Friday, April 16, 2010

The TR: Tea Party Crashin', Conan's Grand Return and an End to Tickle Fights

After the traffic-havoc of the Nuclear Summit, we enjoyed the company of some Tea Partiers (and crashers!) this week. 'Tis the season, what with Tax Day and the sunny skies outside. Juuust lovely.

What else went down in DC and beyond this week? Queenie and her loyal team has you covered!


All this legislative debate-talk is making us dizzy! This week President Obama met with congressional leaders in an effort to come to some compromise over financial regulatory reform. Chris Dodd isn't having it, and may have decided cut Republicans out of negotiations.

Sunday, be sure to catch Bubba on This Week with Jake Tapper. They will cover Haiti's recovery effort, politics, and the work of the Clinton Global Foundation. Looks like a bit of a media tour, since he was just at CAP today speaking on the Oklahoma City bombing. He never can stay out of the spotlight for long, can he?

Speaking of Oklahoma, Tea Partiers there are cheering as possible legislation to create a state militia could be introduced. Too bad for them, because Obama would still get the last word (read Article II, Section 2). While we're still on the subject, it looks like Scotty threw Sarah and her Tea Partiers overboard (you know, so he keeps on that centrist path). Finally, New York Tea Party gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino apologized for some racy and racist e-mails. This comes after his announcement of a love child. Go, Teabaggers! Believe in the movement!

Nebraska became the first state in the Union to require women seeking abortion to be screened for mental and physical problems. Another bill that went into effect will ban abortions after the fetus reaches 20 weeks. The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill that would prevent insurers from offering abortions in that state's exchange. Also, Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota signed this proclamation for the month of April, ahead of his 2012 run for the presidency. Ladies, if you haven't been paying attention to your reproductive rights lately, now is the time.

The Massa saga is not over yet! We knew you wanted more, so here's the latest. A former staffer has also filed a complaint, which could lead to a lawsuit against the former Congressman. Will this story EVER end?

Tragedy struck Poland over the weekend. President Kaczynski, his wife, and many senior officials perished. Our thoughts and prayers to the Polish people. Obama will be flying to Poland this weekend to attend the funeral.

The Week That Was

Tax Day has come and gone, and looks like our president is making it rain. Makes sense, what with all the book sales, but he's got nothing on Queen Sarah. Speaking of Sarah, her diva-like demands while on her speaking tours were revealed by some intrepid CSU students this week, making bendy straws the new stiletto shoes of the political glamour world.

We've reminded ourselves over and over again that we shouldn't stir up the wrath of angry Teabaggers -- but this week was just too much for us! They descended upon Washington like gnats in midsummer to the delight of comedians. Did you join the fun? Did you catch the rapping? What are they protesting, anyways? Obama took a little time to poke at them too, saying, really, they should be thanking him, not yelling at him. But who can argue with a good sign or two?

The Nuclear Security Summit took over our lives and our parking spots earlier this week in Washington (our hearts go out to the surviving family of Constance Holden). Some good news did come out of it: several nations have agreed to rid themselves of weapons-grade nuclear materials, even though the real impact of this event and agreement will probably amount to nothing. However, Iran is still a tough issue that needs to be worked out, and Americans are (rightly) concerned about the nuclear issue in increasing numbers.

Michelle Obama made an unannounced visit to quake-ravaged Haiti before her three-day visit in Mexico. This was her first solo trip as First Lady without Barack to another country. She should totally do this more.

Anthony Weiner is competing with Rahm for classiest quote of the year. Do we have a winner?

Congressional staffers are little punks on the Hill, according to some current and former GOP representatives. Apparently some have forgotten they can't do their work without them. Hey, you think the recent unintended consequences of the healthcare bill had anything to do with it? (Probably not, but man, that'd be a good story!)

A volcano in Iceland threw a wrench into thousands of travelers' itineraries late this week (and caused unintended hilarity as journalists attempted to pronounce the volcano's name). Best of luck to those stranded getting to where they need to be -- and don't listen to this guy, Iceland. You've still got Bjork. In more serious natural disaster news: An earthquake killed hundreds in China.

Are You Not Entertained?

CoCo surprised us all and is moving from network TV to cable. The currently unnamed show begins in November. He's on his comedy tour right now, which we're sad to miss, but luckily YouTube has come to the rescue with some homemade clips. Still can't get enough? Asian Conan has you covered.

Obama hung out with Gloria Estefan yesterday to talk Cuba. She was criticized for throwing a Democratic fundraiser, but we are more shocked at the price tag for attending.

A new book claims that Eliot Spitzer was so "voracious" that he went for a, uh, triple play. And a new book about Oprah made claims of lesbian affairs, false stories of poverty and prostitution. It's a classy day for the publishing industry, isn't it?

Down at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Hannity met up with a rapper-fan of his. Afterward, we're guessing Sean took part in the debauchery with fellow Fox News'er Major Garrett.

Larry King is SINGLE! Hey ladieeeees...

Interweb Tomfoolery

What better way to celebrate the completion of your taxes than by performing aerial acrobatics. THIS is the way to make connecting flights!

The iPad is still a hot topic even this long after its release -- turns out you can even run a country with it! We are a little tired of all the media coverage, but then this iPad-loving cat came along and COMPLETELY made our week. And hey, we've found an ingenious workaround for iPad printing!

Remember the social-media-themed South Park we had you watch last week? It's coming to life, and you could be a part of it. Isn't new media fantastic?

KFC launched its calorie bomb on Monday, much to the Internet's chagrin. Read the not-so-friendly testimonials and check out other outrageous fast food items... and then go throw up a little. Blech.

What's a tactical nuclear penguin? We're here to tell you. Just don't rat us out to your boss if you come to work after having one too many.

Think you're politically savvy? You're probably convinced you are after reading the TR for all this time. Take this quiz and see how you fare against your fellow Americans -- Queenie got 80% of them correct (and she's a little embarrassed!).

Everybody's got to make money somehow, including Twitter (it's a recession, ain't it?). Ever wondered which celebrities had the stupidest Twitter followers? Check out the competition here. And, Tweeters rejoice! The Library of Congress will be archiving every public tweet since Twitter's launch. We know you've been contributing intelligently and succinctly to this archive that will be read for generations.

Out on the Town

Take the kiddies to an early Earth Day celebration with the Smithsonian this Saturday (and meet the mascot from Queenie's alma mater, who is, naturally, green). This might as well be Earth week, what with all the events happening to gear up to the Climate Rally next weekend.

In fun dance party news, the Blisspop Spring Extravaganza, in addition to having a fabulous name, is happening at the U Street Music Hall Saturday night. Queenie, however, will be getting her DJ on to BT over at Ibiza.

In search of delicious eats? Saturday marks Hank's Oyster Bar's festival of slurping-- for $75, hit up the all-you-can-eat oysters and plenty of beer to go with it. Also, Tenpenh starts their weekly pig roast this Sunday.

Finally, for the extra geeky among you (and WOW is this geeky) bring your iPhones to the Foursquare Day Swarm tonight at Public for some awesome prizes, a new badge or two and the chance to see just how many other nerds are as excited about this stuff as you are. Queenie would join you but she's, um, busy. Very, very busy.


On the ball re: the nuclear summit, Kyrgyzstan and Tea Partiers, but who could have predicted these crazy natural disasters? That's right, no one. Queenliness, unfortunately, is only SO close to Godliness.

Thanks for the love, and see you next week!


The Independent Rage said...

What's wrong with Palin insisting upon bending straws, bottled water, first class flight seats, and only top-flight hotels? Frankly, nothing, I guess. But it does tend to go very much against the populist, "woman of the people" image that she's tried to create. Just the opinion of an Independent who is neither a Palin supporter nor a hater.

Katie said...

The Express had a section this morning on other politicians' riders -- apparently Dick Cheney needs FOX on all the time, on every TV? Shocker! -- so no, Palin's isn't too remarkable. But you're right -- doesn't look too good for her image. Although I can't imagine that the release of her income or even what we knew about her wardrobe specs helped from the beginning... Ugh, Sarah, I wish we all could quit you...

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