Friday, March 12, 2010


Unfortunately, Queenie is SWAMPED with client work and can't give you your usual buffet of snark and savvy this week. But we could all stand a diet or two, no? So here's the short, short, short version and we hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day next week!

So what's up in the media world these days? Uh, how about the complete and utter awkwardness of Tickle Me Massa? How low can he go? Interns. Showers. He's got nothing nice to say to Rahm. And this trainwreck of an interview (that some are saying has made Glenn Beck a laughing-stock -- THAT'S what did it, you guys?!) just iced the cake for us. Add that to an unrelated recent naked hot-tubbing story and Senator Roy Ashburn's coming out saga and looks like we've got a scandal-tastic media cycle on our hands, folks!

Rush Limbaugh could scoot on out of the country if we pass healthcare reform, so OMG, YOU GUYS, PASS THE BILL. Costa Rica's not really know for its private health insurance industry, though.

Speaking of Latin America, Michelle is headed to Mexico to hang with the First Lady there and talk shop. Could this have to do with the recent chatter on healthcare reform and immigration or is that just us?

Feels like we've been talking about healthcare reform for our entire lives doesn't it? This week isn't much different than the last, except that apparently the public option is out, despite Dick Durbin's plan to whip it in there good. But wait! Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?! Obama's postponing his Asia trip, which could only mean one thing... we hope!

Betty White is IN. SNL, you'd better do her justice!

Heidi Montag was in a Ron Howard-directed video advocating for the creation of a consumer protection agency and poking fun at herself. It made us laugh, but ack, look at that face!

Finally, are you a journalist who Tweets? Work for Reuters? Better you don't scoop the wire and break something online before it goes to press, even though this HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. So is this revealing that social media is a threat to traditional journalism, or is it simply paranoia on the part of Reuters? And will they get left behind the rest of the pack as they attempt to hold on to control?

Chew on that! Now Queenie's back on the grind (and wishing her dear old father a very happy birthday today. Hi Dad!).

Until the next time,

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