Friday, July 8, 2011

7-8-11: Barry's Tweeting, Farewell, Atlantis, and Boozing at the BK

The weekend is upon us! Well, not for poor White House and Hill staff. You have our sympathies, but hopefully y'all can work out a deal soon. In any event, 500 kittens died this week. It COULD have something to do with the fact that you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet. Or started following us on Twitter so you can get snark the other 6 days a week as well. Or it could be a totally non-related reason. But do you really want to take that chance? Take a moment. Save a Kitten. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. (We will now return to regular programming).

The Week That Was

Barry's getting back to work after the July 4th weekend, and boy howdy, Democrats are pissed. By what, you ask? The President, who is seeking $4 trillion in cuts, was involved in some backroom discussions with Republican leadership and apparently made offers to make significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security. You know, only a few weeks back, Hill Democrats were on the offensive tying entitlement program cuts to Republicans. And, it was working. Come on Barry, let's try working as a team now! We're looking forward to more "constructive" discussion on Sunday.

Tweet, tweet, tweet! Did you #AskObama what he had for lunch? Of course not. There are more important issues on his plate. Those unpredictable Republican curmudgeons took some time off from work and did a little tweeting of their own. At least the Speaker had his question answered. Pundits say the Twitter town hall format is a win-win for the White House. Do you agree? Oh, and if you haven't already, check out a Turner tweet that was picked up by The Los Angeles Times. We don’t know about you, but we never would have known that #AskObama (or any other topic for that matter) was trending on Twitter if it weren’t for CNN.

Economic forecasters had predicted an additional 125,000 jobs for the month of June. Only 18,000 jobs were added, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Youch. Not much good news for anyone in Washington, unless you are Michele Bachmann.

The numbers are out for the latest fundraising quarter and the Republican field is looking a bit weak, to say the least. Mittens leads the pack with a $18 million haul, followed closely behind by...a pro-Mitt Romney PAC! Congratulations, Mittens, but you've got a ways to go to match the Obama fundraising machine. T-Paw brought in $4.2 million, followed by Jon Huntsman at $4 million. Newt, who is still running for some reason, brought in $2 million, but he's facing a mountain of debt. Michele Bachmann is waiting for the July 15 deadline to release her numbers, but hey, she's got a new ad out in Iowa. She's looking at you this time.

Tuesday was the first day same-sex couples in New York could apply for marriage licenses. For those applying online, couples were limited to just a bride and groom. Whoops. Well, we're still happy for y'all, anyways. You get that, California?

Believe it folks - today marks the the last flight of NASA's shuttle program. Atlantis lifted off just before noon and is scheduled to return July 20. The shuttle launch took place in April 1981. Perhaps the next generation of shuttle should include passenger seats for politicians fighting over the debt ceiling!

News of the World is shutting down as an on-going scandal involving phone hacking embroils the United Kingdom. Earlier this week, we learned that the tabloid paper had been involved in hacking the phone of a murder victim. Classy. David Cameron's pissed off and wants a full investigation.

Are You Not Entertained?

So long, Eliot. We barely knew you. CNN has pulled the plug on his recently relaunched show (remember Kathleen Parker?). We think he could've attracted more viewers by stealing John King's magic wall.

Arrested Development fans rejoice! Six years after the Bluth family was kicked off the air, writers, actors and everyone between are headed for the silver screen.

Snooki is drunk. Blame MTV for making her drunk. Okay...

Hey, T-Paw made the news this week. Despite his political leanings, he's a fan of Lady Gaga. Maybe the latter can get him to change his view on DADT, mmm? Well, it doesn't matter. Mr. Pawlenty won't be arriving at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anytime soon.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Since when did you have to bring an ID with you to the local Burger King or Sonic? Fast food chains are getting into the alcohol business in this challenging economy. Hey, we're happy to spread the good news, but please don't visit the pet store after a burger and beer.

Entenmann's uses the Twitter to promote its sweet products. Unfortunately, there was a major trial in Orlando this week, and uh, the two just didn't jive.

Like his predecessor, President Obama has also heard about the rumors on the internets.

I'm sorry, I had to take the call. A tennis star's phone rang in the middle of a tennis match. Was the call for a job offer?

Are you already on Facebook? The answer's probably yes, but why not try out Google+, Google's attempt to take on the social networking behemoth. Here's yet another platform where you can have your personal information sold to the highest bidder!

Out on the Town

Staying in town over the weekend? Here are a few suggestions to keep you busy and entertained:
  • Stay cool at the Union Pub, but be prepared for some conservative competition

Everyone's back in town and it looks like the Democrats are on a collision course over Medicare, Social Security and debt talks. Look out for more drama (we'd so pay to observe the meeting between Obama and Nancy) as negotiations and shouting matches continue. You know, this'll make a good book.

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