Friday, March 19, 2010

The TR: Obama Interrupted, the Hunger of Google and the Final Healthcare Climax

What are you doing?! GO OUTSIDE! Take your Blackberry with you and read the TR out in the sun, because OMG, it's a freakin' beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Did you catch the White House's UStream feed of the speech today (at Queenie's alma mater, by the way)? Those shirtsleeves meant serious business, folks. Sunday is make it or break it time, since CBO released its (hopefully) final score of health care reform. It puts the price tag at $940 billion, extends coverage to another 32 million Americans, and will reduce the deficit by $130 billion over 10 years. As the clock winds down, the rhetoric is all over the place (although not a lot that we haven't heard before). Let's get this affront to God (or, if you prefer, War of Yankee Aggression?) over with! Obama will be meeting with House Dems on Saturday to get revved.

So how does the GOP feel about all this frenzy leading up to Decision Time? Um, not happy. REALLY not happy. SERIOUSLY. And at least some of them agree with this guy. The Sunday chatter will be nothing but HCR, and so will Twitter.

By the way, don't forget to tell the press when you're scrapping a trip to focus on the healthcare bill. Of course, Queenie knew about this LAST week. Suzanne Malveaux, do you need a TR subscription?

We're not sure what got into Maryland this week, but looks like they're switching alliances from South to East.

Have you filled out your Census form? The Tweets have been trickling in, but we can't help but wonder: it's 2010! Why can't you fill it out online?

The Week That Was

Dan Choi, the former Army soldier who is now an icon for DADT, was arrested this week after handcuffing himself to the White House fence. Not a new tactic, as the TR's Western Office principal pointed out, but effective... or was it?

Did you see the feisty Fox interview? Obama sat down with Brett Baier over at Fox News. Didn't anyone warn him about the beating Dubya received from a certain hard-hitting documentary? The president tried to bring some fair and balanced™ insight into that bastion of mainstream news. We think he gave Baier a whipping despite all the interruptions.

The Tea Partiers were out en masse (if that's what you'd describe a crowd of 330) Wednesday to protest Democrats' efforts to reduce their premiums and other shady health insurance practices. Maybe they're finally admitting that their fight is almost over. And birthers, Hawaii is sick of your silliness. Find something new to blather about! Especially you, Orly (ya, rly).

Ah, John Edwards sex scandal spectacular! It got some new coverage this week as the mistress finally gave an open interview. Also, there are sex tape details, and... yuck, never you mind. (Speaking of details, Larry Flynt will release a history of Presidential doin'-the-nasty in 2011.)

Bachmann and Palin: the Superstar Duo of the people, for the people. It'll cost you an arm and a leg to get a photo with both of them, but your healthcare plan will cover that, right?

Are You Not Entertained?

Why is Glenn Beck back on our radar screens? Intrepid Executioner Jon Soohoo pointed out to Queenie Jon Stewart's amazing imitation of the PunditMaster, which proved, once and for all, that Bert (you know, the Sesame Street cynic) is Hitler (you know... yes, you do).

Good goin', Viacom. And good luck, Viacom flacks!

Speaking of Google TV news, we present: Google TV. Yep, they're still slowly taking over -- more on that later.

Sarah Palin is closer than ever to being on TV regularly. Yyyeah... we'll skip that one, thanks.

Well, we got this one all kinds of backwards. Turns out Buzz Lightyear was the first man on the moon! Thanks, one in 10 British schoolchildren! Now, about those science lessons...

Interweb Tomfoolery

If this Skateboarding Owl doesn't make your day, well, we don't know WHAT will.

Ah, the Digital Divide -- something Queenie loves to remind people about when they talk about Twitter strategies. Not everyone has wi-fi!

Bored in the office with a lot of time on your hands? Make a masterpiece in Excel. It'll look GREAT on a resume -- trust us.

Several fun videos to while away the afternoon: the history of the world in 75 seconds and The Hungry Beast that is Google. Ooh, and, in case you need a lesson in Politician Gay-Dar, the March of the Anti-Gay in Washington. Feeling too busy? Learn how to be lazy the RIGHT way. And finally, do you have what it takes to not post a crappy clip on YouTube?

Hey Ryan Seacrest! Do you need a social media training? Queenie is available, and promises to wear flats.

Out on the Town

March Madness! We're sure you know by now that Queenie and the team are not so much sports fans, but the rest of you are, and we forgive you. Here, bring us out with you to some of these fun viewing spots and teach us why we should care.

Culture check: Arlington Artfest starts today!

The SunTrust National Marathon hits tomorrow, not to mention several rallies and protests (take advantage of this sunshine and tourist foot traffic, young non-profit types!), so Queenie will be hiding out across the bridge in her beloved Alexandria. She's thinking of you, though!


Again, so sorry for last week's mailing it in. We're sure you've been just as busy as we are, though -- and don't forget, if you have some cool events coming up or feel the need to brag, let us know! We love sharing the love amongst friends.

Until we meet again,

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