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8-19-11: Bachmann Wins, Obama on Tour, and the Widows of Afghanistan

The civility. Where has it gone? Joe Biden is on a goodwill trip in China, where some reporters were on the receiving end of some pushing and shoving. Meanwhile, Georgetown basketball players were involved in a scuffle during an exhibition game. Back home, Barack's BFF, Tom Coburn had some choice words, and Allen West, well, is being Allen West.

Ready for another round of snark?

The Week That Was

Well, what a weekend it was! Michele Bachmann won the oh-so-important Ames Straw Poll, besting second-place powerhouse Ron Paul. Word is her body people are roughing up reporters, and it's becoming a trend. Ah, so that's how she won the poll. Tim Pawlenty's name pops up TR Bachmannwinsonce in a while, mostly in stories reminding us of his blandness. In any case, Mr. Pawlenty became the first GOP (lite?) to drop out of the campaign. Minnesotans can breathe a sigh of relief, as T-Paw has rejected a bid to run for the Senate next year.

Rick Perry is all over the news this week, and that's just fine with Team Obama. Rick's had his share of hypocrisy as Texas Governor, taken a few gifts on the side, and has said some very bad things. And the rumors, the rumors just won't go away. Rick has the nerve to say the military doesn't respect Obama. Maybe he's spending too much of his time hanging with the birther crowd. Also, a Ron Paul supporter placed a full-page ad imploring people to come forward with all the details. Pass this one along, dear readers! No word on rewards.

Barry finished his tour of the Midwest, which apparently only includes Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. The President was greeted with open arms - for the most part. You gotta hand it to him for trying to hold a civilized conversation with a teabagger. That's always a challenge. Gallup's recent tracking polls have the President's approval rating falling below the 40% mark for the first time in his term. This is Dubya territory for those who remember the grand years of 43. Conservatives are furious that Obama's taking some time off at on Martha's Vineyward. Boohoo. So what if he does. What would your American idol, Ronald Reagan say now?

Warren Buffett is daring Congress to raise his taxes! The third-wealthiest person in the world says our legislators are out to help the rich. How shocking. Buffett argues that people earning more than a million a year ought to pay a little more on Tax Day. President Obama agrees. (Just don't use that as a campaign slogan, Mr. President).
TR AfghanWoman
The women of Afghanistan are often forgotten in the media's coverage of the current and past wars. The Washington Post published a moving piece earlier this week on the community built by widows in the capital city of Kabul. Many arrived to Tapaye Zanabad, a hill above a cemetery, with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. The government provides only a meager stipend to women and they live with the constant fear that their community will be demolished. Hopefully, their futures will be brighter, after decades of conflict.

It's better late than never: The Obama Administration is calling for Syria's Bashir al-Assad to take a hike. The U.S. is set to impose new sanctions. Here's to hoping the E.U. takes the correct course of action and modifies its oil agreement with Syria.

Are You Not Entertained?

Some good news out of Washington, DC: The infamous State Dinner crashers are moving to Los Angeles. Have fun, Southern California. They're all yours.

Failed Tea Party comedian-candidate Christine O'Donnell hasn't had a stellar week trying to sell her book. She stormed off the set of Piers Morgan after accusing the host of being rude. She performed the same stunt with a Utah radio station after realizing she wasn't exactly in friendly territory. We bet she had her broom on standby in both instances.

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC TR ColbertPACtreasurer has moved on to greener pastures. Colbert praised his former employee as he takes the same position on Rick Perry's campaign. Good luck with that gamble, sir.

The only way Biebs is getting a street named after himself is through the action of a teenager serving as "mayor for a day." It happened.

Cancelled! Kate Gosselin will have to look for a new gig as TLC has pulled the plug on her awe-inspiring reality show. Sometimes being famous for being famous takes you only so far.

The Game is in hot water after asking his fans on Twitter to call the Compton police to inquire about an internship that does not exist. Are we surprised? Not everyone has a "legal issues" section in his or her Wikipedia profile.

Interweb Tomfoolery

How many of you are DC residents (and folks from NoVa)? Then we know you aren't the kind of people to be drawn into stereotypes. Hah, guess again.

French Toast Crunch and Squeezits. Ring a bell? Those and 23 other foods are ones you'll likely never see or eat again.
TR JoeWalsh
Where's Wall-E?

Rep. Joe Walsh, the deadbeat father, and now a delinquent at the DMV, is facing the ire of his ex on YouTube. Hey, Joe, get your house in order.

Tired, irrelevant Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is still hip with the social media thing. Not.

America has some of the most entertaining criminals in the world, wouldn't you agree? Do you remember Susan Burns of Alexandria, Va.? The self-proclaimed CIA employee with a radio in her head has struck the National Gallery of Art, AGAIN. A 500-year old Texas vampire was sent to jail with a $40,000 bond. Seriously, Texas, cut down on the Twilight marathons. And, finally, an Idaho woman accidentally texted a Washington state police chief and asked for perscription hydrocodone pills. Thank God for technology.

Out on the Town

Here are some of this weekend's picks to enjoy with family and friends:

Michele, Rick or Mitt. Which one would you pick? The upcoming GOP debates will provide plenty of comic relief to the likes of Jon Stewart and Letterman. But has the GOP mainstream becoming freakishly right-wing? We shouldn't have to answer that for you. Just tune in.

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