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The TR: Graham Ain't Gay, Kagan is In and Steele is... Confused

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This weekend Afghanistan will be a popular topic, to say the least -- catch McCain on This Week Sunday before he heads over there. Biden's been popping up as well as the "private skeptic and public cheerleader" of the war -- a nice (and by "nice" we mean "scripted") spin after the McChrystal "Joe Bite Me" quotes of last week. But Steele really had the "um, what?" moment today with his showing at a CT fundraiser where he declares that Afghanistan is a lost cause and it is "Obama's war of choice." Sounds like someone escaped the leash -- Steele mirrors sentiments expressed by Dem reluctance to approve the war funding bill.

Economic convo after the G-20 summit last week is centering now around austerity -- and if the public even understands it. Lefties are gettin' behind Kruggers in his declaration that the "confidence fairy" can't save us, and many are pointing to Ireland's current slump after instituting those austerity measures. So how about the U.S.? The latest jobs numbers were released this morning, and the WH had basically nothing to say about it. Topping it off, millions of unemployed will continue to suffer, as the Senate adjourned for the Fourth of July holiday without extending unemployment benefits. Two thumbs down.

Finreg is on its way to Barry's desk -- we hope. A few moderate Republicans might be coming on board in the Senate, so things look like they're still a go -- but you never really know until it happens (right, Scotty?).

Kagan is probably in... *yawn*. Also, she's not Team Twilight... *double yawn*. Ok, ok, the NRA and Hatch are opposed, but were there any other big stories to come out of this process so far? Jon Stewart sums it up for us.

Hookers for Crist? While we wait to see where the Man With No Party's cash is coming from, one NYT story alleges: the Dems.

Weeeellp, no need to worry about this one anymore. Sen. Lindsey Graham "ain't gay" and the Tea Party is on the way out. Also, gay mean should go jump off bridges. Wait, did we take that out of context? In case we did, he'll be on a press push this weekend to explain (he already got his great big plug in Playbook this morning) -- read the NYT magazine article here.

The Week That Was

Tropical storm Alex became a hurricane and made landfall Wednesday along the Tex/Mex coastlines. Thankfully, the storm won't do much to hamper oil spill recovery efforts. We learned this week that BP gave big contributions despite a corporate ban, when some of that dough should have gone to research.

Rest in peace, Robert Byrd. The West Virginia senator, the longest serving member of Congress, passed away early Monday at the age of 92. Byrd, who had been in frail health in recent years, is most recently remembered for his outspoken opposition to the Iraq War and his endorsement of Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign, seen as coming full circle with his, er, controversial past.

General David Petraeus was unanimously confirmed to command U.S. forces in Afghanistan after last week's firestorm over his predecessor. General Stanley McChrystal announced his retirement from active duty.

Obama made another push for immigration reform Thursday. The ACLU handed tourists heading to Arizona a travel warning, and police officers warned their colleagues that they're pretty much destined to be accused of racial profiling. (Yep, we'd say so. No pressure, guys!) On the other side, we find a village in Texas missing (another) idiot. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says terrorists have a new and evil plan to strike within. Only Jack Bauer can stop the terrorist babies!

Remember those gun rights peeps packing heat a few months back? Well, the Supreme Court struck down a Chicago handgun ban similar to that of the District. Some vulnerable Dems cheered behind the scenes. The Supreme Court also rejected an appeal by the Vatican, which had claimed legal immunity against sex-abuse lawsuits filed in the U.S. Gotta get those rulings in before August -- when bosses flee and interns rule among the dusty tumbleweeds.

The G-20 was held in Toronto, where officials from the world's largest economies met to discuss the financial crisis and deficit reduction. As predicted, there were major protests, but we also found this video of a raging consumerist. He just wants to stimulate the economy, you guys!

The FBI arrested 11 alleged Russian spies this week, some of whom were in the country for nearly two decades. In other spy news, the U.S. and U.K. released documents that shed new light on operations conducted during World War II and throughout the Cold War. Which begs the question: wasn't Sarah supposed to be keeping watch from home? Or did she quit that too?

Are You Not Entertained?

It's official: Bush (you know, Dubya) has officially been declared "the worst president of the modern era" by presidential scholars. You can't possibly be surprised, y'all. Strategery!

OMG, HARRY POTTER. This has been a great week for movie trailers -- Queenie highly recommends Johnny Depp's latest, Rango, as well. Also up (for the grown-ups in the audience): Let Me In. And this isn't a movie trailer, but we cannot WAIT for Jersey Shore.

Rob Lowe has a new production gig following the lives of so-called up-and-coming Washington politicos. Hit or a dud?

Astronauts don't have sex in space. Allegedly.

Larry King Live is going off the air sometime this fall. He's still around? We kid. Also, is AC preparing to jump ship? CNN, you'd better buckle up.

Interweb Tomfoolery

We've noticed Joe keeping a lower than usual profile in recent weeks, but lucky for us, the Veep doesn't disappoint when he decides to speak his mind.

Queenie's shameless shilling for Zach Anner has yet to stop. Check out part two, "Mt. Bonnell" and part three, "Keep Austin Weird Festival," and go vote!

Google has redesigned Google News, and we think flacks should get to know it a little better. While we agree that users shouldn't hole themselves up in only the news they want to read (expand your horizons a little, peeps), this could be handy for tracking client news and media trends.

Hmm... looks like the Daily Kos has been inadvertently using fraudulent poll numbers for the past year and a half. Happy litigation, amigo!

This might be one of the better attacks on the iPhone 4 we've heard lately, short of a class-action lawsuit (warning: lots of NSFW cursing in that first one. Although you curse-like-sailors media peeps are probably fine).

Tea Party-backed candidate Rick Barber's got a new ad out -- with Honest Abe. Y'all come into the 21st century, ya hear? We've been enjoying the ads so much this political season that this helpful Top 10 list was right up our alley.

NASA astronauts are letting us know they have some class in space.

Is Facebook about to be Google'd? If that makes you uncomfortable, you could always think about quitting social networks altogether -- but it's not as easy as it looks. (PS: What better way to celebrate your company's acquisition by Amazon than... rapping monkeys!)

Out on the Town - Fireworks Edition

Ah, the Fourth -- time for sparkler accidents, ketchup stains and cheesy theme parties that make you feel 'merican. DC, obvi, is a great place to be for this holiday, and the local bloggers around town have happily done all the work for us when it comes to where to go and when (and, uh, what to avoid).

The WaPo has your best bets for the usual local tourist-heavy fare, find alternative fireworks spots here, K Street Kate's got a few insider-ish tips and you cool hipsters can hit up a pool party. Oh, and (phew!) SoberRide is back in business just in time for the parties. Don't blow yourself up, okay?

Hey yogis! DC's 30-Day Yoga Challenge is ON.

You're STILL not sick of soccer? This isn't going to become, like, a fad, is it? *sigh* If you MUST get your game on even though the U.S. is out, the Soccer Mansion is some exclusive, VIP stuff. (PS: Did you catch the game this morning? Queenie did in spite of herself, since Turner Central discovered we have Telemundo. GOOOLLL!)


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