Friday, December 10, 2010

12.10.10: Obama's Cave, Assange's Capture and Bernie Steals the Show

BERNIE! We had a cutesy little intro all planned for you today, and then news of Bernie Sanders filibustering the heck out of the Senate blew up on Twitter (as of 3 p.m. ET, he's still going). We (and David Weigel, and CSPAN) could not be happier about this.

What else is happening? Snark it out below. But take some time to witness the spectacle, at the very least. Interestingly, this is something liberals are excited about that doesn't involve Obama. Wonder what he's thinking right now?


House Democrats were peeved this week, and it looks like they might butt heads with Obama on more than just taxes. Yet according to Krauthammer, Obama is actually winning. Dems just don't realize it! They'll be in the minority next Congress, so we're waiting and watching to see if this spells even deeper trouble for Barry -- Schumer is just the beginning, if this keeps up.

Still haven't read through some of the Wikileaks cables? Watch this, you lazy jerk. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in London on charges of non-consensual sexual relations with two women, and for nothing to do with the leaks. Absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, his Anonymous friends have launched a vicious cyber-war against institutions that have spurned WikiLeaks. Sarah is also an institution, with an American flavor. Arrests of the perpetrators have already begun, and they are SO GROUNDED, MISTER. Congress will address this on Thursday.

In related news, the US will host World Press Freedom day in 2011. We're betting Assange's invitation will get lost in the mail.

Is the START Treaty back on the table? John McCain says work could begin for passage next week, but can we really trust anything Gramps says anymore? Also, watch out for the DREAM Act on Monday, which is totally happening. The House passed it last week, despite fervent opposition from Republicans, including the one and only Michele Bachmann. Now Harry Reid is strategering his way towards a vote, despite Republican Senatorial blockage.

The Tea Partiers are celebrating the holidays by hiring insiders, of all people. Keeping the status quo, are we, Boehner? Here, quick! Change the conversation! We hope their supporters back home are just as excited as we are! Come January, we're certain to see them getting to work for the people, by which we mean, former employers.

What's happening in Ireland re: the debt crisis? Ask a f'real Irishman.

The Week That Was

Well, that was quick. President Obama compromised or caved, depending on who you listened to, on extending tax cuts for the wealthy and the middle class. Also included in the deal is an extension to unemployment benefits for 2 million Americans. Democrats are furious for being mostly shut out of the negotiations; the caucus took a defiant stand against Obama and voted not to bring the bill to the floor. Talks of a single-termer and a primary challenge are boiling in the media/blogosphere. No thanks, Mike.

Senate Republicans and Joe Manchin voted against moving forward to debate the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes language to repeal "DADT." That is downright embarrassing. (Joe Lieberman and a few of his colleagues are planning to introduce a standalone bill to repeal the policy -- good luck, fellas.) Those same Republicans also showed their uber-patriotic stripes by blocking legislation that would aid NYC residents and workers who suffer from health complications from the 9/11 attacks and cleanup. Repubs, aren't you embarrassed? Finally, senators took some time out of their lame-duck legislating to convict a Louisiana federal judge on corruption charges. G. Thomas Porteus is only the eighth federal judge to be convicted by the Senate.

Charlie Rangel is still not out of the woods, despite last week's official censure. The FEC is looking into funds from his PAC that were used to pay for his defense of the very charges that led to his censure. Whoopsies!

No Minnesota Franken-style recount and the final, yes, FINAL House race has been resolved.

A Tea Party leader wanted Sarah to succeed Michael Steele at the RNC. How dare she "become" an insider! Sarah has other plans. Famous failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is following in her doppelganger's foosteps by forming a political action committee. Who wants the first endorsement from this woman of delusion?

Some very sad news this week -- Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer. A touching note was posted on her Facebook page the day before she passed away. To make things worse, the sickos from Westboro are going to picket her funeral.

News from overseas received little attention from our esteemed media. General David Petraeus is not certain about victory in Afghanistan, four years from the deadline. And it's chaos in the UK over planned tuition hikes. The UC peeps have nothing on these folks.

Are You Not Entertained?

Bristol's Facebook ghostwriter must be making good buck. Politico considers her post responding to Margaret Cho news, so we must cover it! And folks boo'ed at Kathy Griffin's weight gain joke. Hey, you can't please everyone.

Publicity-seeking reality stars Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin had a camping trip, without the reality part. Plus, is Sarah just a rookie with the gun? A swarm of articles denouncing her caribou murder came out this week -- even Aaron Sorkin got into the mix. Guys, it's just another opportunity for Sarah to play the victim. Move on!

SNL's Seth Meyers will be headlining the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. The bar is pretty low after Jay Leno's gig last year, Seth. You can't possibly screw this up. Really.

Oh, Miley! You're all grown up now. (TMZ has the video, if this teenage scandal [teen-dal?] is your type of thing.)

Things aren't looking that great for "Parker-Spitzer," and it's not just the ratings. Is the former NY Gov. going solo? (Hehe.)

You wouldn't know if you don't/didn't watch Fox News, but it's called the "government option," not the "public option." And the Teabaggers say they don't listen to sound bytes!

News HIT THE WEB yesterday that Snooki will be dropped inside of a ball for New Year's in Times Square. We have to ask... why is this news? We saw this EVERYWHERE. Will anyone seriously sit down and watch this happen on the 31st? ...Oh, they will?

Interweb Tomfoolery

So that NASA study wasn't so science-y after all. Also, the first wheel of cheese flew commercial this week in space.

Journos and flacks, maybe you'll get as much joy out of this as Queenie did. Regret the Error, a blog devoted to media corrections and "honesty in the press," published their 2010 collection of the best of the best. And if you're featured here... we're sorry. Also, BBC should probably be on this list for their recent Nazi-weather fail.

Those "best of" lists are JUST starting to roll out -- catch Stu Rothenberg's End of the Year Awards now and revel in the candidate fails. is back on the 'Tube for the holidays, and that can only mean one thing -- he's preparing to challenge Sarah for the 2012 GOP nomination.

Really, Alabama? Really?

We know that holiday shopping is in full swing, but please avoid purchasing any of these for the geeks in your life. Trust us.

Out on the Town

That holiday spirit is still taking over, and this week it finally feels appropriate. We know it's cold, but get out there and take someone special for an ice skating date. And, if you're really in it to win it, spend your Sunday in Arlington for the 2010 Christmas Movie Festival. We recommend loading up on eggnog before you meet Santa. Finally, who doesn't love a parade? That's right, no one.

Get your shopping and swapping in this weekend: La Casa in Mount Pleasant hosts a Cheap Art Sale (shockingly, it's exactly what it sounds like) where everything is $50 or less. Moon Pie House (really) hosts a Holiday Vintage and Gifts Bazaar with musical special guests. Finally, ladies can swap their gently used dresses at The Warehouse on Sunday (think they're giving out dry cleaning coupons too?).

Concert alert! This weekend will be legen... wait for it... DARY. Tonight, celebrate James Brown with a free happy hour at U Street Music Hall. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are at 930 Club on Saturday. DC heroes Government Issue are playing the Black Cat that same night. And Patti Smith gives... a lecture at the Portrait Gallery. Whatever, we'll take it. Finally, Queenie's indie show pick of the week goes to Ra Ra Rasputin at the Rock and Roll Hotel tonight.

Oh, DC. We love you, and we love Nerd Nite. But please, please, PLEASE don't take away Brickskeller!


The Repubs kept up their defense of the rich, Wikileaks stayed on top of everyone's broadcasts and Bristol fought on. Looks like we'll be finishing out this year strong, y'all.

Stay warm,

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