Friday, January 29, 2010

The TR: A Glimmer of Hope, a Whisper of Change and the Coming of iJesus

Right as we are writing this introduction, journalists on Twitter are abuzz with the amazing-ness of Obama, who was live on the TeeVee and taking questions from Republicans. The consensus? Total bad-assery from our Prez, much to Republican chagrin.

WOOOOOO! YEAH, BARACK! Is this the future of transparency in politics? We sure flippin' hope so. And it's so comforting to a Democratic party that's been confused and, as some would say, neutered. We really need this momentum to keep going, folks. (If that's not motivational enough for you, check out this adorable picture of kitten teamwork. ...That's a metaphor, people.)

Check out the rest of our beloved TR today for the low-down and the faint silver lining we see under the recent political storm clouds. (Also a metaphor. For the English major in all of us!)


President Obama's got his work cut out for him in the coming months: sealing the deal with healthcare reform, job creation, energy, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Afghanistan, Iraq AND reminding Chris Matthews that he's black. We're hopeful at TR Central, but considering how the last year has fared for the administration, we fear much will end up in the gutter.

And, honestly, everyone's feeling the heat with another retirement, a challenger appearing in Arizona (thank goodness for Sarah), and Biden's son saying he won't run for his father's former seat. This is sooo not the time to fall apart!

So is there any hope we can believe in? Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe is back on board as an outside advisor in the wake of all these bad times. Instead of roughing it up like Rahm, maybe he'll extend the olive branch to progressives and steer the Obama WH back on course. Or maybe we're just ridiculously optimistic. But expect rabid punditry this weekend and beyond about Obama's speeches in the past few days and his plans for the future.

Ben Bernanke has survived the populist uprising (doesn't that accurately describe our Senate?). That's all fine, but his real mission? Help us get our fragile confidence back. At least enough to put down the $500 for that iTampon everyone's talking about (more on that later).

Don't know how many of you are felons (and don't tell us), but, if you have the political bug, Governor Rick Perry's campaign might be the right place for you! Just don't say we sent you over.

The Week That Was

Obama's speech couldn't have come at a better time -- Dems across the country want to see their leader fight for their issues, and while it started slow, maybe we're finally getting it. We SO wanted another Joe Wilson outburst, and to see Nancy giving the evil eye, but to our dismay, Republicans kept their mouths shut. Erm, except this guy. We're sure you've already read all about it but here is some fact checking, just in case.

By the way, our TR Goddess Divine is checking in this week with two things: her favorite SOTU Facebook status: "glad we had Leno/Letterman saga to distract us from the collapse of the middle class;" and her favorite SOTU Tweet: "RT @sistertoldja "What ya'll wanted me to clean up all this mess in just one year? Magic Negroes are only in the movies!"

Going undercover as repairmen. That's classic. Louisiana Watergate -- that's what the state Democratic Party chair is calling an attempt by four men to "manipulate" Senator Mary Landrieu's phones in her New Orleans office. It feels so skeezy and icky and slimy for lots of reasons, but expect conservative talking heads to attempt to brush this doozy by the MSM and distract us with something else -- oh, wait.

The greatest movie ever? Well, no, but box office receipts don't lie. Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time, raking in more than $1.8 billion of your hard-earned money (in a recession, no less!).

Do you own a Toyota? We're sorry.

There were a number of poignant farewells to J.D. Salinger in the past couple of days, but Queenie thinks the best way to tribute is to read. Check out his works for free online.

Interweb Tomfoolery

For Apple die-hards, this past Wednesday was a message from iJesus himself. However, as Twitter groaned under the weight of the rabid Apple geeks desperately Tweeting their joy, sneaky women with crude tampon jokes began to infiltrate. Within days, there have been more iPad jokes than we could have possibly imagined existed, and we love every single one of them. Also obligatory: Bill Gates table-dancing.

Another new site to dawdle away the day with: Awkward Stock Photos. Tell. Everyone.

Speaking of iJesus... The Pope embraces the digital age. Go forth and Tweet!

But watch your short-links: Major Garrett, WH Correspondent for Fox News, had to apologize thrice and then told us to "take a hike" after, whoops, Tweeting out some soft-core porn links in the middle of SOTU coverage. Bless you, Fox News. Bless you.

Kind of cool: the top 10 famous last words of all time (we're partial to #10 ourselves). What will your last Tweet be?

If only our President encouraged eating pork and doin' it, like Argentina's does. Way to be lame, America.

Queenie was an English major (and regrets nothing!), but follow this flowchart to find out what you should have been.

This is such a great idea! Axe Cop is a web-comic written by a five-year-old and drawn by his older brother, and we love it. The site is down due to traffic overload but check out the first few strips here.


Y'all loved our drankin' game! And we loved giving it to you. If you actually followed the rules and subsequently died, however, please don't sue! (That rhyming, by the way, was totes inadvertent and tells Queenie that she may have a future in freestyle rapping. She'll let you know how that pans out.)

Will you be with the Prez at the Georgetown-Duke basketball game Saturday? Hmm, maybe now you will. Elsewhere around the city, catch Queenie -- a known yoga freak -- at Universal Relief, a benefit for Haiti victims that involves cupcakes, yoga, live music and art. That's, like, four of the best things ever!

Finally, for tonight's Campaigns and Elections POLITICS Magazine's Reed Awards Goddess Divine Suzanne is listed among the judges between Joe Trippi and Christine Todd Whitman. As it's too cold to actually attend the event, we may as well give it some love here, no?

Gosh, longest TR ever. See you next week!


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Queenie: LURRRVED this TR. Espesh the kitten teamwork include. Any day you have kittens with sharp and snarky insights is a day with living! xo

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