Friday, October 15, 2010

The TR: Avoiding Pelosi, Debating O'Donnell and Tweeting into the Digital Abyss

It's finally faaaall! As Queenie writes this, she is awkwardly still bundled up in her jacket and a scarf, since Turner Central hasn't exactly received heat just yet.

She's not the biggest fan of winter, but she does appreciate the upcoming holidays. It's already started -- have you been made aware of Breast Cancer Awareness month? The White House is all over it. We kind of like the look -- how about rainbow next?


Democrats are prepping for the endgame by pulling out of districts and shoring up less-endangered candidates. Some Dems are making it clear that they're not backing Nancy Pelosi. Maybe they should reconsider? Big Wall Street bucks aren't going to the Dems any longer. Maybe that's because of the bosses' raises? This has got Tim Kaine playing the Watergate card on anonymous contributors. Do you know who's also getting in the fight bashing Dems? "Nonpolitical" groups. (About as "nonpolitical" as Queenie is, amirite?) Both Michele Bachmann and Sharon brought in millions. Noted family values GOPer Carl Paladino just had more e-mails leaked. Lasers, abolishing public schools, and Sharia law -- can we stick to reality, Tea Partiers? Boehner is measuring the drapes and proposing weekly spending cuts. We'll hold you to that, John... Up next: redistricting -- and there's a lot of money being thrown around.

Does Newt Gingrich really have a chance in 2012? Sweet Jesus, we hope not.

Expect a House vote in November over offering cash to Social Security recipients, who won't receive a cost-of-living increase in benefits this year. And expect more chatter on this challenge to the health-care bill, which will be picking up steam as we finish out the year. Jack Black is lending a hand as The Mis-Informant to counter the lies.

A Federal Court judge issued an injunction to suspend the enforcement of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the Pentagon will comply. Obama's DOJ will likely appeal in a two-month window. Does Barry want to piss off the gays even more? And, thanks, WaPo, for giving hate a say. The Pentagon and top military leaders are warning troops to stay silent -- for now.

Rupert Murdoch is facing heat across the Atlantic. Apparently News Corp. isn't welcome in the UK. We've also "found out" that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is funded by tons of foreign entities. We doubt All-American conservatives will care about this come Election Day, but, once in a while, they do surprise us. Like, really surprise us. Oh, and the Koch brothers' denials are hogwash.

Greece's largest union is calling for a December strike as workers face cuts to wages and pensions during a deep recession.

The Week That Was

Barry has been barnstorming the country and looking for you young voters to, uh, show up. He was at GW and then held a town hall hosted by MTV. Earlier in the week he had a book thrown at him and witnessed the commotion of a running naked man, who likely won't be claiming a prize. What a week on the campaign trail!

Yawn. The much anticipated Sharron-Harry debate came and went and both failed to amuse us. Fortunately, Christine O'Donnell's debate debut didn't disappoint. And guess who prepped Ms. O'Donnell? None other than Sarah's handlers themselves.

All 33 Chilean miners trapped for more than two months were rescued, one by one. The Chilean government promises reforms. We're still scratching our heads over CNN's (and other's) obsessive second-by-second coverage. Was Parker-Spitzer covering it? Thank you, again, Jon Stewart, for pointing out the obvious. Chris Matthews made some comments of a hypothetical situation in America.

The Obama administration is lifting the temporary drilling moratorium in the Gulf. Mary still won't release her hold.

Dick Cheney has had more than four years to do so, but he has yet to apologize to the man he shot in the face. You have such a warm, fuzzy heart, Dick!

A legal fight has been resolved just up the street from Turner Central. A judge sided with a law firm to shut down Rogue States because because of wafting burger fumes. Evidently lawyers don't like burgers. Boo! Speaking of eats, have you managed to capture the elusive McRib? (If we didn't know better, that sounds like a creepy Pokemon.)

Are You Not Entertained?

You've already made your plans to attend the Sanity Rally on October 30th, right? If you haven't, time to get on it -- this is officially Oprah-Approved. She joined Stewart and Colbert this week to show her support. Journalists, however, are being discouraged from showing up for the fun.

Bill O'Reilly was on The View this week (Queenie's reaction: what? Why?!) and caused Whoopi and Joy Behar to storm off in a cloud of expletives after getting into an argument about the NYC community center. We know he's rude, but causing people to storm off of their own shows? That takes a special kind of a-hole.

Snooki finally met South Park, and the results were... well, see for yourself.

The closest thing Washingtonians get to juicy tell-all gossip: General Hugh Shelton's new juicy tell-all about Clinton, Rumsfeld and McCain.

We know you can't wait to watch Sarah's new reality show! Here's the trailer. What's that, Sarah? You'd rather not be in a stuffy old office? That's GREAT! We don't want you in office either!

A very dark Simpsons introduction, thanks to Banksy.

Iowa, apes, and rabbits. Anderson, you got some 'splainin' to do...

We told you about the Transformers invasion last week. Well, on Monday, Bumblebee had a wittle accident. Have you been prowling the mall for more celebrity sightings?

Interweb Tomfoolery

Heads up, Apple fanboys and -girls: a big announcement is headed your way on October 20. Expect Twitter to crash and stock prices to jump (or are we used to these by now?)

Barry must have welcomed the news that he's "closely" related to political thought leaders like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Deny it all you want, Rush! You know it's possible!

As we get closer to Election Day, we'll see more and more "creative" ads. Watch this, this, and this. And, hey, not all the fun ads happen in 'murica -- check out this Canadian candidate: Sam Katz: He Kicks Children in the Face. Too strapped for cash to have a silly ad? Don't worry, kids -- there's always Photoshop and ginormous anti-Obama billboards! Just make sure everyone spells your name right (we're talking to you, Whitey -- er, Whitney) and avoids the slurs.

Are you tweeting right now? And now? And maybe NOW?! Those tweets probably went straight into the digital abyss. (Queenie promises to RT you, though... as long as you're funny!)

KFC takes the low road to boost their bottom line.

Stuck on ideas for Halloween costumes? Take your nerd cred up a notch and be one of your favorite Internet memes! Although they forgot Strutting Leo and Prancing Cera. Tsk, tsk.

Out on the Town

Queenie finds herself with less and less free time for fun stuff thanks to her sister's upcoming wedding, but she's making it to 930 Club tonight to see one of her favorite Sublime-wannabes. If you have more time than she does, you might want to scoot off to Baltimore for Sunday Brunch -- an epic-looking local bands festival.

Seth Meyers (you know, the guy who does Weekend Update) is coming to town on Saturday. He's really only funny about 1/3 of the time on SNL, but maybe he'll be better in person? Looks like this weekend's great for comedy -- Craig Ferguson (funny! Scottish!) comes by Saturday as well, and the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (the nerds among you should have perked up at this, and the rest of you should click on that link right away) are reuniting for Cinematic Titanic at GW. If you're thinking "less funny, more Mad Men," well, we've got that too.

Any antique car lovers in the audience? Rockville has your number this weekend. Great Falls has some culture for you in its artists' studios, and the National Building Museum is gearing up for Halloween. Finally, bring out the wanderlust in your family: the Kids Euro Festival begins this weekend!


Still trying to make 'em vote, still fearing a Teabagger takeover and still stalking Shia LaBeouf while he's in town. Um, maybe not in front of any coffee shops on M Street, though. Safety first and all.

Keep warm, kiddos -- Queenie's off to buy a few more coats. And thank you for the tidal wave of apple recipes that came our way last week! Queenie highly recommends the Apple, Brie and Thyme soup one thoughtful reader passed along. Seriously. Ah-mazing.

À la semaine prochaine!

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