Friday, January 15, 2010

The TR: Helping Haiti, Hoping for Healthcare and Queenie's New Nickanme is "Orange Juice"

Hello, our faithful friends! This has been one mother of a week - we're all feeling for Haiti and have been mobilizing our friends to help. Not to mention feeling for Conan and mobilizing Jay Leno to feel very ashamed of himself. And feeling for the healthcare bill and mobilizing Congress to freaking get it done already. Read on for the full scoop -- and your survey answers from last week!

Helping Haiti -- Calling All the Court!

The overwhelmingly destructive earthquake in Haiti has been the major story in the news this week and will continue to be in the days and weeks ahead. President Obama has encouraged Americans to do what they can to assist in the relief of the Caribbean nation, and it's resulted in the most donations ever collected through mobile tech in history, but so much more is needed. The U.S. government has chipped in $100 million, so far, and two former Commanders in Chief have been enlisted to raise funds for Haiti. We here at the TR highly encourage helping (um, duh): Queenie donated through Citizen Effect to help CARE staff on the ground, but there are many, many ways to help. Go to it!


The journalists on our Twitter feed have been buzzing with the news that Obama is headed to Massachusetts. He IS a fabulous campaigner, or so we hear, but here's hoping this doesn't do anything to muck up her lead. Like, you know, rallying up the Teabaggers or something. Oops, did anyone hear us?

If Coakley loses her race, the seemingly forward move on healthcare we heard about this morning could suddenly be a step back. Yeah, we thought it might be getting closer to reform too, but you can't predict with these people. Expect Sunday chatter (somewhat) and speculation until the 19th.

So, is Google going to pull out of China altogether? Probably. After asserting that hackers have attempted to infiltrate the e-mail accounts of activists, they've started a little firestorm that has blossomed into full government intervention, and we'll have to see if Google finally sticks to its guns about censorship. In the meantime, the Chinese are sending their thanks.

Obviously Haiti will continue to be in the news, but we're just praying that the emphasis will be on helping those who need it to rebuild their lives, not saying they made a pact with the Devil or something equally ridiculous. By this we mean: don't bother watching Fox this week.

The Week That Was

As if things aren't looking bad enough for Democrats come the fall midterms, Majority Leader Harry Reid was discovered to have had an unflattering observation of then-candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic primary. Adding to that is his scuff over an alleged backstabbing by reliably unreliable 'independent' Joe Lieberman. Polls over the coming weeks will show Reid in dire straits among his constituents, so bring out the popcorn if you enjoy car crashes, kids.

Our favorite former moose-huntin’ governor is already a hit with the informed audience over at Fox News. She started off with a GRILLING from another out-of-this world commentator. Oh, and if you would like to cover the Tea Party convention, as a (non-Fox News) journalist, you’re out of luck. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, Palin is also now a motivational speaker. There are no words.

Shockingly, Mark McGwire has admitted to 'roid rage, and we are just DUMBFOUNDED with- oh, hell, who are we kidding? (Hear that faint rush of wind? That was the last of his fans scooting out of the baseball stadium.)

Well, at first we didn't care much, but now we are STAUNCHLY Team Coco. Not only has he been cracking us up all week long -- Obama stepped in, Kenneth the Page was there, Deal or No Deal got involved and Queenie's t-shirt has been ordered -- but he put out a statement that really stood up to the man. Too bad he's probably still out of the slot.

Interweb Tomfoolery

Thank goodness for American Idol. Normally we wouldn't care about the new season at all, except for this wonderful viral hit that has been assaulting our Facebook feeds all week: Pants on the Ground by Larry Platt from Atlanta. Even more amazing: he's newly Internet-famous and has already been covered by Neil Young. Props, Larry!

We shamelessly love the Jersey Shore. Totally shamelessly. NOT ONLY is Queenie off to McFaddens to hang with the cast next week, but she's bringing her Jersey nickname with her: from now on, call her "Orange Juice." Also JS-related: the most brilliant spoof of the show that we've ever seen. Want to play trucks?

OMG, this is awesome. R.L. Stine is on Twitter. Go say hi!

This is a little dated (Halloween), but we just found it: the coolest Daddy/baby costume ever.

A real-world account of what it's like to work for a Washington pundit. Anna Wintour, eat your heart out!

Do you know what it means to be Rick Rolled? If not, click here to find out. HAH! The new version for 2010, kids, is to be Barack Rolled, so let there be merriment throughout the land.

Some fun political brawling is never a bad idea. Show this to everyone in your office and waste this afternoon the right way.

We'd make a bunch of jokes about size and whatnot, but it almost doesn't seem fair. Instead, check out the world's tallest and shortest men, together for the very first time!

Post-CES 2010 round-up: the awesome-est thingamajigs to come out of Vegas and into your greedy little paws.


Thanks for taking our survey! The TR will be evolving over coming weeks as Queenie makes room in her busy schedule for it (hah), but for now, talk to her all day, every day, OFFICIALLY on Twitter.

Our favorite answers from the survey? That you really do like us, that you want a real blog (more on that later), that you want more Hollywood gossip and you want more handy-dandy PR tips from a certified pro. Done and done! If you have more feedback, lay it on us -- we're always open to brilliant ideas!

You can kick off the weekend chillin' with P. Diddy for his release party at Park tonight, or, on Sunday, Little Miss Whiskey's is open late for some funk and soul. If you missed Restaurant Week (fie!) then you could consider crossing the bridge into Queenie's hood for Alexandria's version - Queenie recs O'Connell's Pub, Café Salsa and Bilbo Baggins for fine food and libations. Finally, grab your fam and hit up the MLK Weekend Festival in DC. Tons to do and an extra day to do it!

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