Friday, April 2, 2010

The TR: Politics Turn Purple, LL Cool J Attempts Relevance and the Young Eagles Get Punished

Be good today, peeps. We've got a lot to share with you on this gorgeous day in DC -- and after we're done here, we're going to sprint outside and do cartwheels in the park, because it's FRIDAY!

Snark away!


Drill, baby, drill! It's not only Sarah Palin's '08 rallying cry; environmentalists are up in arms this week, and possibly for some time to come, after the Obama Administration announced a (short-term?) proposal to open large swaths of coastline to "exploration" (and, we have to point out, a defense of Bush-era mining regulations that allow unlimited waste dumping). For all the drama, Republicans have been less enthusiastic -- including good old Sarah.

All that drama about racist tanning salon taxes and the vitriol calling for repeal of the health care bill has faded somewhat in the face of, oh, realism. Much of the recent media around the bill has been about its immediate and future effects (and about the lingering rallies), and we are still feeling the ire of those who didn't want it passed. But, please, focus less on that and more on the insurance companies' attempts to find loopholes. However, Dems are finally enjoying that winning feeling, and are, with Pelosi's encouragement, going home to go on the offense. Speaking of, the Senate is on recess for the next two weeks, and during that time, Tom Coburn is pulling a Jim Bunning and allowing unemployment benefits to expire. The public is sure not to miss that little gem, right?

The media war between the NY Times (and, increasingly, the US media) and the Vatican has been just ugly -- beginning with NY Times' stinging criticism last week and continuing through this one. As media geeks, we're fascinated at this power play between religion and media -- criticizing the church is not akin to anti-Semitism, but we know that this is panic in the face of multiple lawsuits and terrible press.

Getting an iPad this weekend? It won't be quite the bumrush like the iPhone was in the past, but it's still significant enough to warrant a tips sheet. And gratuitous free advertising for Apple all over the place. Oh, and check out the first guy in line. Dude's got dreams, y'all. Dreams.

The Week That Was

Our president is so sneaky! Under the guise of spending the weekend to unwind at Camp David (he so deserves it), Obama instead hopped on a helicopter and then jetted off on Air Force One to Afghanistan. He told President Karzai to buck up, and spent some precious time with our men and women in uniform.

Tea partiers had their day in Searchlight, Nevada -- Harry Reid's hometown. So, we guess it's true that these folks have a lot more time on their hands. Oh, and Sarah was there, too. But wait, there's more! Could the angry tea partiers be hurting the GOP's chances by refusing to complete census forms? We found an informative diagram that we hope you enjoy. Really.

Online politics fun time! Queenie found this video about what not to post on your Facebook page, ESPECIALLY when you're a public official. And, for our Connecticut readers: Representative Rosa DeLauro has a big fan!

Michael Steele is in the news again. That means party-time! Again, it's about the insatiable spending habits of the RNC under his leadership. We'd love to pin all the blame on him, but the TRUE naughtiness was carried out by the Young Eagles -- who are just now getting punished (LOL). Read all about the recent trip (and more) out west. It's got Rachel Maddow wondering how long he'll last. You too can sleuth around and try to find some more outrageous expenditures here -- and get ready for the RNC pushback about DNC spending.

Aspiring journalists: this is an example of how to fail before a U.S. Senator. Go Al!

Russia was rocked by double suicide bombings twice this week by two young, female suicide bombers who may have been widows of killed Islamist rebels. A Chechen rebel leader, Doku Umarov, has taken responsibility amidst harsh language from both Putin and Medvedev. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

Are You Not Entertained?

LL Cool J is not happy with Sarah and Fox News. Wait, who is he again? Toby Keith wasn't in on it either. But, despite the outrage and free publicity for irrelevant/aging celebrities, things went off without another hitch.

Things aren't looking so rosy for CNN, while Fox News continues to climb skyward. Sigh.

Battlefield Earth is considered by many to be the worst film in history. Ten years later, audiences receive a humorous apology by its screenwriter.

Admittedly, we weren't paying that much attention to the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock saga until someone checked us for missing it last week. And, wow, you were right!

BREAKING SHOCKING NEWS: Ricky Martin is gay! ...We had NO idea. (We're just kidding, of course -- it takes guts to come out, so props to Ricky.)

One of Queenie's favorite artists, Erykah Badu, upstaged Lady Gaga by filming her latest music video while stripping in broad daylight in front of huge crowds and not getting caught. Now THAT is brave!

The Washington Post unveiled the PeepsShow 2010 for your shameless candy enjoyment. Also, if you REALLY are a Peeps fan, make your own Peepshi. And then send Queenie some!

Interweb Tomfoolery

Lessons in parenting: ALWAYS let your small son believe that he, too, can be a Single Lady. In other viral video news, a dog and a deer play soccer together, and (cute alert!) a pug pushes a tiny pink stroller.

April Fool's Day happened, and while most of TR Central forgot it was even a "holiday," the rest of the world went for it. Google's contribution was a little weak, however. We preferred Bieber Or Die! -- Justin Bieber, tween sensation, bought the website and re-enacted famous viral videos. Brilliant! Catch the online April Fool's round-up here and see what you missed.

Queenie found this video about what not to post on your Facebook page, ESPECIALLY when you're a public official.

It doesn't matter if they're Apple lovers -- students at Seton Hall are getting a good deal.

The 500 worst passwords. It's totally subjective.

The Golden Arches opened its seventh Hamburger University -- this time in China. No, you won't be taught how to flip burgers and make fries. Don't you know you can't teach talent?

Out on the Town

Cherry Blossom Festival! It's going to be absurdly warm and sunny this weekend, so puh-LEEZE get outside. Check out all the cherry-themed activities/libations/parties here, and, OMG, fireworks! On Saturday night you can even grab your boombox and act like it's the '80s. If you can't stand the crowds, sneak into Dumbarton Oaks -- but don't tell anyone we told you. (Even better news: the last day of the Festival just so happens to be Queenie's 24th birthday. Not that she's hinting or anything...)

Catch Queenie doing some sun salutations down at the Mall on Saturday -- it's sure to be jampacked with tourists alllllll weekend long, but she'll be carrying her yoga mat like a club.

Something NOT cherry-themed: Science Club is offering a recession-friendly happy hour tonight. We also HIGHLY recommend taking the kiddies (or, y'know, us) to see How to Train Your Dragon. High prices be damned!

Finally, a shout-out to our friends: check out Words of Choice, 14 short stories presented by the DC Abortion Fund on April 23 at the True Reformer Building. Buy tickets here and email DC Ab Fund for more info!


Shout a happy belated birthday to our Goddess Divine AND resident Character Assassin, Suzanne Turner and Gloria Pan, both of whom tried to keep it under wraps last week. Sneaky!

Ciao until next week,

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