Friday, December 11, 2009

The TR: Calling All Our Loyal Subjects!


It's official, ladies and gents. Tonight... a Royal Coronation!

Come join us at the Royal Court -- the Jazz Bar at the 18th Street Lounge, that is -- and be a part of the official Sceptre Toss!

Our brand new Queen of Snark is getting crowned tonight and there are big changes in store.

Ack! Whattaya Mean, "Changes?"

It means that 2009 is on her way out and we'll be changing up the way we do things around here. Maybe a new look? Maybe some fresh content? At the very LEAST gratuitous use of flowcharts. Feel free to email us with what you'd like to see for the new year!

And don't be TOO worried -- we're still going to bring you the same brand of Grade A snark and media savvy that we've always provided.

Still concerned? Ssshhh, darling... we can talk about it tonight over cocktails and Tiger Woods jokes.

See you then, and see you next week!

PS: And to those of you celebrating Hanukkah tonight, have some latkes for us and thank Orrin Hatch for writing this song just for you.


Tyler said...

I might crash. No, I WILL crash., I won't crash.

Katie said...

my only stipulation is that, if you crash, you find a way to do the beyonce dance. pretty please! -Q

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