Friday, July 23, 2010

The TR: Liberal Journos Are Liberal, Lindsay is Locked Up and Palin's English Makes Us LOL

We always think we talk about the weather too much, but then these crazy heat indexes start popping up again! 108 tomorrow? Yuuuck. If you HAVE to trek outside today, make sure it's only for a good reason -- like catching a food truck. Or finding a coffee shop so you can catch up with Queenie in peace!

Get ready, y'all, this one's a doozy...


FinReg was signed into law Wednesday, and some environmental groups had hoped for climate legislation to be next in line. It doesn't look like it's going to happen this session. Any other most-likely-to-fail legislation in the works? CA congresswoman Lynn Woolsey plans to introduce a bill with a robust public option, which has has 121 co-sponsors. At least she followed through on her promise. As for any other major legislative overhauls, it looks like a no, unless this lame-duck Congress thing has legs (pun intended!).

West VA Governor Joe Manchin said he'll run for the Senate seat formerly held by Robert Byrd. Seat-warmer Carte Goodwin will serve until a replacement is elected. Who says a nonagenarian can't run? In other election news, Alvin Greene is still around. Check out his amazing rapping campaign video!

Conservative pundits are FUMING over TOP SECRET BREAKING NEWS released by the Daily Caller, showing that the liberal media machine is controlling the world, or something. Turns out, the DC was also a member of Journolist. You tell them, Ezra, and hold on, everyone, let Sarah get her two cents in. Pop quiz: Can you guess which fair and balanced "news" channel picked this story up immediately? Liberals, Tucker Carlson has already addressed your arguments, but Ezra is still stepping in and we're 100% behind him as this story continues to limp along. (Side note: what with all this conversation about journalism lately, this piece on "How to Tell a Journalist from a Blogger" is worth a read.)

International update! Hillary was in Afghanistan this week for an international conference on that country's future. The conference endorsed President Karzai's plan for Afghan forces to take over security in 2014. Meanwhile, Joe says we'll start pulling troops out next July, but it may be a slow withdrawal. Clinton also traveled to South Korea with Secretary Gates to announce new sanctions against the North. There was a curious North Korean soldier at one of their briefings.

Lawyers from the Justice Department were in Phoenix to present their arguments against Arizona's immigration law. Back in DC, the Senate rejected an amendment to the jobless benefits bill that would prohibit federal funds from being used in any lawsuit seeking to overturn the AZ law. We wish the media coverage would focus more on brave, young activists like these seeking to pass the Dream Act.

The Kagan snoozefest continued this week. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 in favor of the nominee. As we predicted, Lindsey voted in support. Lugar also said he's a yes. A full Senate should come before the August recess.

The Week That Was

A double take at the USDA: Shirley Sherrod was forced out of her job after a heavily-edited video of her allegedly gloating that she wasn't helping out a white farmer because of his race. Well... it turns out it wasn't that simple. The NAACP claims it was "snookered" by FOX News and Andrew Breitbart, and the White House is now calling for a review of the situation. Ugh... fact check, fact check, fact check. How many times can we say this?

BP had some good news over the weekend -- aaand then oil began to trickle again. A relief well is close to being completed. But the other story was about a real Joe the Plumber who came to the rescue. FINALLY we're not talking about the guy whose 15 minutes were up nearly two years ago! Also, BP has been doin' the dirty by trying to buy off scientists from universities, while stories come out about serious safety lapses before the spill. Seriously, what are they thinking? And the photoshopping, please! China is also trying to contain a large spill of its own.

Britain's new PM was in Washington meeting with Obama and congressional leaders, who are infuriated with BP's involvement with the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Kudos (this time) to Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for siding with the Dems to overcome GOP opposition to extending unemployment benefits. While the package ain't much, this whole process just demonstrated (as one blogger wrote) that it's easy to argue over this from your air-conditioned office. Empathy for the jobless, however, is a little more difficult.

Chaos at the RNC. Michael Steele is being accused of stuffing his shoe box with millions of dollars of debt. What did we tell you about keeping him out of the spotlight?! Also, a Colorado senate candidate plays the gender card. Real stupid. Sharron recently did a press conference and a Q & A session... without the answer part. Finally, if you thought David Vitter belonged on Springer, have a look at his primary opponent.

Michele Bachmann one-upped Rand Paul by formally forming a Teabaggin', Tea Party caucus in the House. Time to put that fine china to some use! GOPers can't decide if they should join. Meanwhile, we hear the Tea Party kicked out one of their own over a blog spat. This is entertainment at its best. Up in Alaska, Tea Partiers are scaring the shit out of everyone with their parades, and the all the hoopla over racist Tea Partiers has led to a summit to address the issue. Who would've thought!

The somewhat hilarious headline confused us for a second, but now we understand. The author says Joe believes voters are rationally ignorant. What would the gnomes say? But that's not all -- apparently some Washingtonians (none of us at Turner Central, of course) are a shmidge out of touch with the rest of y'all.

Are You Not Entertained?!

Lindsay's in jail! There was a media firestorm as we watched the trainwreck get booked last week. Normally we don't sink so low as to gossip -- ok, actually, we do -- but the best parts of this so far have been: the postcards sent to her jail cell; the rabid fans trying to get her on the phone; the fact that she's making bank off of this; and, how she's located near a cell holding the girl that burgled Lindsay's home. Too bad she won't be in very long... this is comedy gold!

Glenn Beck says he could go blind within the year. Karma, anyone? Before that happens, a "special" someone scrounged up $90k to have dinner with the Fox News personality.

Oh, no! The super-talented cast of Jersey Shore could be on the picket line if they don't get their way. Does it have to do with turtlenecks?

It appears that Barney Frank, who appeared on Kathy Griffin's show, is no longer is a fan.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Nerds are out in force on the West Coast right now, rocking Comic-Con and Netroots Nation. We can't decide where we'd rather be: in a city that provides Klingon translations of street signs, or in Las Vegas... with a bunch of tech nerds. Party time? (Just kidding -- and hi to all our friends showing off out there. Watch out for the RightOnline!)

The anger keeps rising with users of the new iPhone after Apple's half-assed attempt to kiss and make-up. Whoopi took things into her own hands, while this dumb iPhone thief couldn't get away.

Facebook hit a record 500 million users, but managed to piss off many of them along the way.

So that's what that large building is for. WaPo has outdone itself this past week with Top Secret America. They did a spectacular job combining print, video, and the web in one package, AND instigating the administration's response.

Has Shakespeare risen from the dead? No, it's just Sarah. EVERYONE is having a laugh at her new found expertise in vocabulary. She stirred up more Twitter chatter earlier this week.

Teabaggers fooled again!

It costs a lot of green to keep Congress running.

Out on the Town

It's a party freakin' weekend, you guys! For some reason, these arbitrary few days just happen to be very celebratory. Go to Baltimore and dance your butt off, or (if you managed to score tickets) dance your way through Hirshhorn After Hours with drag queens. The end of the Fringe Festival will feature fire dancers and vagabonds, and the hipsters will be celebrating Summer New Year's Eve at Rock and Roll Hotel. Finally, get your mouses ready: free tickets for the FreeFest go on sale tomorrow morning. Grab Queenie a ticket too!

Foodies, are you all set for Restaurant Week? You can also dine for a cause at Hudson. And if the food might be getting too friendly with your waistline, sign up for "Tone, Taste and Tan" at the Liaison Hotel. Vinyasa yoga, brunch and a rooftop pool... sounds like Queenie's kind of party!

If you're less party/booze inclined, this sounds fun: a Sunset Serenade at the National Zoo. Music and tigers, anyone?


Phew! If you made it all the way through that, you are truly a Turner Report Super Fan. T-shirts and glittery tank tops (for the ladieees) coming soon!

See you next Friday,


Anonymous said...

"But that's not all -- apparently some Washingtonians (none of us at Turner Central, of course) are a shmidge out of touch with the rest of y'all."

Good use of irony.

And like that at least you guys recognize your completely out of touch beliefs!

Katie said...

Aww, anonymous commenter... Queenie doesn't even LIVE in DC. Neither does most of Turner Central! Her Virginia residency (20 years and counting!) gives her a pass to use "y'all" as freely as she likes.

And we'll point out from the article:

"To qualify as a Washington elite for the poll, respondents must live within the D.C. metro area, earn more than $75,000 per year, have at least a college degree and be involved in the political process or work on key political issues or policy decisions.

Read more:"

Queenie only qualifies as one of those =[ so not so much an "elite." But you know, DC can be a bubble. What can you recommend to help us enlighten ourselves??

Anonymous said...

As you said, DC can be a bubble! I see you guys have Omaha, Nebraska offices -- would love hearing their opinions on some turner report items!

Katie said...

Nice! I'll ask :)

Gloria said...

Has Tucker finally stopped wearing those stupid bow ties? Saw him once in real life. He wasn't sporting one, so I almost didn't recognize him.

Anonymous said...

Coming from the western office, I have an outsider's perspective of what's going on within the so called "bubble." I'd have to agree that unfortunately some people do in fact live within that bubble. Sooner or later, I have a feeling that it will pop.