Friday, February 5, 2010

The TR: If We Listened to Twitter, We'd All Be Buried Under a Million Inches of Snow Right Now

OMG, SNOPOCALYPSE! Um, or Snomaggedon. Or Snomfg. Or whatever you prefer, really. If you've been listening to Twitter for your weather forecast, the DC area is projected to get about 1,000,000 inches, give or take a few. You already stocked up, right? Took a leisurely trip to Whole Foods and- OMG, noooooo!

Stay warm and safe, kiddos, since a lot of you decided to stay home today. (Queenie too, so don't feel bad -- she knows better than battling other suburban yuppies for that last bottle of Pinot!) Cuddle up for some snarktastic good times!


Well, we guess we already got into a little bit of forecasting (hah! Weather pun!) but what's in store for the news this week? We mean, besides trying to keep this Demon Sheep thing going? Ohhh, yes, the journalist-y crowd has had a party with Demon Sheep this week, Carly Fiorina's gift to the media world. She may be trailing in the polls, but she's got a feisty new ad out, featuring one of her poor staffers dressed up as sheep with glowing red eyes and pretending to munch on grass. Yes, seriously. And yes, Queenie is already contemplating filming a response video -- you listening, office interns? And, of course, now Demon Sheep is on Twitter.

What else is in the haps? The Tea Party convention has already kicked off and we are so amped! Queenie has recently been warned to avoid using the phrase "teabagger," and she would, but there's so much comedy gold in there that she just can't help it. Anyway, Sarah's going to be the Teabagger keynote (ack, sorry!) and we're looking forward to the subsequent drinking games. Let us know if you have any ideas!

By the way, this news ain't gonna hurt the Teabag Party's rhetoric, y'all. (Oops, sorry again!)

CBS has its way and it's a no go for one ad, but Tim Tebow's anti-choice ad is going to be run during the Super Bowl this year. This has riled up women's groups everywhere. Is Tim just trying out for a new career in politics? Before he takes the jump, he might want to improve his on-camera performance and listen to the grannies. And CBS might want to stop airing humorous anti-choice ads -- MORE is not better, guys. By the way, our country is partisan even when it comes to football -- check it.

The 2010 Oscar nominees were announced earlier this week, and Avatar and Hurt Locker lead with nine nominations each, with Inglorious Bastards close behind with eight. We saw Hurt Locker and, while we don't have a habit of actually WATCHING these awards, here's hopin'! Although, one exception, because what better way is there to ride out the wintry weather than by watching Beyonce and Taylor Swift sweep the Grammys on Sunday? That's right, nothing. Watch party at Queenie's!

The Week That Was

$3.83 trillion. No, that's not our salary, but we all have dreams. Welcome to the future, America: President Obama released the nitty-gritty details of his proposed budget for 2011 and it's full of stuff... er, uh, cuts, for just about everybody. We had hoped to be leaving Afghanistan and Iraq soon, but it looks like the additional 30,000 troops to the former will cost a total of $160 billion each for '10 and '11. Education, energy, and jobs get the prize money.

However, the United States won't be heading back to the moon anytime soon -- at least not on the tax payer dime. NASA's getting its "Constellation" budget axed, and private industry will have to step in if there's any chance of getting beyond low Earth orbit. And, in Queenie's opinion, that's the future anyway. Sorry, Avatar fans -- you'll have to wait even longer to live out James Cameron's dreams.

Remember Bart Stupak? He's the Michigan Democrat who stuck a wrench into the House healthcare negotiations at the last moment over abortion language (and REALLY pissed off some of his colleagues). Some think that he got the other end of the paddle in the President's proposed budget.

The Massachusetts Massacre is over, and Scott Brown has been seated early, so we'll see how this healthcare stuff goes. As long as the Dems can hold it together (sigh), we should be ok.

O'Reilly versus Stewart = always a fave.

Did you see LOST?! Oooof course you did. Queenie's not a fan but the world stopped Wednesday night so everyone could get their fix, and we hope that means you'll stop talking about it now. If that wasn't enough for you, Hulu's got all five seasons up right now. Carry on.

Interweb Tomfoolery

TR celebrates the sixth anniversary of Facebook! Queenie got her Facebook start back in ’04 or ’05, but when did you jump on the bandwagon? And when do you think this wild ride will be over?

Speaking of social media fun, Tweeting your resignation is the newest way to go out with a bang -- er, with a RT.

Speaking of the Internet, how's it going?

We are guilty of more than a few "that's what she said" jokes around Turner Central, but, if you've ever wondered where the phenom started, here's your answer.

It's Black History Month, as you know, and NBC... there are no words.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Fem2.0 has been offering two weeks of online radio shows about families and work/life, and it's culminating in a massive blog carnival taking place next week. Gloria Pan and Queenie/Katie Stanton have been working hard to bring these shows to you and the rest of the world, so take a listen and participate in the carnival!

Also next week, Turner Strategies produces an internationally telecast event moderated by Frank Sesno, Emmy-award winning journalist and current director of the GWU School of Media and Public Affairs, for a live audience of nearly 200 and broadcast online to over 70 sites globally. Sign up to participate now!


Our plan for the weekend? Stay in, maybe hike to the nearest grocery store, get in a snowball fight or two and build a fort. If you're trying to go out, a few places are being stubborn: H Street will reward you for your bravery with fantastic deals, and so will ZBurger in Tenleytown ($1 for a burger? See you there!). But if you stay in your house and watch the Jersey Shore marathon (you heard it here first!) and the Superbowl all day, we won't blame you. Queenie's not so much a sports fan, so you can guess which one she'll pick!

Short and sweet this time. Queenie is totally overloaded with work, so apologies for the late arrival of this week's Report. But, if you're just hanging out at home, you didn't need the distraction from toil, no?

See you next week!

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