro-capital punishment crowd cheered for the cameras. Meanwhile, the other contenders (is that what we call candidates with no chance these days?) just walked on set, smiled, and left. That's a nice photo-op with the former First Lady, gentlemen. Now, take a punch in the gut from Patti Davis.

Gov. Perry had a lot more to worry about besides memorizing debate prep. cards and gelling his hair. More than 1,400 homes have burned across his state, forcing thousands to evacuate. Ironically, the Texas Governor oversaw a major cut in funding for volunteer fire departments. Volunteer firefighters make up the bulk of the state's firefighting force. Apparently, NOW is not the time to involve politics, as FEMA has been called in. Jesus.

What's happened to today's Republican Party - where the crazy has become the mainstream? A former GOP Hill staffer explains.
Goodbye venerable mailbox and stamps? The U.S. Postal Service is deep in the red and may not be able to meet the end-of-the-month deadline to pay $5.5 billion into its health care benefits fund for future retirees. Significant cuts are expected at USPS, where benefits and payroll make up 80% of operating costs. Everyone's feeling the squeeze these days.

Patents! Patents! Patents! The Senate Thursday passed legislation reforming the nation's outdated patent laws. President Obama is expected to sign it into law soon

No one knows the whereabouts of Moammar Gadhafi. His lieutenants are fleeing the country, his family is in Algeria, and Interpol has issued a warrant for the ex-leader and his son. Time's up, dude. A radio message, purported to be from Gadhafi, called upon his supporters to fight on. He'll be captured soon, in a hole, a la Saddam Hussein.

Are You Not Entertained?

Best friends forever: Michelle Obama, Mr. Bean, Elton John, and Simon Cowell. That's one heckuva list. These celebrity impersonators from the UK will be competing in Las Vegas.

Regis Philbin's last show is November 18, but the soon-to-be former TV host is likely to star in his own reality show. Just what America ordered...Can you guess the audience?

TR GretchenThe shrills over at Fox News are on a roll this week. First up, Gretchen Carlson, who for some reason, cannot remember an instance of Tea Party tomfoolery at any one rally. She then got into a testy squabble with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (who later faced off with Bill O). Where's the seven second delay, Fox? This channel isn't for the children.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell announced on air that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Get well, Andrea.

We reported that Kate Gosselin's latest adventure into reality teevee had been canceled (not to our delight, we swear). So what does one in her position do? Buy a fancy new car AFTER complaining to the tabloids that it will be difficult to support the children.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Bloggers are not to be messed with. That's what PR firm Ketchum and Con Agra Foods learned. Participants were invited to dine at an "intimate Italian restaurant" with a celebrity chef and a renowned food analyst. It turns out that fancy lasagna and dessert were just some microwaved Marie Callender's frozen food. We call that a PRWTF.

According to social media site Badoo, Americans are the coolest. Obama, Snoop Dogg, and Steve Jobs made the list of the coolest Americans. We may have fallen on bad times, but we're still cool! Brazilians are number two.
TR crocodile
Filipino villagers finally caught their prize - a crocodile weighing 2,370 pounds - after a three-week hunt. Fortunately, the law of the land prevents them from killing the large beast. You'll never find one of these down in the Louisiana bayou.

This week's criminal investigation brings us to D'iberville, MS. Nathan Hardy was arrested at the local Winn Dixie for stuffing food into his shorts. That's not all - his victims included live lobsters and the employees he threw a pork loin at. That's southern hospitality for ya.

Former Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz e-mailed her colleagues a short note that she had been fired by the Chair of the Board over the phone. Staying true to her style, Carol didn't leave quietly. The Wall Street Journal has some of Ms. Bartz's greatest hits.

Out on the Town

Remember to bring your umbrella as you head out the door!
  • Hillyer Art Space is hosting its fall Swap Shop

Republicans are gambling that hyper-partisanship and schoolyard bullying will weaken Obama's re-election hopes. The President has called on Congress to act, but in the face of GOP opposition, will gladly go to the American public. Let's hope it fares better than his recent Midwest tour. Time to fire it up, Democrats!

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