Friday, March 26, 2010

The TR: A Healthcare Bonanza, a Pizza Feud, and a Lawbreaking Monkey

Are you a Democrat? Have you had a big silly grin on your face all week? Has your gas line been cut? It MUST be Healthcare Bill is Finally F@%&ing Passed Week!


Over at the White House, Senator McCain continues to be a tempting target (go Robert!). We think fortunes are turning around for the Democrats, especially after Sunday's vote. November may not be the total bloodbath forecast that was made only weeks ago.

Despite the Dem joy, however, Republicans are gettin' fired up and ready to go for repeal. As Obama hits the road to celebrate and speak to the people, people like Mark Kirk (a Repub. candidate in Illionois) have promised to spearhead repeal efforts. We mention Mark because his opponent, Alexi Giannoulias, has an awesome New Media Director, who mocked up this fake Facebook page to motivate Kirk to follow through. Don't you love the Internet?

So what do we have to look forward to after this week? We're sort of hoping for less of the threats of violence that have been coming out of the woodwork. The state of political discourse right now is just straight up nasty, and frankly we'd like to see more people take the high road in the coming weeks. But who are we kidding?

Oh, and, by the way -- the rest of the world still exists! Obama struck a deal with Russia to a new START treaty, limiting nuclear arms by nearly a third. But we need Republican votes to pass this -- a whole eight of them. Will this be a new battle for the party of No?

Michelle Obama may have inadvertently reignited a fued between Chicago and NYC pizzarias. Waaay to go, First Lady. Always causin' drama.

The dudes who wrote Game Change have scored a deal to write about the 2012 election -- two years early! And what have you done today?

The Week That Was

Sunday was the day of victory for President Obama, Democrats, and millions of Americans, as health care reform legislation was passed in the wee hours of late Sunday/early Monday. That's right -- THAT'S why Nancy Pelosi is considered one of the most powerful and effective speakers in the history of Congress -- AND why the RNC felt it so necessary to create yet another outrageous fundraising appeal. Biden, our beloved First Grandpa, tells it like it is. The Senate passed the reconciliation bill and the House quickly followed suit. Take a look back at a year's worth of work from the White House.

It was a raucous few days: Tea partiers got down and dirty with our representatives; bricks were thrown; and an angry GOP'er couldn't keep his mouth shut on the floor. This is some scary stuff. Will the Republican establishment finally distance themselves from these people?

Party-pooper McCain already wants a do-over. Steve King of Iowa wants to un-insure millions. Mitt's not even in Congress, but has some choice words. Like he's not gunning for higher office. And finally, a little Facebook fun. Oh, the irony. Also, folks couldn't wait to give Rush a proper send-off.

REAL conservatives got their way, and David Frum is "no longer affiliated" with the American Enterprise Institute. Oopsie.
Almost) drowned out by everything health care-related, students clamoring for more financial aid on Capitol Hill and an immigration rally drew tens of thousands. No reason to fudge turnout numbers here.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were in Haiti this week. Apparently Dubya didn't want to catch the cooties. This reminds us of his appearance on Letterman.

Pipe it down, Ann. Yes, our neighbors to the north are full aware of Ms. Coulter's naughty words. Cancelled!

Are You Not Entertained?

Michelle Obama makes a surprise landing in Springfield to cheer up Lisa. Well, not really... Angela Bassett will suffice. (Speaking of, Alicia Keys luvs>!)

See Sarah run on the Discovery Channel. Wasilla, here we come!

OMGOMGOMG. Harry Potter theme park opening date is SET for June 18! Start planning now, folks -- your kids will not forgive you if you don't go. Oh, and please invite TUrner Central. Thanks!

Well, your dreams are coming true: it's time to drop everything, move to Los Angeles and work for Kirstie Alley. See? We support you!

Interweb Tomfoolery

Google's tangle with China may finally be coming to a conclusion. But Google's takeover of your entire Internet life? Still happening.

But on that note, people are using the Google to track a mystery monkey in near Tampa! Here's to Curious George escaping the law.

Weaponizing chili!

The Last Supper -- supersized.

This is one of Queenie's top grammar pet peeves -- and finally someone literally agrees with her!

A full 14% of America believes Obama is the Anti-Christ. We'd put this in The Week That Was but this CAN'T BE REAL.

Out on the Town

Hey DC'ers! Didja think your rent was high? Well... it is. (Pro tip from Queenie: Alexandria ain't much better!)

Check out Madam's Organ April 15th for some philanthropy and fun to benefit Community of Hope. And to distract yourself from Tax Day, which is no fun for any of us.

The cherry blossoms have returned and the festivities begin on Saturday. Go out and enjoy them! It looks like the weather will cooperate.


Enjoy the sense of accomplishment this week, guys -- we love passin' some bills but this ain't over yet.

Have a fabulous weekend,


Bootheel girl said...

Oh Dear Queenie, as a media diva you missed Howard Kurtz's column....the BIG news this week was how that scoundral Jesse James cheated on local girl Sandra Bullock. And after all the lovely things she said about him during the awards season. The Oscar Curse continues.....

Bootheel girl said...

did i miss it or didn't the goddess divine celebrate her birth day this week?