Friday, January 8, 2010

The TR: Back for the New Year, and Ready to Rumble! Put on Your Serious Face

Well, well! Fancy seeing you here, workerbees hoping for a day off. We missed you over the holi-daze, and in the spirit of new things and resolutions and motivation and blah blah blah, we'd like to ask you to hop over and take a little survey for us on the future of the TR. Don't worry! Queenie wants to offer you the same good time she always has, but she also wants your feedback. What do you want more of? Less of? Different? The same? She's wanting to shake things up a bit, so let her know how you feel, stat!


Welcome back, Congress! Now get to work! As part of the January To-Do List, Obama has re-submitted nominations that were rejected by Congress last year, probably just to stick it to 'em. Here's hoping it works.

See, Barry is stiffening his spine and upping the ante around town, since approval ratings have been steadily dropping. Expect chatter about his ability to lead (something new and exciting) since McCain is hitting up CNN on Sunday (and knocking heads or something), and more on his confrontation of the terror issue. Also expect talk on healthcare, since O will be in the huddle with Dems late next week.

Oh, and, thank God, the State of the Union WILL NOT interfere with the LOST premiere. All you fan-boys and -girls can relax, okay?

Ah, The Chairman. Steele always gives us something to laugh about, and we're sure the speculation this weekend will be over his job that he forgot he ran for and the super secret book he has coming out. Honest Injun on that. The quips just keep on coming, and it looks like the RNC's attempts at rosy spin on the recent DNC resignations were a tad spoilt by the real-ness of the Steele.

Will Jay Leno bump Conan out of the late night hot spot? ...We sort of can't believe we just wrote that, but we know some of you actually care. We're thinking: at NBC, Leno = God. Discuss.

Turn your head 90 degrees clockwise and check it out: Jersey Shore castmembers are coming to the DMV! Don't know what Jersey Shore is? Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Week That Was

Everyone made their jokes about Giuliani BEFORE his interview, but little did we know how ridiculous it truly would be. The fact-checkers have been out in force, and we can't imagine how his press team is getting on right about now. Although, in related news, they just arrested two would-be plotters in NY. You know, maybe we won't have to bother telling you about terror news anymore, since Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) is taking to the webz to do that for us. We're sure she'll be objective.

Hillary announced our renewed commitment to reproductive health and the needs of women and girls at the International Conference on Population and Development. No snark here, y'all -- GO, HILLARY, GO!

The jobs report is sour -- the economy lost 85,000 jobs in December '09. Not that the administration didn't have enough to deal with...

We really just included this for the headline: Did Tiger Woods Play With Another Man's Nine Iron? We're betting you're pretending like you don't want to know or didn't already hear about this, but, pfft. You totally do and you totally did.

Is it a crime to jog naked through the Capital? Yes. Is it an opportunity for shrinkage jokes and package puns? Double yes.

Speaking of, we're all freeeeezing. Somehow we think you knew that already!

Interweb Tomfoolery

Raise your hand if you're at CES right now! ...NERD.

We kid! We're total nerds too, but nerds who are much too busy to drop everything and go to Vegas for a tradeshow. Instead we read things like this: technologies that will rock 2010. And, since we're media nerds, 10 things journalists should know for the new year.

The Boy Scouts say to be prepared, and your pets should be too.

Not that Queenie likes to admit weaknesses, but here are the top 10 common faults in human knowledge. Def guilty of 10 and 4. You?

Ah, the Washington Post. We knew you were pro-Whopper all along.

Ahmadinejad's website was hacked this week and replaced with this text file. We miss Michael too!

Sometimes Queenie drops some Internet slang in her weekly discourse. If you've ever needed translation, this handy webified Bible story should offer you some clues.

Finally, here's your weekly cuteness: the future according to young'uns.


Please, please, please take the survey! Your new Queenie-boo is looking for some grand inspiration for the TR, but she wants to make sure the Royal Court is as happy about it as possible. 'Cuz she's nice that way.

Hangin' around town this weekend? If you didn't get your Restaurant Week reservations, there's still time, and some restos are extending the offers. Late-night spelling bees sound odd, but Queenie-the-English-Major bets she could rock this Spelling Buzz at the RR Hotel. Also, for the vintage shoppers/treasure huntin' pirates (arr!) in all of us, get out to VA for the Big Flea Market.

Until next week!

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