Friday, November 13, 2009

The TR: Remembering Ft. Hood, Flipping Off Lou Dobbs and Hey... Where'd My Right to Choose Go?

Hoo, boy. It's been an emotional week, as we've been honoring the fallen at Ft. Hood and honoring our soldiers for Veteran's Day. And, over in Virginia, the sniping scare of '02 was finally brought to some kind of close when John Allen Muhammad was executed. (Our Culture Minister was in high school and just learning to drive when he was rampaging around the suburbs.)

Of course, Sesame Street has been cheering up everyone -- well, except Stephan Colbert. Read on for the scoop, straight from the mouths of Queens.


Congress is in pre-Thanksgiving overdrive next week to get the Senate on top of the healthcare bill -- which lately has been under fire from women (and smart, tolerant, sexy men) re: the Stupak Amendment. We can't imagine why! In fact, the entire Democratic party has been up in arms about it... well, except for these 21 Dem senators who voted for it. And after this monolithic (how many times have we used that word in healthcare stories now?) bill is passed, Congress must confront climate change and jobs -- easy peasy, right?

Speaking of jobs, apparently O plans to focus all the monies on job programs in 2010 and proposed a jobs summit, aiming to eventually cut the federal deficit. That's all fine and dandy, but unless he plans on getting just a smidge more aggressive with his plans and programs (or get the people running this PR machine back on their game), we the people are going to be increasingly disillusioned -- dangerously so.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is piiiiissed at the information leaks that have been going on about Afghanistan and plans for military strategy. But isn't that just how this stuff works? Well, anyway, if he catches you he's going to pull a Donald Trump. What do we know in spite of him? Obama has still not made any decisions and is looking for changes in the plans before he signs anything (the UK sounds a little more ready, though, and NATO is pledging more help); Afghanistan and Pakistan are on watch as allies for our efforts, and it's not looking great thanks to the Taliban.

The Feds have moved to seize four mosques and an NYC skyscraper owned by a Muslim organization that is allegedly controlled by the Iranian government. This includes land in Maryland and Virginia, by the way. We're just waiting for this to keep rippling through the news cycle, so await Iranian response and right-wing hate-mongering galore.

Obama is in Japan for the start of his week-long tour of Asia, seeking better relations with the country and exploring the possibility of relocating a military base in Okinawa. Will we see any North Korean response to O in the East?

The Week That Was

There have been two very different spins on shootings at Ft. Hood, depending on what kind of media you're watching and what kind of audience they're speaking to. On the one hand, this could be a surefire sign that Muslim extremism is alive and well as a result of attempts to be overly politically correct. Have we ignored all the warning signs for sake of tolerance? On the other hand, this was a soldier about to be deployed back overseas -- maybe he just straight up lost it. We don't know and we're not about to guess, but every other pundit in America is. (PS: Way to be bipartisan, guys.)

Ugh, Sarah Palin is like a stray cat that keeps yowling at your door all night long. Why won't she go away?! Oh, yeah... Oprah. The AP has read The Book, and has spilled the details before any of us have really cared enough to open it (McCain's camp is all over it, though). We're not gonna lie -- we probably won't read it. But let us know if it's worth the couple of hours of brain-cell-popping it'll take. (PS: Why is Levi Johnston at a porn awards show?)

Is Lou Dobbs headed for FOX? (If so, don't plan on making the same mistakes Hannity did -- Jon Stewart is watching!) Or perhaps for public office? We have no idea but this story is a left-wing pundit's dream come true. Check him out in an interview with Bill O'Reillly on Monday (and don't let Queenie anywhere near those two men together, or her head might explode).

This is the greatest copy editing "f*#k you" we've ever seen: a disgruntled Toronto Star copy editor took the red pen to his boss's memo about cutting costs by hiring freelance copy editors, and the results have been making their rounds all over the Intarwebz. Be careful who you threaten, editors! Speaking of newspaper news, the Washington Times is slowly losing it.

OMGZ! MSNBCHeadlines and Britney Spears both got hacked on Twitter! We can't decide which one we enjoyed more: Britney as a Devil-worshipper or MSNBC telling Chris Matthews to suck it? Or does this South Park spoof of Glenn Beck win 'em all?

Our Wise Latina is a covergirl. Check out that manicure!


Ready for Turkey Day? Our Culture Minister has been readying her Martha Stewart cookbooks and cleaning out her kitchen in anticipation of her favorite holiday. If you're too lazy to make dessert, Co Co Sala has you covered -- OR do some good and eat some pie for Food & Friends. Here are some fun ideas for this weekend, and, in honor of Black Friday, you can buy Christmas presents for DC foster kids and deliver them Dec. 7 and 8.

We and Fem2.0 will be hanging out with the ladies of She's Geeky today -- won't you come and join us?

Have a great week!

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