Friday, June 25, 2010

FinReg Is Go, the IPhone is Fail and... Wait, Have We Said Too Much?

Queenie was hangin' at the Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference today (and so were many of you TR fans, no doubt!) but that doesn't mean she missed any of the snark from this week. There's so much to choose from! So take a break from your hyper-motivated social media-ing and hang out with us. And say hi to Queenie if you saw her there!


Oohh, it's been QUITE a week. There's a ton of drama in Washington after General Stanley McChrystal was relieved of his command in Afghanistan. That Rolling Stone interview hit like a brick, detailing his criticism of senior administration officials (including Veep Biden) over the war in Afghanistan. This, uh, wasn't the best time for this to happen. McChrystal apologized for the article, but the damage was done. General Petraeus will succeed McChrystal, and liberals will keep pretending like they didn't complain about Petraeus all of last year. Afghanistan will run the Sunday shows since Gates and Rahm say we might have to stay beyond the July 2011 deadline to pull out. Will Joe keep to himself? We seriously doubt it.

The finreg bill has passed! Blanche Lincoln is stood her ground, but was clearly flustered by the opposition to her provision restricting derivatives trading. In the end, Democrats got most of what they wanted. Wall Street will be getting quite the deal with derivatives -- courtesy of Scott Brown. The next bill on the agenda? Climate change before the August break. Go big or go home, y'all!

Breaking Resignation News About Someone Other Than McChrystal: David Weigel, of the Washington Post, has resigned as of today due to some heated emails he sent about, for example, conservatives he'd like to see light themselves on fire. Many pundits and writers are mourning the loss, and it's an interesting addition to the post-Helen Thomas chatter about journalists who have opinions and whether they can be still fair in their reporting.

White House Budget Director Peter Orszag announced his resignation this week. He'll be leaving sometime in July. It's been a grueling year and half for him, with the passage of economic stimulus and HC reform. Other rumors abound that Rahm will leave the White House soon, which would make Sarah's day. We'll believe it when we hear it from Rahm himself.

Ah, the Elena Kagan attacks are finally here!

The 2012 presidential campaign is heating up... at least for Mike Huckabee. He's already moved to Florida, and, folks, read this New Yorker piece. You trying to tell us something, Huck?

Step aside, Arizona -- Fremont, Nebraska is the latest jurisdiction to pass tough immigration law. We smell lawsuits!

The Week That Was

Surprise! BP's initial internal estimate of the spill was far worse than both the company and government were publicly stating. BP had to temporarily lift the cap from the gushing well after one of its robots had a wittle accident. Will a name change be the cure? Also, a federal judge ruled against the administration's temporary moratorium against off-shore drilling. Conflict of interest, anyone?

BP's Tony Hayward had a John Kerry moment over the weekend when he returned to England to take in some yachting. Sigh, yet another bad move in the PR department. (We'll give him half of a cookie for canceling an appearance at the oil conference in London). Hey, if anyone is down there at the spill site, can you let us know if you see any of BP's fake journalists milling around?

Republicans and Ben Nelson (jeez, him again?) slapped down the jobless by maintaining a filibuster against modest tax cuts and unemployment benefits. Are Repubs trying to ruin the economy?

Despite all the drama in South Carolina's GOP gubernatorial primary race, Nikki Haley emerged practically unscathed with a commanding victory. Rep. Bob Inglis, also from South Carolina, lost his seat by more than 40 points and became the third House incumbent to bite the dust. Ouch. How crazy will the Senate be if the Tea Partiers make it in? We've all bore witness to their fierce independence. Seriously, you can't have it both ways to be credible. Finally, do you live in one of these awesome Tea Party states? (What color are you guys on the voting map? Brown?)

Senators John Ensign and David Vitter are once again in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Oy, it looks like Texas Democrats have their own version of Alvin Greene on their hands. On the other side of the aisle, we have Republicans looking to criminalize gay marriage and ban pornography and strip clubs. Really? We thought the latter were an RNC staple.

Some nuggets from Rod Blagojevich's corruption trial: Big donations from the Big Apple and his aide would sometimes sign or veto bills whenever staff couldn't track the governor down.

Mark Sanford was, uh, missing from the office Monday. No need to tell your second-in-command about your whereabouts. Jenny and Mark were briefly reunited at Nikki Haley's victory party.

Are You Not Entertained?

If you know Glenn Beck is in your neighborhood, we urge you to have a picture of Nancy Pelosi on hand!

Oprah is searching for the next host of a TV show on her new cable network, and if you haven't heard of Zach Anner by now we are really surprised. He is in the running to become the O's next star, and with 8 million votes and counting we're hoping it takes it all the way. TEAM ZACH!

Jeopardy got auto-tuned. We were over this whole trend a while ago, but we can't be mad at Alex Trebek. Just look at that face!

A CBS News exec. makes startling confession: We're not covering Afghanistan that much because our correspondent is on maternity leave. So much for a "still resilient" industry...

Jersey Shore Friggin' Update, you guys: the Twilight parody.

Former New York Governor and prostitute patron Eliot Spitzer has a new gig on CNN.

Interweb Tomfoolery

The release of the new iPhone is looking more and more like a slow-motion train wreck. People were lining the streets, and celebs like Jason Bateman were using their star power to be great big jerks and cut the line. (So why did Donald Glover have to wait?) Apple and AT&T are going around canceling orders now. Not only that, but apparently if you hold the phone wrong (for example, in your left hand) you can't make calls. Apple's response? "Don't hold it like that."

We're not the biggest Foursquare fans for our personal lives (no stalking allowed, guys) but for organizations and businesses we totally get it. Turns out C-SPAN gets it too!

Oh, J.D., were you biting your nails and hoping this video didn't resurface during the campaign? Wishful thinking.

This video has been making the rounds, but we can't help but wish we could rep our city for a better reason than crazy Metro dancing. We're cool, we swear!

World Cup, meet Team America.

From top lobbyist to pizza server. How the mighty have fallen!

Out on the Town

Hmm... apparently it's festival time here in DC this weekend, and since it will most likely continue to be almost-100-degree-omg-my-make-up-is-sweating-off weather, slather on the sunscreen and get outside! The Folklife Festival is here -- finally -- focusing on Asian Pacific Americans and Mexico. You can get your jams on at the Del Ray Music Festival in Alexandria. If you still need to dance, head over to the D.C. Caribbean Carnival on Georgia Avenue. And, finally, stuff your face at the National Capital Barbecue Battle -- Queenie went last year and, believe her, it is a tasty time.

Need to work off the grub? The National Press Club's BEAT THE DEADLINE (hah!) 5k is July 17th at 8 am. Start training, journos!

Are you a fan of after-hours parties at art museums? There are more of them around here than you'd think. Phillips After 5 is throwing their next one July 1, and if you want a ticket buy them now. Queenie has learned the hard way not to stand between the beautiful people and those little cups of wine!

If you're trying to go watch the USA play tomorrow, we say: good friggin' luck! Bars will be PACKED, and the supercool viewing party in Dupont will be even worse. We're just warning you, though -- it may be packed, but it will be fun. The energy will be sky-high after last week's win!


What a week! The Barton story tried to come back (we're... sorry?), but McChrystal pretty much took over that news cycle -- hope you didn't try to break anything on Wednesday, folks.

Stay breezy,


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