Friday, June 18, 2010

The TR: Sucking It Up, Saying You're Sorry and Hitting the Kill Switch

Queenie wandered away from Turner Central in search of lunch today, and what did she see? Oh, not much -- just the entirely of K Street and Connecticut Ave ripping their hair out during the USA/Slovenia game! And with good reason. (But PLEASE -- stop blaming the women when things go wrong, people!)

Back to work, slackers. Better yet, hang out with us! You're probably still tired from all that post-Lakers game rioting anyway, right?


Will anybody be talking about sorry Joe Barton a few weeks from now? After Tony Hayward incurred the fiery wrath of both Dems and Repubs Thursday, Joe Barton flipped it and reversed it. The story probably will die (it's a quick movin' news cycle out there, y'all), especially if Barton follows orders to sit down and shut up. But if Dems (and the foaming-at-the-mouth bloggers who love them) are smart, they'll keep squeezing every last drop out of this gift from the Right (and the gift of Hayward, who has now passed the ball to the next guy). Obama and Democrats are hoping to use the spill to push for a new energy bill, but that's not going over so well.

Does this sneaky Pundit Lunch signify Obama's attempts at winning back the lefty media? (Answer: Um, duh.)

Financial regulatory reform is moving along, but after Blanche Lincoln's close victory, banks are likely to get the better end of the deal. Meanwhile, mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie are preparing to be de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange. The House and Senate hope to resolve differences before the July 4 recess.

Weekly Kagan Data Dump Update (Dump-Date?): E-mail Edition. T-minus 10 days until hearings begin.

Afghanistan has taken over the news more lately, both for the usual reasons and for new surprises. According to the New York Times, the United States has just discovered $1 trillion worth (or $3 trillion) of untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan. The discovery could change the military and political landscape of the country. But another journalist claims the U.S. was aware of these resources nearly two years prior.

Ethnic unrest in Kyrgyzstan left thousands dead this week. Even more minority Uzbeks are fleeing to their home country as violence threatens to derail parliamentarian elections -- this is quickly becoming a wide-scale humanitarian crisis.

Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!? Not so for one Arizona legislator, who wants to make sure children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants are not granted citizenship under the 14th Amendment. How much squeezing can Arizona take? Well, if Hillary's right, maybe just a BIT more -- in the form of a lawsuit from the White House. Jan Brewer is, er, less than pleased.

The Week That Was

This week the Obama Administration made it's biggest PR push yet to stay on top of the BP oil spill. Barry was in the Gulf for a two-day swing visiting residents, declared that he "can't suck [the oil] up with a straw," and then jetted back to DC for an address to the nation. Unfortunately, most folks tuned out, and his speech may have been too difficult to understand. (Thanks, professor.) He also met with BP's top execs and worked out a tentative deal to create a $20B fund to pay claims. BP still doesn't get the PR game -- and calling people small hasn't exactly worked out. Maybe they should take some cues from their corporate brethren? Also, they shouldn't expect any pats on the back from fellow oil companies, who were grilled themselves on Tuesday.

General David Petraeus fainted Tuesday before a Senate hearing. He swore it wasn't because of the Maverick's questioning.

This week we had more teabaggers making fools out of themselves. Keep it coming! And we're not done yet with crazy campaign ads (and endorsements) from Alabama. Former Democrat-turned-Tea Partier Sharron Angle received a warm welcome on Fox and Friends, but the interview was panned by local affiliates and the DNC. A South Carolina lawmaker is darn proud of his redneck roots, another one is endorsing "lying" Nikki Haley and that last SC candidate -- you know, this guy -- is still going for the win. Finally, one GOP congressional candidate thinks it's a-okay if we placed land mines on our border with Mexico.

While it's been hot and muggy out here, other parts of the country have not fared well in the last week. 20 people perished in severe flash flooding in Arkansas, and Oklahoma City received nearly a foot of water in short time.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah -- taking a picture with another world leader doesn't make you a foreign policy guru. 2012, here we come!

Sweet Jesus! A well-known Ohio landmark was set ablaze by lightning. This is NOT an omen, you guys.

Are You Not Entertained?

Well it took them long enough -- Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford finally tied the knot.

Oprah is a great boss, isn't she?

Queenie, as her most loyal readers know, is a rabid Top Chef fan. And guess what, folks? TOP CHEF DC IS HERE! (By the way... Padma Lakshmi, you CANNOT be dating David Spade. No. Nonono.)

Eugh...remember Balloon Boy? Turns out that young female sailor who needed a rescue (that required a boat and an A330) may have been part of her father's plan for some reality TV. We're still giving HER some props, but seriously, Dad?

Pat Robertson has some great advice for women to keep their husbands faithful.

One more reason to avoid the Bieber bowl-cut: this woman out drinkin' in Maryland was mistaken for the Biebs, causing cops to roll out and investigate. But who had the haircut first?!

Interweb Tomfoolery

Lieberman has proposed an Internet "kill switch," allowing the Prez to shut down the web if there's a natonal crisis. We're not even sure how to answer this, except to tell you that this isn't a new idea -- just a stupid one.

Can ChatRoulette clean up its reputation with penis-recognition software? Or is it destined to forever be "that site with all the penises?"

Yep... creepiest Tweet ever.

H/T to Queenie's favorite sneaky Repub TR informant (it's called bipartisanship, you guys!), who took one for the team: "These photos are SCREAMING for a caption contest."

We know Obama's lookin' to kick someone's ass over the spill, but Rep. Bob Etheridge, took it a bit too far with this "college student." He knows November is just around the corner, right? Also, Meg Whitman allegedly kept it real in the boardroom.

One of Congressman John Campbell's staffers put this story up on his official website. Pro Tip: Reading is fundamental!

People are scooping up those new iPhones like mad! If you haven't already done so, you're out of luck, at least in the near term. Remember, guys: owning Apple products isn't all it's cracked up to be. One more warning to our Apple fans: Arizona has been in the news for far more serious stuff, but this is too pitiful to pass up. If you behave yourself, you can check out the new Apple store that opened today in Georgetown.

Out on the Town

Don't forget! Celebrate Father's Day with your dear ones this weekend. Queenie will either be BBQ'ing or dragging her dad to the Air & Space Museum out in Dulles -- or maybe both (Dad, take note!).

Need some cool ideas? Take the whole family to the Father's Day Fling in MD; get your grub on at Old Ebbitt Grill's block party; check out an Italian street festival; or dance to some blues music in Virginia.

If you need to get your art fix this weekend (and you know we're all about that here at Turner Central), there's a TON of stuff to do. WaPo's Going Out Guides have a great round-up -- and don't forget the Digital Capital Week closing party and Wonder Emporium (best name ever!).

Need some A/C? Toy Story 3. Done.

Shout Outs

Our friends at EDF have put together a beautiful video (set to Glee's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" -- okay, guys, you got us) about the BP oil disaster. Take a look below, and check out the EDF-recommended Sky Truth, which is using digital mapping and remote sensing tech to show what's really happening in the Gulf and beyond.


Keep waving those flags (or playing those vuvuzelas), sports fans, and finish out this afternoon strong! If you're still not feeling motivated, here's something to cheer you up.

Until next week and as always,