Friday, October 1, 2010

10.01.10: Rahm's Fishy Exit, Meg's Problems with "The Help" and the Godless Liberals are Coming!

Are you all signed up for MediaMorphosis? Come hang out with Suzanne Turner (our Goddess Divine), Shaun Dakin (of The National Political Do Not Contact Registry and PrivacyCamp), Alan Rosenblatt (of the Center for American Progress Action Fund) and Scott Karp (of Publish2) -- and Queenie, of course! -- to learn, baby, learn. Details and registration here!

Let's snark away, shall we?


Rahm has left the building! Aww, don't cry, buddy. Unless your eyes are watering from the fishy smell. Do you promise to keep in touch -- hopefully via Twitter? Before Rahm-y runs for mayor, he's gonna have to do some serious house hunting. Rahm's replacement, Peter Souse, is being characterized as the anti-Rahm -- and Palin is already mounting her attacks on him. Oh, lest we forget -- buh-bye, Axey, and take your parasites with you.

Is John Thune the Republican's answer to Barack Obama? The South Dakota senator known to many as "the guy who took out Tom Daschle" is moving toward a 2012 run. It's a shame he doesn't have a contract with FOX yet -- nearly every other Repub candidate does! Guess you gotta go where the money is?

Ohhh, Meg. The "undocumented worker" saga is not going well for the CA governor, who is dealing with allegations of hiring a Hispanic maid who may have been here illegally. Time to scoop up those Latino voters, Jerry Brown!

News has been light with regards to BP, but rest assured -- it'll be back in business ASAP. Thanks, Mary! However, unrelated to the spill, BP will be paying a record fine of $15M for Clean Air Act violations in Texas.

Will we be seeing more of Kim Jong-un, rumored successor to Kim Jong-il's reign? And, according to one article, he must be eating way more than his average countryman, 'cause WOWZA.

Oh, no. Rick Sanchez has had a meltdown.

The Week That Was

Bill Maher continued airing more dirty laundry from hilarious comedian and Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell. Apparently she's under the impression that humans evolved from monkeys in a short few decades. Also, it appears Christine has stretched the truth when it comes to describing her past education. Don't disappoint us in November, Delaware...

Another Rolling Stone interview grabbed headlines by the horns this week (way to go, RS!) with some juicy Obama quotes. He went after the Zombie Party, the Tea Party, FOX, and the progressives out there who ain't buckin' up. Don't know about y'all, but Queenie loves it when Barry gets all fiesty! Think he'll get credit where it's due? Yeah, neither do we. Maybe Michael Moore can rally the base.

What have our representatives and senators been doing in September? Wining and dining with big-time lobbyists. Way to stay in touch with real 'murica (we're talking to you too, Joe Miller). But maybe John Kerry is on to something about the American voter. Um, we've known about this phenomenon for quite some time.

Obama signed yet another small business bill into law Monday, but it may be his last victory for months to come. Jim DeMint will be previewing what the GOP has in store for Democrats, should they retake Congress. Dems will try to push through a smattering of bills before the party is crashed by the Tea Partiers come January.

America's on its way to winning a contest! But stop your whooping and hollering before you pass out -- according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 68% of us are overweight. We're just behind Mexico. Perhaps we should give our First Lady's initiative another look, and live a lil' healthier? (Speaking of health, ignore the attempts at slandering the healthcare bill that say McDonald's employees will lose their care.)

Our hearts go out to UT Austin this week, as well as Rutgers University and the families of these young teenagers.

Are You Not Entertained?

Members of Congress are being told to steer clear of Stephen Colbert after his testimony last week. Speaking of Congress and TV, OMG YAY! Finally, a bill that makes perfect sense!

We feel like we can't stop mentioning FOX lately -- even if it's mostly to point, mock and laugh at them. Take this "interview" by Stuart Varney, for example, and see if you can figure out just what the hell is going on.

Madonna's forearms are CREEPY.

More Anderson Cooper in our lives? Yes, please!

Justin Bieber is being immortalized as a doll. Um... as you can see from these examples here, this stuff doesn't always turn out well.

Conan, if you're willing to do this girl's astronomy homework, do you think you'd be up for writing a TR or two?

James O'Keefe, Landrieu phone-tapper and obsessor over all-things ACORN, couldn't quite pull off that pimp thing with a CNN producer. Lame!

Interweb Tomfoolery

We thought we'd share this laugh with you: what would happen if the Teabaggers took over your beloved comic pages? But, that's not all -- they're going after the children too! Gotta start 'em young, right? (And, oh hey, Beverly Hills Tea Partiers in the house... represent?)

AOL is making big moves -- it just bought TechCrunch and two other big-ish start-ups. What does that mean? AOL is trying to stay relevant, and we're not sure it will work.

That Facebook movie is FINALLY coming out this Friday, and it's being lauded as "not as bad as we thought it would be" and "pretty entertaining!" Zuckerberg, in yet another desparate attempt to stave off the PR backlash, has decided to bring in the clowns.

It's Wikipedia vs. Wikileaks -- who will (wiki wiki) win? (Not this guy.)

The aliens are interested in our nukes, more so than the puny humans.

Another graveyard zinger comes from Rome, GA. Take that, Barry!

Out on the Town

Hey raging liberals! We know you're out there, because we saw just how many of you took that snarky little quiz last week. So, do y'all have plans for Saturday? No? Good, because now you do. Rally on the Mall! With this kind of support, we're hoping it won't be no small thing -- but tell your friends to come anyway and make a day out of it. Why not? There's an enthusiasm gap to close, people!

Don't forget about Oktoberfest! There are celebrations all over the city. Get even more cultural stimulation at the Turkish Festival on Sunday -- the food alone is worth it. And, foodies, trek to Bethesda this weekend for a food-stravaganza (that's very reasonably priced).

Art freaks and Etsy fans, your mecca is finally in town -- Crafty Bastards is this Saturday! Queenie is a HUGE fan of the cool art pieces, breakdancing competitions and general weirdness. (If "weirdness" is definitely your thing, the D.C. Lady Arm Wrestling tournament might be fun for you.) You can also hit up Art on the Avenue in Mount Vernon for a slightly classier affair.


We knew it -- there is TOTALLY a muppet cleavage double-standard. We need to take this to the streets!

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you next week!

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