Friday, November 6, 2009

The TR: We Blame Miss Piggy

We have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news today.

Our poor Culture Minister has been hit by the wave of sickness that's been going around WDC for the past month or two.

Could it be... a swine flu disaster?


Or maybe she got sick from the wave of low voter turnout and Republican victory dances that hit her home sweet Virginia this week?

Who knows. So please wish her well and enjoy what few amusing tidbits she's managed to throw your way before putting on cheesy early '90s chick flicks and taking the longest nap ever.

What Little She Could Manage

  • Remember, remember, that time Maine pissed off pretty much all our friends. Best line from this post? The title: "In the future, people who voted against marriage equality will lie to their grandchildren about how they voted." Word.
  • Ft. Hood. :( We send our deepest condolences to the families and victims.
  • The "Superbowl of Freedom?" "Obamunism?" "Weasel Queen?" Who the hell is coming up with this stuff?

Well, we know we didn't offer you much to go on this week, but we're hoping that weeks and months of keeping up with us have taught you to hold your own in the snark-o-sphere. If you still feel faint, leave us a comment or Tweet the Queen herself and she'll do her best to get you through.

In the meantime, the Culture Minister will be taking two aspirin and calling you in the morning.


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