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9.17.10: Christine's Winning Crazy, Boehner is on Board and It's Official! We're Rallying!

It's official -- this just might be the last weekend you can wear shorts and still look reasonable. And you'll need that lasting sense of summer, since it's officially the busy season. Turner Central has been neck-deep in press calls today, so apologies for the late TR arrival! Not like you're working those summer hours anymore though, right?



Congress is back from recess, with all the right priorities. Don't forget the millionaires (and billionaires!) Mitch McConnell and fellow GOP'ers in the Senate, who are promising to block tax cuts unless the most wealthy are included. Meanwhile, Boehner caved in to reality and said he'd back letting tax cuts for the wealthy expire. Some of his folks aren't buying it. Well, maybe he's just playing "CYA" because of a not-so-friendly piece by the NYT. Gibbsy is hoping he'll follow through. Repubs will say things now, but once their in power, we know how they'll govern. Congress is also likely to approve the largest arms deal with Saudi Arabia ever, worth $60 billion. Harry Reid is also planning on tackling Don't Ask, Don't Tell next week (more on that later).

Keep an eye out for more Dem messaging fails, folks. C'mon, you guys, it can't be THAT HARD. Here, CAPAF did it for you.

Is the now-biblical Sarah's speech tonight the launch of her campaign? She's no feminist, but she's trying! 50 news organizations will be covering her. Do we really need that much Sarah-mania when we've got Twitter? Oh, and remember the burn from The Govenator she got last week? She tried to get him back. (Speaking of "feminists," guess Sarah's new doppelganger has jumped on that bandwagon too.)

It's official! IT'S OFFICIAL! The Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive are coming to Washington! Jon Stewart announced it (you need to watch this) and we can't wait to see the build-up for this. You know the Turner representation at these events will be solid, so DO join us. Queenie will be the one carrying the "I AM SOMEWHAT CONCERNED" sign.

Fear not, disheartened journos: according to this guy, good journalism will survive the Internet.

The Week That Was

Phew, that was a long primary season, wasn't it? (Still have Hawaii left!) Apparently the Tea Party Takeover is great news for Dems. Financial expert and apparent Oxford alum Christine O'Donnell cruised to victory, thanks to the "I Do Whatever Sarah Palin Tells Me To Do" crowd. Her former opponent isn't taking defeat well. Thanks, GOP, you earned it! The librul journolists are already digging through Christine's treasure trove of material. Christine's BFF advises her to "speak through Fox News," do a little sneaky telephoning to Bill O and be on the look out for the moles. Charlie Rangel received the majority of primary votes despite his ethics troubles. Congratulations are in order for Meg Whitman for defeating Mayor Bloomberg in amount of self-funding provided for a campaign. And Tea Partiers had no qualms sending Carl Paladino and his sexist, racist e-mails to victory. (P.S. Lisa baaaack...) Now, on to November!

Meanwhile, D.C. voters dumped Adrian Fenty, even though many believe the city is going in the right direction. He says he'll bow out from politics, but looks like he's the write-in candidate for the Republicans -- although not eligible to accept. Michelle Rhee is, shall we say, displeased.

In other politics news, Bill Clinton endorsed Jerry Brown for governor despite some video gaffes and a bitter past. Michele Bachmann's fake beer and corn dog tax guy is under attack. Chuck Grassley is again reminding us that he's a techie, and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine unveiled the Democratic Party's new logo. We're not impressed, man.

Obama announced he's naming Elizabeth Warren to lead the new consumer protection agency. Yeah, it's a lame job, but a permanent appointment that would require Senate confirmation will happen at some point in the future. She'll also be helping to find her "successor." Banksters, quick, do your dirty deeds before she comes home! Meanwhile, the Senate passed some small business legislation.

Thankfully, that fringy pastor didn't burn the Quran, but another 'murican took it too far, and was promptly fired. One far out dude also prevented a burning. Speaking of far out, Newt has officially gone birther. Is he jockeying for a speaking opportunity at the upcoming birfer rally? Michael Steele agrees with Newt on the whole anti-colonialist thing. Newt was also on hand at the totally awesome 2010 Values Voter Summit. Yes, peeps, these kinds of values.

Tony Hayward spent some time in front of the British Parliament defending his company. Back in the Gulf, scientists are finding evidence that a lot of oil is just sitting at the bottom over a layer of dead animals.

Top bank regulators from more than two dozen countries agreed to new rules that should prevent a global financial meltdown. Not like that's an important story or anything...

Talk about a weak finish. The Teabaggers couldn't muster the numbers to make this 9/12 a memorable event. Maybe they could do a little diversity outreach? Or was Beckapolooza enough for them? Perhaps they all invaded Alaska to open their wallets. Still, the Koch brothers must be proud of the cool signage and kid props of their brethren.

Are You Not Entertained?

Um, nice costume, Gaga. (Look at these celebrity reactions to the meat dress. Ke$ha's face is priceless.) Apparently, there was a deeper meaning. We don't quite understand how a meat dress represents her crusade against DADT, but we do admire her willingness to speak out. And to Tweet at Harry Reid. And to actually flippin' call some senators. Great work, SLDN! (What, you thought Gaga was doing this on her own?)

Anyway, who wasn't impressed by Taylor and Kanye's PR stunt?

Glenn, are you trying to be ironic?

We're going to AUSTRALIAAAA!!! No -- not us -- but Oprah caused quite a few heart attacks on her show this week. Also, have you Oprah-fied yourself yet?

The Biebs is, kind of, staying single.

Do you remember the weird Joaquin Phoenix breakdown of the past two years? It kind of became old news after a while, but in light of his new movie's release, director and BFF Casey Affleck has admitted it was a giant hoax. Wait, sorry, we mean "acting experiment."

Oopsies... Fox News finally booted Brian Wilson after one too many tantrums.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Twitter is receiving a makeover. Have you received your beta version yet? Do you know anyone who actually has?

In case you weren't already feeling a smidge unaccomplished, check out how a Stanford student has brought the instant-craze to the 'Tube. Oooh, and here's an Instant Google Maps. And speaking of early accomplishments, yet another story about Zuckerberg is up from Vanity Fair. Nothing revelatory, but a decent read.

This Republican group might have a serious PR problem on their hands. Don't party too hard!

This week in crazy people with too much access to video cameras: A wacked-out take on unemployment. More clever (and if you haven't seen it by now, we need to work on getting you a little more up to speed): the Metro Song and the latest Auto-Tune the News... featuring Weezer!

Sometimes we think too many people are addicted to photoshop. Instead of that whole, y'know, "journalistic integrity" thing.

A British teen has been barred from the U.S. for life for sending an "abusive e-mail" to the White House while intoxicated. Seems a little too easy, doesn't it?

Out on the Town

Cokie Roberts and Constitution Day tonight at the Archives. Just another great way to show off those Tea Party costumes!

Festival report: una Fiesta Musical takes place at the Zoo (um, really? -Ed.); the Virginia Wine Festival is happening in Centerville; Vintage Crystal is another wine festival, but with Metro access; the International Children's Festival is at Wolf Trap; and art nerds, get ready, 'cause the Artisphere is coming! Prep yourselves fora balloon extravaganza featuring skateboarders, DJ's and an open bar. It makes virtually no sense to us, but we'll take it anyway.

Hey, Baby Boomers! Let your teenage dreams finally come true: RUSH!!! comes to Jiffy Lube Live this weekend.

Shoppers and fashionistas, hop on the Metro for a fantastic boutique event in Queenie's home. The Boutique District of Old Town Alexandria is hosting their third annual scavenger hunt. You could win a $2,800 shopping spree, and who doesn't love that?

If you love food trucks as much as the rest of us (frickin' hipsters), the first annual Curbside Cook-Off is taking place in about two weeks. Vote now for your favorite food truck to be there (Queenie rec's Fojol Bros., the lobster truck -- of course -- and Takorean) Mmm. Tacos.

Shameless Promotion of Someone Else

The Capital Cabal in partnership with Ipsos Public Affairs announces a new executive breakfast forum: “Face the Facts: Energy Agenda Now." Ipsos will conduct exclusive public opinion research of voters addressing energy related topics, and the findings will be presented for the first time at this event. Panelists from The Hill,, the National Commission on Energy Policy and OPOWER will discuss the findings. September 28, 2010 in DC -- register today to secure your spot.


Primary season wound down, DC got a brand new mayor and November looms ominously. Stressed yet? So what, who cares? There are adorable baby lions in town and OMG, AWW.

Have a fab weekend, please, and we'll see you on the flip side!

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