Friday, October 29, 2010

10.29.10: Barry on the Daily Show, Gettin' Physical on the Trail, and Halloween-palooza!

It's finally here! The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Halloween AND Election Day! We hope you brought your Red Bulls with you today, because you'll need some stamina to get through all of this alive.

Queenie is tossing the TR Reigns over to the Royal Executioner today, as she has one more major event to worry about: acting as Maid of Honor in her big sister's wedding on Sunday! (Congratulations, Kellie!) So relax, folks -- you're in some extremely capable hands.


Nope'r John Boehner says he won't compromise after the new Congress is sworn in. Kudos for not being part of a "broken system," John! The GOP's got a new plan to enthrall Tea Partiers: tax cuts, more tax cuts, and bigger deficits! And Democrats may punt the fun to January. By then, Durbin or Schumer may be leading the Dems.

The jury has been selected for Tom DeLay's money-laundering trial. Opening arguments will begin Monday. We'll be sure to keep track of any developments, because, you know, it's Texas.

Is Rudy laying the ground work for yet another run at the White House? Let the noun, verb, and 9/11 jokes begin again...(thanks, Joe).

A northern Virginia man was arrested for allegedly plotting to attack D.C.'s metro rail

system. His informants were really federal agents. Metro says it won't be enhancing security. Never hurts to be on the safe side. Authorities have also linked the recent Pentagon shooting with one that occurred at the Marine Corps Museum.

It appears that the majority of service members that took the Pentagon's DADT survey a few months back aren't opposed to serving with openly gay soldiers. But the path forward for the policy's repeal is a bit precarious, at best. We can bet the GOP won't be willing to take it up.

The Week That Was

Can you believe we're only four days out? We're bringing you the last batch of "crazy" before the big day. First, The WaPo says the terrifying Tea Partiers aren't a big deal--that they contribute little to the political discourse. We sure hope so, but then again, what's gotten Bubba so "disturbed and ticked off"? Maybe, it's because he couldn't charm Kendrick Meek out of the Florida senate race. Meek has a different story. Also, fair and balanced FOX "News" is helping get out the vote... for non-Democratic candidates. It's voter fraud, we tell you!

Some Democrats are still trying to figure out that teabagging strategy. One Democratic candidate found out that telling your president to "shove it" is a terrible idea. Out in Nevada, Sharron must be talking tactics with super-spy Christine as she dodges the media up until Election Day. She's also got ANOTHER ad out that's not too friendly toward Latinos, and that's got Joy Behar raging. Christine threatened to "crush" a radio show because of some pretty violent finger-snapping footage. Anyways, things got pretty ugly at a Kentucky senatorial debate and a campaign staffer in Florida learned a hard lesson about texting the candidate during a debate. Meanwhile, Sarah talked up more presidential ambition on that intellectually stimulating news show, Entertainment Tonight. Finally, Meg's numbers aren't looking too good after throwing more than $160 million out the window.

Federal authorities gave the all-clear signal to two East Coast airports after a security scare involving a UK flight.

Wells Fargo admitted to some paperwork trouble as other banks continue to working to correct errors in their paperwork. A new report says metro areas continue to see greater numbers of foreclosures due to unemployment and bad loans. But don't blame big corporations for this!
Happy Birthday, Hillary!

The birthers came to town... sort of. Next time, they should contact Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's peeps to borrow a few rally-goers.

Some news from overseas: an Iraqi court sentenced a former close

aide to the late Saddam Hussein to death. And we're also intrigued about a story of cash flowing into Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai's office. Will this end come 2014? Iran began loading fuel rods into its Russian-built nuclear reactor, (for civilian use, right)? You can read more about Iran's political culture here. And finally, we don't quite understand how Iran could be a force to promote gender quality.

More than three hundred have died from a cholera outbreak in Haiti. The first cases showed up more than a week ago. Haiti is in our thoughts.

Are You Not Entertained?

Charlie Sheen is back to his normal work life. Hah! Great work, PR peeps.

Barry went on the Daily Show to entertain Jon Stewart, but more importantly, get you young people to the voting booth. Can the White House be an effective communicator, like now? Some folks, conservatives, mainly, were upset over Jon's "dude" address. Dude, chill out. The President spoke on difficult issues and Jon wasn't there just to joke around. Catch it here if you missed it the first time.

Biebs has his own fragrance now, as well as a new film--tweens go crazy!

Bert and Ernie swear they're just friends, and that's just fine with us. Keep being inclusive, Sesame Street, and don't let Bill O bully you.

Avatar fans can look forward to two sequels in 2014 and 2015. Until then, keep watching the first one, over and over again.

Interweb Tomfoolery

The White House press office makes another spelling mistake -- this time, it's of the First Lady.

Hey! The RGA has another scawy ad out. Fear has come, indeed.

Get your Rent Is Too Damn High doll today!

People aren't the only ones dressing up for Halloween.

The most famous octopus that has ever graced the planet has passed away. Paul correctly chose the winner of every game at the 2010 World Cup.

NASA wants to send you on a one-way trip to Mars. Any takers?

An Arkansas school board member is calling it quits after posting some nasty anti-gay comments on Facebook. Good riddance.

A Brazilian judge is ordering the Golden Arches to pay up because an employee became obese from "taste testing" product. Oh, dear. McDonald's will likely appeal.

Out on the Town

Happy Halloween weekend!

Lots and lots and lots of people are expected to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity tomorrow. Will you be there? If you're bringing signs, please set an example for the Teabaggers, and use spell-check. Also, don't listen to the haters, and please, please stay out of trouble.

Speaking of dogs and costumes: If you own a dog, and aren't embarrassed to dress him or her up, there's a costume party on 18th Street. Be sure your dog is happy!

Wonkette has some recommendations for the Halloween weekend for you DC'ers, especially if you're dressed as that special witch lady.

Maybe you're not that Halloween kind of person? Some beer taste testing may be up your alley, or maybe a visit to the Howard University Yardfest.


Republicans are measuring the drapes for a 60-seat slaughter in the House. Will the rules permit victorious Tea Partiers to hang tea bags outside their offices? Get out there and vote, progressives!

See you all at the rally or maybe at some Halloween outing!

Until next week...

Friday, October 22, 2010

The TR: Defending Your Manhood, Remembering Spell-Check and Ack! Zombies!

All that fear in the air isn't just the mid-term elections -- Halloween is right around the corner, kids! Queenie hasn't decided on a costume yet. There are just so many choices for women these days... (sexy fast food worker?!). We'd already picked up some flank steak for our Lada Gaga ensemble, but looks like that idea's out (BBQ, anyone?). Christine O'Donnell won't be a witch this year AND stole our Dorothy idea (although Glinda the Good Witch is available). What's a Queen to do?

OMG... perfect.


You know what, Dems? Rendell is right. We ARE a bunch of wusses. He's been in the press a lot lately for all kinds of, er, different things, but we'll be damned if he doesn't tell it like it is. Why didn't we form our OWN third parties and try to- oh. Sorry, Rachel Maddow and Jill Lepore, you were saying?

Despite the pessimism (warranted or not), Obama and Michelle (and Bill "You Still Need Me, People" Clinton) are on the trail to close that enthusiasm gap. Pundits and political nerds are drooling over the campaign races and fundraising stats (Dems are really ridin' this Chamber of Commerce thing hard, eh?) and the consensus is still out. John Boehner is front and center, leading the way for Repubs to marshal this Tea Party business by providing funding for them from Wall Street. Oh, of course he is. It just makes sense for candidates who rail against big government and corporate interests to take this money and toe the Repub party line. Right?

Less than two weeks out and some candidates are ready to rumble (literally). Joe Miller's private security people roughed up and handcuffed a poor blogger who wanted to ask the candidate question. His two main opponents quickly pounced and it looks like his campaign might be in a tailspin. (By the by -- East Germany? Really, Joe?) Political junkies are going to be up all night watching Alaska. Earl Perlmutter metaphorically shot himself in the foot by actually slapping his opponent on-air. We know it's been a tough few months, but really? And Sharron Angle, you make it incredibly hard to be snarky. How can we possibly mock you when you are so effing ridiculous on your own? Same goes for you, Christine. Even Harry Reid is bemused as he is "forced" to defend his manhood.

None of these people have anything on Stephen Broden, however. He's crossing that thin line between crazy-funny and crazy-scary.

Important questions: are you sure you know who you're voting for? And, are you paying attention to Social Security, folks? You probably should.

DADT is on hold -- wait, just kidding, it's not. For now. Wait, what?! We're a little irritated waiting for this thing to finally happen, and we're not the only ones.

International news update: we're selling military aircraft to Saudi Arabia. Don't expect too many people to be talking about that, though. And what's up with the wave of "positive" press about reconciliation in Afghanistan? The positivity won't last when the Wikileaks scoop hits.

Our dearest Republican Informant would like to remind everyone: don't forget to pre-order your copy of Decision Points!

The Week That Was

Juan Williams found himself looking at Rick Sanchez's shadow. NPR fired him after making some controversial comments about flying with Muslims on, where else, FOX News, who continues to welcome him with open arms. Remember, kids -- Williams is no angel. GOP candidates and mouthpieces are jockeying to twist this to fit in with their various campaigns, which, of course, is just good politickin', while Williams tries to remain the hero. But this is also a NPR-PR nightmare, as Ezra was so kind to point out. Related: cotton pickin' racism. How could someone say that and think it's okay? How?! Queenie can't wrap her head around it.

The final New York gubernatorial debate took place this week. But who cares what the Democratic or Republican candidates had to say -- all we heard was Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party! His rent may not be THAT high, but, dammit, he has an opinion and you're gonna hear about it. Just LOOK at those mutton chops. And Meg Whitman's campaign accidentally made a viral video -- check out the slip and learn to double-check your links from now on. You know what, while you're at it, work on your fact-checking in general. Right, Sarah?

Christine wishes she could take back the witch stuff, but we think she's more embarrassed over her First Amendment follies, or maybe because she can't name a Democratic senator (Hillary doesn't count). Her campaign's also been doing a little scrubbing and it looks like Chris Coons is well on his way to victory. Good job, Delaware!

Bad news to Gulf Coast residents and their off-shore workers. A BP attorney says his company is looking to cap claims at $75 million. Meanwhile, Transocean, the company that owned the doomed rig, wants to severely cut pay to injured workers.

France is in turmoil over pensions and a possible raise in retirement age. Protests that began more than a week ago have resulted in fuel and electricity shortages. Riots also forced Lady Gaga had to cancel her Paris tour.

Are You Not Entertained?

Set the DVRs! Barry is on a press BLITZ -- Mythbusters and Daily Show appearances are coming up.

Biebs was allegedly involved in a wittle bitty brawl... with a 12-year old. Ever heard of "picking on someone else of your size?" Oh... our bad. Related: you must have known that he released his autobiography recently, but we loved Canadian actor Gordon Pincent's rendition of Bieb's literary masterpiece.

Bristol bombs on Dancing with the Stars... in a gorilla suit. Isn't she glad Sarah and her chopper aren't around! has returned!! This time, as a film critic.

Safe to say that Willow "Spawn of Will Smith" Smith is the most famous nine-year-old in the country right now. Her song has been stuck in Queenie's head for days, and the music video has resulted in mash-ups, memes and response videos on every corner of the web. Our favorite, obviously, involves Sesame Street.

Teehee... Zach G. finally gets a taste of his own medicine. And South Park did an amazing spoof of Inception.

The Night of Too Many Stars! Raising money for charity while giggling -- it was win-win. Catch the highlights here.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Journos have been trying to embrace the social media revolution with open arms, but there is such a thing as taking it too far, as this FOX station in Dallas demonstrates. But they can't ignore it, either! To wit: the NY Times now has more Twitter followers than subscribers.

Newsweek is looking for its next editor. Could it be YOU?! Seriously. They're asking. You should probably respond.

Want to win an interview with Dubya? First of all, you must be a Facebooker. We're guessing the subsequent screening process will be intense.

A father-son team sent their iPhone where none has gone before. (Our beloved Republican Informant, who just happens to be an iPhone hater, points out that Android did it first. Fine, Informant. Fine. But OUR link had a much better video, WITH cute children.) In a related experiment, Rick Astley also made it into the stratosphere.

For some reason this week, The Internet embraced animated GIFs and everyone from MTV to Slate to Jezebel to Dooce started making lists of them that have trouble loading on most peoples' computers. Check 'em out and try not to snort your afternoon coffee out of your nose.

A Michael Jackson parody mocking Apple products that's surprisingly well done? We don't know why this exists, but enjoy. (PS: MR. PRESIDENT! SIGN MY IPAD!)

Even if you don't know how to use The Internet, Virginia Beach GOP Chairman David Bartholomew, you probably shouldn't send racist jokes via any communication method, be it telegraph, smoke signal, snail mail or otherwise.

Out on the Town

Last chance to hang out before the town dissolves into a frenzy of Halloween parties and Jon Stewart sightings. Which, hey, is totally fine with us!

Musically, there's not a TON going on, but a trip to Baltimore might be in order to catch Bad Religion. Or maybe a trip to U Street Music Hall for some dubstep madness?

Festival-wise, we're more lucky. Enviros, go hang with Ralph Nader at the Green Festival. Bros, journey into Virginia for Brewfest. Geeks, head to the Mall for the Science & Engineering Expo. Lords and ladies, it's your last chance to eat turkey legs at the Renne Faire. Drama queens, you must be at Arena Stage Homecoming this weekend. Everybody else, you've GOT to want to do something at Zest Fest. Still not inspired? Go see Louis C.K. perform and make it a laugh-fest (har-har).

Oops -- we lied. The Halloween thing is happening already. The National Zoo is starting their fright fest this weekend (Saturday is already sold out so get the kiddies in tonight). While you're planning ahead, prepare yourself for the upcoming zombie invasions with a Zombie Self-Defense Course in Herndon (it's free!). Top off the night with a night-time zipline and ropes course because... well, we don't know, but might as well. On Saturday, the Udvar-Hazy Center offers a family-style, space-themed celebration (that's a little bit of a stretch, isn't it?) and trick-or-treating.

Not into any of this spooky stuff? Go hide out at the Caps game. Ovechkin will keep you safe from any zombies, we promise! He's tough and carries a big stick.


Well, now! Looks like former Turner Central members can be famous, too! Check out Jen Dickson in this AP article from earlier this month (and then leave comments about how she and her hubby should totally move back to DC!).

It's almost crunch-time, Dems... are you ready?

Friday, October 15, 2010

The TR: Avoiding Pelosi, Debating O'Donnell and Tweeting into the Digital Abyss

It's finally faaaall! As Queenie writes this, she is awkwardly still bundled up in her jacket and a scarf, since Turner Central hasn't exactly received heat just yet.

She's not the biggest fan of winter, but she does appreciate the upcoming holidays. It's already started -- have you been made aware of Breast Cancer Awareness month? The White House is all over it. We kind of like the look -- how about rainbow next?


Democrats are prepping for the endgame by pulling out of districts and shoring up less-endangered candidates. Some Dems are making it clear that they're not backing Nancy Pelosi. Maybe they should reconsider? Big Wall Street bucks aren't going to the Dems any longer. Maybe that's because of the bosses' raises? This has got Tim Kaine playing the Watergate card on anonymous contributors. Do you know who's also getting in the fight bashing Dems? "Nonpolitical" groups. (About as "nonpolitical" as Queenie is, amirite?) Both Michele Bachmann and Sharon brought in millions. Noted family values GOPer Carl Paladino just had more e-mails leaked. Lasers, abolishing public schools, and Sharia law -- can we stick to reality, Tea Partiers? Boehner is measuring the drapes and proposing weekly spending cuts. We'll hold you to that, John... Up next: redistricting -- and there's a lot of money being thrown around.

Does Newt Gingrich really have a chance in 2012? Sweet Jesus, we hope not.

Expect a House vote in November over offering cash to Social Security recipients, who won't receive a cost-of-living increase in benefits this year. And expect more chatter on this challenge to the health-care bill, which will be picking up steam as we finish out the year. Jack Black is lending a hand as The Mis-Informant to counter the lies.

A Federal Court judge issued an injunction to suspend the enforcement of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the Pentagon will comply. Obama's DOJ will likely appeal in a two-month window. Does Barry want to piss off the gays even more? And, thanks, WaPo, for giving hate a say. The Pentagon and top military leaders are warning troops to stay silent -- for now.

Rupert Murdoch is facing heat across the Atlantic. Apparently News Corp. isn't welcome in the UK. We've also "found out" that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is funded by tons of foreign entities. We doubt All-American conservatives will care about this come Election Day, but, once in a while, they do surprise us. Like, really surprise us. Oh, and the Koch brothers' denials are hogwash.

Greece's largest union is calling for a December strike as workers face cuts to wages and pensions during a deep recession.

The Week That Was

Barry has been barnstorming the country and looking for you young voters to, uh, show up. He was at GW and then held a town hall hosted by MTV. Earlier in the week he had a book thrown at him and witnessed the commotion of a running naked man, who likely won't be claiming a prize. What a week on the campaign trail!

Yawn. The much anticipated Sharron-Harry debate came and went and both failed to amuse us. Fortunately, Christine O'Donnell's debate debut didn't disappoint. And guess who prepped Ms. O'Donnell? None other than Sarah's handlers themselves.

All 33 Chilean miners trapped for more than two months were rescued, one by one. The Chilean government promises reforms. We're still scratching our heads over CNN's (and other's) obsessive second-by-second coverage. Was Parker-Spitzer covering it? Thank you, again, Jon Stewart, for pointing out the obvious. Chris Matthews made some comments of a hypothetical situation in America.

The Obama administration is lifting the temporary drilling moratorium in the Gulf. Mary still won't release her hold.

Dick Cheney has had more than four years to do so, but he has yet to apologize to the man he shot in the face. You have such a warm, fuzzy heart, Dick!

A legal fight has been resolved just up the street from Turner Central. A judge sided with a law firm to shut down Rogue States because because of wafting burger fumes. Evidently lawyers don't like burgers. Boo! Speaking of eats, have you managed to capture the elusive McRib? (If we didn't know better, that sounds like a creepy Pokemon.)

Are You Not Entertained?

You've already made your plans to attend the Sanity Rally on October 30th, right? If you haven't, time to get on it -- this is officially Oprah-Approved. She joined Stewart and Colbert this week to show her support. Journalists, however, are being discouraged from showing up for the fun.

Bill O'Reilly was on The View this week (Queenie's reaction: what? Why?!) and caused Whoopi and Joy Behar to storm off in a cloud of expletives after getting into an argument about the NYC community center. We know he's rude, but causing people to storm off of their own shows? That takes a special kind of a-hole.

Snooki finally met South Park, and the results were... well, see for yourself.

The closest thing Washingtonians get to juicy tell-all gossip: General Hugh Shelton's new juicy tell-all about Clinton, Rumsfeld and McCain.

We know you can't wait to watch Sarah's new reality show! Here's the trailer. What's that, Sarah? You'd rather not be in a stuffy old office? That's GREAT! We don't want you in office either!

A very dark Simpsons introduction, thanks to Banksy.

Iowa, apes, and rabbits. Anderson, you got some 'splainin' to do...

We told you about the Transformers invasion last week. Well, on Monday, Bumblebee had a wittle accident. Have you been prowling the mall for more celebrity sightings?

Interweb Tomfoolery

Heads up, Apple fanboys and -girls: a big announcement is headed your way on October 20. Expect Twitter to crash and stock prices to jump (or are we used to these by now?)

Barry must have welcomed the news that he's "closely" related to political thought leaders like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Deny it all you want, Rush! You know it's possible!

As we get closer to Election Day, we'll see more and more "creative" ads. Watch this, this, and this. And, hey, not all the fun ads happen in 'murica -- check out this Canadian candidate: Sam Katz: He Kicks Children in the Face. Too strapped for cash to have a silly ad? Don't worry, kids -- there's always Photoshop and ginormous anti-Obama billboards! Just make sure everyone spells your name right (we're talking to you, Whitey -- er, Whitney) and avoids the slurs.

Are you tweeting right now? And now? And maybe NOW?! Those tweets probably went straight into the digital abyss. (Queenie promises to RT you, though... as long as you're funny!)

KFC takes the low road to boost their bottom line.

Stuck on ideas for Halloween costumes? Take your nerd cred up a notch and be one of your favorite Internet memes! Although they forgot Strutting Leo and Prancing Cera. Tsk, tsk.

Out on the Town

Queenie finds herself with less and less free time for fun stuff thanks to her sister's upcoming wedding, but she's making it to 930 Club tonight to see one of her favorite Sublime-wannabes. If you have more time than she does, you might want to scoot off to Baltimore for Sunday Brunch -- an epic-looking local bands festival.

Seth Meyers (you know, the guy who does Weekend Update) is coming to town on Saturday. He's really only funny about 1/3 of the time on SNL, but maybe he'll be better in person? Looks like this weekend's great for comedy -- Craig Ferguson (funny! Scottish!) comes by Saturday as well, and the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (the nerds among you should have perked up at this, and the rest of you should click on that link right away) are reuniting for Cinematic Titanic at GW. If you're thinking "less funny, more Mad Men," well, we've got that too.

Any antique car lovers in the audience? Rockville has your number this weekend. Great Falls has some culture for you in its artists' studios, and the National Building Museum is gearing up for Halloween. Finally, bring out the wanderlust in your family: the Kids Euro Festival begins this weekend!


Still trying to make 'em vote, still fearing a Teabagger takeover and still stalking Shia LaBeouf while he's in town. Um, maybe not in front of any coffee shops on M Street, though. Safety first and all.

Keep warm, kiddos -- Queenie's off to buy a few more coats. And thank you for the tidal wave of apple recipes that came our way last week! Queenie highly recommends the Apple, Brie and Thyme soup one thoughtful reader passed along. Seriously. Ah-mazing.

À la semaine prochaine!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The TR: Electing Real Clowns, Flirting with Al Greene and Paying Our Respects

We're getting in the last days of sunny and comfortable weather. Queenie, however, is VERY excited about fall -- and all the pumpkin patches, apple picking and fluffy blankets that go along with it. Speaking of apple picking, anyone got a recipe or two that can help her with the, uh, two bushels of apples she's got at home? (She MIGHT have gotten carried away.) Anything that's not a sauce, pie, tart, muffin, cake or batch of cider is welcome!

We've got a recipe of our own -- for snark, that is. (Zing!) Hope you're hungry! (Double zing!)


We're less than a month out from November 2. Democrats are hoping their base will stick with them, and maybe it's working? But prospects, be they less dim or dimmer, are still dim in the end. Need some help convincing Dems to vote in November, Dems? This should help.

Is Gibbsy heading to the DNC from the White House? Also, Woodward says Hillary might be on the ticket come 2012, but the White House has been quick to swat that rumor down. We haven't heard the last of this. Joe is having better luck on the campaign trail than Barry, despite a gaffe or two. Florida GOP'ers are worried of a potential deal between Charlie Crist and Kendrik Meek.

Charlie Rangel and Maxine Water won't face a public trial until after Election Day. Aren't we trying to "drain the swamp" with expediency? Will Repubs take this to the bank in the days to come?

It can happen anywhere: Brazil has elected an illiterate clown to Congress. We've got our fair share of colorful candidates, besides the Tea Partiers. (Speaking of which, New Jersey Democrats did a little Teabaggin' of their own.) We want see how this race finishes! The Donald is sort of planning to do the presidential run thing, or is maybe looking for some free PR. The most famous cowboy of Times Square is also looking forward to 2012. Hey, if a naked cowboy can't be president, than WHO can?

To her dismay, Meg Whitman is becoming nomenclature for, um, undocumented workers. Ironically, we learned that Lou Dobbs has a bit of a Meg Whitman problem of his own. So much for the anti-illegal immigrant rants, Lou. Anyone else care to step forward?

Virginia, Virginia, Virginia. You're making Queenie sad. The AG is going after a former U-VA prof's papers on climate change.

We've entered our tenth year of the Afghanistan war, with no end in sight. Um... happy birthday? In other international news, a terror alert that went out this week could have been just a political move related to Pakistan and NATO.

The Week That Was

Sooo much entertainment, er, political news this week! More from O'Donnell-land: The (former?) spy, who didn't attend to Yale, is telling us she's just one of us, but her opponent isn't letting her get away with this one. (When you have to start out a campaign video with "I'm not a witch," you know SOMETHING's wrong.) Out west, Sharron is caught on tape railing against the Establishment she holds dear. If we had talked to Sharron only a few years ago, we would have found out that she would favor major provisions of health reform. She's also not too fond of Muslims, and another GOP'er has endorsed Harry Reid. And Viagra? Okay, Sharron. Also, Sarah, Todd, and Joe Miller are having a nasty behind-the-scenes fight over quid pro quo endorsements. She's definitely running. Alvin Greene's attorney says his client was just trying to flirt. Never you mind the dirty photos! Finally, when running for office, try to avoid calling your opponent a whore, will you?

Bank of America (and others) are doing the right thing by halting all foreclosures in the U.S. This news comes after a rare veto by Obama on legislation that would have accelerated foreclosures. Meanwhile, the health insurance industry is pumping millions to take down Democrats. The White House is letting McD's and others off the hook.

Obama's national security advisor, James Jones resigned, and will be replaced by his deputy, Tom Donilon. Gibbsy tells us that there will be more staff changes ahead, and it's rumored Jones might be a candidate to lead the Pentagon.

Elana Kagan made her debut as the Supreme Court returned from the summer. No fireworks to report. However, the justices did wade into interpretations of free speech and the crazies of the Westboro Baptist Church. Y'know, startin' off with something' easy.

The man accused of trying to set off a bomb in Times Square was sentenced to life in prison.

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Noble Peace Prize. Let's just say China wasn't pleased with the announcement, shall we?

SunChips has chosen to get rid of its environmentally-friendly bags because they are too loud. Oh, yes, of course they are, consumers. We wouldn't want you to drown out the noise of the TV, now would we? Don't chew too loud, now!

Are You Not Entertained?

So... a certain "CNN show" premiered this past Monday. *Crickets.* The ceaseless self-promotion is leading us to believe it will be a flop. And don't get us going about the name. CNN, we really expected better of you!

Heads up! We're used to the headaches Metro and traffic cause on a daily basis, but early next week the Transformers will be in town to do some filming. The chaos is real this time. (Queenie's note: Autobots, go!)

Hey! How come Captain Jack never visited Queenie's school and/or university-depending-on-when-the-movies-were-released-she-can't-quite-remember?! Life is SO unfair.

The horror! Palin-Beiber. So sorry, kiddos, that that image will forever be burned in your retinas.

We KNEW this was coming. South Park will be spoofing Jersey Shore next week, and it's bound to be epic.

"The View's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck is joining the cast of ABC's Good Morning America, where she will enlighten all of us with her take on "hot-button" family values... and not much else.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Now here's an interesting PR piece: Gap unveiled a new logo this week, which was just terrible. Seriously. They've decided to turn this negative attention into a crowdsourcing project, which may or may not be such a good idea (contrary to popular belief, crowd-sourcing is NOT always the answer). But this is your chance, designers! Can you save the Gap from itself? In other re-branding news, MSNBC has stopped the charade, but is dealing with some branding confusion of its own.

Donald Duck meets the Beckster, sort of. We highly recommend you watch this and forward it to all of those right-winger uncles of yours that keep yelling about Obama and mulims and... well, you know the rest.

Why are you voting Republican? Clearly, the NRSC got the message and have pulled their ad of professional West Virginia hicks. Speaking of awkward ads, Ben Quayle and the wife are, like, totally convincing everyone why they are the bestest to lead. Plus, a candidate swimming in his suit and tie makes for a good laugh.

Get your O'Donnell costume and doll, just in time for Halloween!

Why won't some politicos tweet??? We don't believe you, Rev. Jackson.

The NY Times says the paywall it will be instituting next year won't affect their "participation in the online conversation," but we'll believe that when we see it. At least, when we see the first page of it.

New Facebook features and new troubles. Eh, what's new?

Out on the Town

Queenie really does love living in (er, near) this city sometimes. As a registered concert junkie, this weekend is exciting: Delphic rocks the Liberation Dance Party tonight; K'naan, a rapper from Somalia who has found mainstream success, comes to 930 on Sunday and is raising money for Change Somalia; and We Were Promised Jetpacks comes to Rock and Roll on the same night.

Festival time! Get out to the Capitol Riverfront this Saturday to get some culture in. There's even a B-Boy Battle! And don't forget to hop on the train to Rosslyn to celebrate the opening of Artisphere, a massive space dedicated to bringing together community and culture. (Queenie's review: OMG, SO COOL.)

Foodies, this ain't a bad weekend for you either! If you have time today, get yourself down to Curbside Cook-Off and sample the best of the DC food cart world (and save Queenie a few samples, please!). Also delicious will be Taste of Georgetown tomorrow at 11. And don't forget that Bread for the City is hosting District Flavors to bring fresh food to local communities. (PS: tonight, join We Made It DC for a fundraiser to benefit LGBTQ Youth at the Duplex Diner at 18th and U.)

You either love him or you hate him - Bob Saget, of Full House fame, is coming to Warner Theater tonight and there are still tickets on sale. But we're warning you now that his material is a bit... inappropriate?

In Memoriam

For those of you DC'ers who hung out around Farragut Square, you may have seen the little green burrito cart on the corner of 17th and K Street NW. We are sorry to say that the owner of that cart and a friend of Turner, Carlos Guardado, passed away last weekend, and mourners have been gathering outside to pay their respects. We'd like to send our thoughts to his family and encourage you to donate to the The Carlos Guardado Children's Education Fund set up in his name. It is being administered by Father Evelio Menjivar at the Cathedral of St. Matthew.


So much for that Pledge to America. Looks like it didn't quite catch on like Repubs had hoped, even if it did allow them room to waffle. But no matter -- most of them are avoiding the cameras entirely.

Enjoy your long weekend, folks -- since you can sleep in on Monday, we hope you'll take full advantage of it!

Until next Friday,