Friday, April 30, 2010

The TR: Arizona's Implosion, Carl Levin's [expletive] Deals and Crist's Way Out

Buenas tardes, queridos amigos! Shoot, sorry -- don't tell Tim James that Queenie sometimes USES the Spanish she learned in college. She's an English major! Really! She has her documentation to prove it!

Snark-about-the-third-place-candidate aside, it's been a wild week. Let's get to it.


Obama toured the heartland this week, starting with Iowa. Almost brings us back to 2007, don't it? His message to the people: Wall Street and Washington don't understand Main Street, and it's all the Republicans' fault for blocking reform. Teabaggers were looking to cause a ruckus ahead of his visits, natch. Is this tour a preview of what's coming up for 2010 and 2012?

Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed into a law what is likely the toughest immigration legislation in the country. Thousands protested the governor's action at the state capitol, and Obama gave supporters of the measure a sharp rebuke. Tourists are taking a hike, and cities across the country are looking to put their money elsewhere. But, while everyone is duking it out over the new law, you might not have noticed that, on the following day, the governor made Arizona the first of many states to limit abortion coverage in state health exchanges. Some of her fellow GOP'ers are going further with even nuttier proposals. Will we see comprehensive immigration reform? The answer is... maybe?

We haven't heard from them for a while: the birthers are coming to town next month! Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the spectacle, since marchin' season ain't quite over yet. Oh, and Hawaii's legislature just passed that bill limiting requests for Obama's birth certificate. In your face!

The star sightings may have already begun in light of the WHCA dinner on Saturday -- the most eco-friendly one yet! The list of guests include the Jonas Brothers, Alec Baldwin, Jon Bon Jovi, Ryan Seacrest and Betty White, among others. This whole Jay Leno hosting thing, though? Lame. Should have called Conan.

The Week That Was

Goldman Sachs execs were on the Hill this week to face a grilling before the Senate. Carl Levin didn't hold back. Nebraska senator Ben Nelson owned up to his nickname, joining the GOP to prevent debate from beginning on the Senate floor on financial regulatory reform. No corn for you! Things got moving again after three rounds of voting. Also, it appears Senator Jim Bunning can't wait for retirement!

11 offshore workers were likely lost in an explosion on their rig. Oil has now reached the Florida and Louisiana coastlines, and despite Obama's reassurances we are definitely having second thoughts on "drill, baby, drill." Make BP foot the bill! And, uh oh, looks like there are second thoughts on that climate change bill passing anytime soon, too. By the by, Obama's Interior Department approved a plan to build the nation's first offshore wind farm, a decision was nearly a decade in the making. Turns out it was even opposed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Things could quickly get ugly.

Oh, Crist! Charlie left the Grand Old Party Thursday and will run as an independent. He's way down on the ballot now, folks. His former party told him to give back the cash and never come back. Ouch.

Greece is in pretty bad shape, and it just got worse this week. With Spain's jobless rate hitting 20% and Germany still hesitant to move towards a bailout, could it be too late to save a dour situation?

Queenie WILL admit that there is one sport she watches enthusiastically, but Wednesday wasn't a great night for it. We truly hope you Caps fans are feeling better. Here, we'll buy you one of these to cheer you up, okay?

Are You Not Entertained?

Letterman says what everyone else is thinking: we all love Leno, but he's a boob. And he knows it, too.

Speaker Pelosi "appears" on the cover of Capitol File, and woooowww... did she get Mariah Carey's airbrushing gurus or what?

South Park's creators took a ton of heat for an episode "depicting" the Prophet Muhammad (by which we mean, putting him in a bear suit). Luckily, they found some support from Bart Simpson.

Over the weekend, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Majority Whip James Clyburn got down with their bad selves at a fundraiser. We really had no reason to post this other than to marvel at their superior coordination. No wonder they're in Congress, right?

Interweb Tomfoolery

This article on PowerPoint's lack of effectiveness for the U.S. military has been floating around the web all week, pushed mainly by research associates who get stuck designing Powerpoint presentations all day. Stand together, my friends! Never again will you be forced to "make my bullet points go all swirl-y" or answer the question, "OMG, why isn't my video clip working?!"

Hugo Chavez is on Twitter, and with only two tweets it is already a "success." Think he'll start retweeting Ashton?

If you were a little confused at Facebook's Community Pages roll out, so were we. We dug a little to get the real scoop and aren't liking what we see so far.

We support the troops! Especially when they're THIS synchronized, and especially when they bring their own props.

The bankers are out in force in Washington, but they're also on the street, preying (umm, literally) on poor consumers.

Gordon Brown is caught being super serious in a heated exchange with a constituent over immigration.

There's much more to finding Waldo then we first thought.

Depending on her taste in cars, this woman may just have gotten an incredible deal.

Out on the Town

The Kentucky Derby is happening on Saturday and parties will be in full swing. We particularly recommend the Bonnets and Bowties party at Round Robin or (for the free admission-loving among us) Derby Day at the Rams Head Tavern.

Enjoy this beautiful weather tonight with an outdoor screening of Clueless at the I Love the '90s film festival kicking off in Rosslyn. Queenie will be dancing it up at the Citizen Cope show tonight, and heading over to Passport DC on Saturday to get her cultural fix.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo a smidge early at the Mall on Sunday with a dance festival, childrens' workshops and free food. If you're feeling extra-hipster on Sunday, throw on your best sundress (you too, fellas) and hit up Wonderland for dancing and a pig roast.

Finally, say what you want about D.C., but never say we don't care about what's really important.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Feminism2.0, a project of Queenie's and her Character Assassin Gloria Pan, was featured in Newsweek this week as a part of a roundtable discussion on abortion. Check out the article and leave your thoughts.

Also a BFD, our client Cohen Milstein struck a blow for gender justice this week when the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, ruled that women who claimed to be unfairly paid by Wal-Mart could sue as a class. It's being billed as one of the largest class action suits in U.S. history. Our team garned coverage in all the major media outlets, including the coveted talking head spots. Watch National Journal's "Lawyer of the Decade" Joe Sellers go on Cavuto Monday at 6 p.m. ET.


Don't expect immigration reform to lose its place in the news cycle anytime soon, kids. Same with financial reform. But please, please, PLEASE don't stop paying attention to reproductive rights -- the last thing we need is for a little thing like, oh, freedom of choice to slip under the radar.

See you next Friday!


Fem2pt0 said...

The Jonas Brothers are going to the White House Correspondent's Dinner!!? Don't they have a rule that if, like, you know nothing about politics or current events, you can't come? Or is being an Obama fan the only criteria as long as you're famous? Or maybe the organizers figured they'd help parents of tween girls out by giving them a really good excuse to be out for the evening AGAIN..."I'm going to hang out with the Jonas Brothers and I'll definitely get you an autograph!"

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