Friday, April 9, 2010

The TR: Nike's Marketing Genius, Palin's Media Blitz and Steve Jobs' Big Grin

What's up, ladies and gents? We hope you've enjoyed the fabulously great weather this week -- feels like summer, don't it? There has been so much going on in the news that we barely know where to begin! We started on a high note with the White House Easter Egg Roll and have been going non-stop ever since. Read on if you need to catch up!


Justice John Paul Stevens has officially announced his impending retirement from the SC, giving Barack a chance to make his nomination by October and giving Teabaggers a chance to get all riled up about it (weird, right? They're normally so calm.) We here at TR Central would LOVE to see a lady hold the title, but it's a little early for speculation. Not that that's stopping any bloggers.

(And guess who else is retiring? Queenie has been cheering all day!)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his scheduled trip to DC for the Nuclear Security Summit next week (which, by the way, DC'ers should be aware of for traffic-blocking reasons). The decision not to attend isn't all that surprising, but it's drawing media scrutiny on Israel's attitudes towards and possession of nukes -- the result they were probably hoping to avoid by pulling out. But since this is Obama's pet issue, and after he and Russia's Medvedev were in Prague to sign a new nuclear disarmament treaty that replaces START -- which calls for both countries to reduce their nuclear arsenals of deployed warheads by 30% over seven years -- this one will stay in the news for a while.

The relationship between the Obama Administration and President Karzai in Afghanistan has gotten dicey. He seems serious about joining the Taliban. Obama is trying to make amends (we guess a little etiquette never hurt anybody) but will that be enough?

After days of violence, Kyrgyzstan's president and government were ousted by opposition. President Kurmanbek Bakiev refused calls to resign. The unrest began after increases in electricity and fuel rates and arrests of opposition leaders. Was Russia behind it?

The worst mining disaster in the United States in more than a quarter-century occurred in West Virginia. There's more to the story than we thought; expect hearings in the House and Senate, and (for a while) chatter about energy sources and coal.

Next Thursday is Tax Day! Woohoo... or not. We hope you've finished your forms by now. The day will also be marked by Tea Party rallies across the country. No doubt they will be arriving by public transportation or driving on federal highways to enjoy the clean air protected by choking regulation!

Did you hit up your first Nats game of the season yet? Despite Obama's performance, we're optimistic after their win last night over the Phillies.

The Week That Was

Remember a certain team of mavericks that went down in defeat more than a year ago? Well, according to one member of that dream team (heeere's Johnny!) he wasn't so mavericky! Does he really play us for fools? What's this, then? Have you ever wondered what would have happened had the election turned out differently? Also, Sarah's spokesperson isn't endearing her new show toward us East Coast folk. Wait, were we East Coast folk actually going to watch this?

Turmoil over at the RNC after last week's bondage-gate continues with the resignation of the committee's chief of staff, Ken McKay. Wealthy donors are seething and jumping ship. How is Michael responding under fire? Not so classy, we hear. Don't worry, all is going well -- if you believe Sarah, that is (doesn't look that way over here on the East Coast, Caribou Barbie!). Finally, Jon Stewart did his best to get the Chairman on his show for an interview.

Speaking of Republicans, us Virginians (wooo, East Coast!) at the TR were ashamed at the recent actions of its elected officials. Governor McDonnell's latest proclamation reviving Confederate History Month has received some sharp rebukes, and he delivered a much-needed apology soon after. But the blow had already been dealt. Way to go, Bob.

This has not been a good week for air travelers. One airline is preparing to charge passengers for carry-on items, and another is considering charging coin for on-board lavatory use. To top it off, diplomatic immunity saved a Qatar official from some deep trouble.

California dreamin'... or spendin,' in this case. All that cash might be making a difference in Whitman vs. Brown. Speakin' of, Southern California received a big jolt earlier this week, and not financially.

In adorable yet sad news only somewhat related to airplanes, this owl is scared of heights and refuses to fly.

Are You Not Entertained?

We are impressed, Nike marketers! In the midst of Tiger's return to golf, you launched this viral video 101 for those who "represent celebrity philandering." This creepy video of Tiger Woods gazing into our eyes while his deceased father asks what he has learned is already a hit, and spoofs are already out of control. And guess whose logo is in every single one of those spoofs? Go ahead, take your time. You'll get it eventually.

MSNBC's David Shuster was caught by his current employer doing a gig over at CNN. His boss was livid, to say the least. It looks like he's already been given the boot.

Oprah announced her new show, debuting next year. Will you be watching?

Queenie is ecstatic to see Weird Al Yankovic put on his Grammar Police hat and lead the proper English revolution. Her nerdy self is even happier about this mixtape for English majors.

DC has been just BUZZING about the Top Chef filming happening now. Queenie, an unabashed fan herself, has been following the tipsters like crazy. Have any sightings? Drop us a line!

Interweb Tomfoolery

As you all know, Apple's iPad was available to the masses over the weekend. Did you catch a glimpse of the Steve? Here's how one group of teens celebrate the vaunted release. Shame on them! Users may consider mimicking that behavior, however, because the technical issues have already begun. This is what you get for buying the first edition, y'all. And word is the iPad may receive competition in the near future. Who knew that peeps got in line, too?

Oh, f#%&. Net neutrality fail.

We've always been told to read the fine print. In this case, way too many customers of a computer game store ignored that sage advice.

A fabulous idea: a fingergun (you know, this) button for email messages.

It must have been embarrassing for this man to walk around and be seen like this for hours, but it looks like his daughter took it in stride. No Subway sandwich for us today! Speaking of fast food, a word of advice: never mess with the pizza delivery guy.

Remember Demon Sheep? Now we've got Bobblehead.

Even if you're not a South Park fan, the latest episode really hit it on the head about Facebook and Chatroulette. Find an extra 20 minutes to watch and tell your boss it's for online media research... you tech savvy, social media expert, you!

Out on the Town

There is a LOT going down this weekend! Feels like we say that every weekend, doesn't it? But seriously: the Sakura Matsuri Street Festival, Yuri's Night, family festivals at The Corcoran and the Spy Museum... you are hereby commanded to go have some fun!

So you want to be a reality show STAR? Now is your chance! Auditions for Big Brother are going on Saturday at 1 p.m. in Adams Morgan. If, however, you win the grand prize, you are hereby obligated to take Queenie out for dinner. Go!

Queenie won't be home this weekend; she'll be dancing it up at her birthday party (and would also love to check the Done&Done concert over at All Souls on Saturday). But she MUST promote this lovely profile of Old Town done by We Love DC. Here's hoping it convinces you to hop across the river and take a visit! Also out in Queenie's home state, the Impact 2010 arts marathon is in full swing at GMU, so get some culture if you're in the 'burbs.


We're definitely feeling the love around here lately! Thank you for so many awesome birthday wishes, and thank you for staying with us!

See you next Friday,

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