Friday, October 9, 2009

The TR: A Nobel Stunner, Bombing the Moon and GOP Gang Rape

We're puzzling over the Obama Nobel Peace (su)Prize. An award so he WON'T escalate in Afghanistan? So he WILL? Because he's not W? Because Michelle is descended from a slave girl named Melvinia? Because the Nobel Peace Prize has an affirmative action quota? (Not our opinion, but it's out there.) You know we love O, but, like many a pragmatic lefty, we're scratching our heads. I mean, c'mon, the guy wouldn't even meet with the Dalai Lama yesterday. Way to shake up a Friday, people.


We woke up this morning and flipped on our Google Readers -- only to find THIS. We checked to see if it was an Onion story. Or maybe a joke being played on Republicans. But no, people, this is official: Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The backlash is both predictable and over the top (overreacting is a key part of the political process, natch), and it's from BOTH sides. Things That Could Justify This Happening: Obama will announce that gay marriage is a-OK, y'all!; the entire Middle East is going to lay down their arms on Monday; there were actually terrorists on the moon and WE WON; Obama is actually a part of the Justice League.

So what else are we waiting for next week? Well, Afghanistan, for starters. Our peaceable Prez has been mulling over troop increases (we'll let you think about the irony for a while) during this 8th anniversary of the war. A decision will not be reached for several weeks, at least -- but some correspondents with firsthand experience are saying it's time to leave, and some Congresspeeps are trying to block increasing troop levels.

Also, health care, the monolithic bill that has been lumbering through the Senate for what feels like forever. It's been drowned out in the other noise, but it will be in the news for, um... ever.

What will O say at the Human Rights Campaign Fund dinner tonight? With the National Equality March this Sunday, the President has the opportunity to show he's earned the Nobel by making big policy announcements supporting gay marriage, ending Don't Ask Don't Tell and endorsing violence against LGBT as hate crime. If he rises to the occasion, expect the stories to last into next week. If he doesn't -- maybe he IS just an empty suit. Ssshhh.

Bobby Jindal is still angling for a nomination. Just sayin’.

We’re not really talking about Joe Wilson anymore, but South Carolina is -- it’s become one of the most expensive campaigns EVER.

Get ready for una celebraciĆ³n -- the Obamas will be hosting una fiesta latina next Wednesday to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We don't remember these under Dubya, do you?

So the other night, while watching It’s Always Sunny on the DVR, this came on our screens. W. T. F. Can we PLEASE stop giving Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy more money? Oh, wait... we have to see his Johnston first.

The Week That Was

We got really pissed off when we heard about Nancy Pelosi needing to be put in her place. We liked how she handled it -- "I'm in my place. I'm Speaker of the House." But we, once again, must point out that it's a little more acceptable for people to be sexist rather than racist. If you don't know what we're talking about, go ask Hillary, or even Sarah. We may think Palin's a joke, but that's for thinking she lives across the street from Russia -- not because she's a chick.

So, speaking of misogyny, about 30 Republicans in the Senate did not support the Franken Amendment to restrict defense contracts given to companies that prevent victims of workplace assault/rape, battery and discrimination to take their cases to court. The amendment passed, but these guys look like assholes. Especially because all 4 GOP women voted for the amendment. Here's the full list of these non-supporters!

We're so relieved. Apparently DC is, like, smart and stuff, and we knew it (like, duh), but it’s still validating to hear once in a while. And to anyone that might question this: just give us this ONE THING, all right? If not fashion, culture, food or sports, just this. Thanks.

NASA BOMBED THE MOON! This means war! Or, um, publicity. NASA guided the LCROSS spacecraft and the Centaur rocket towards the moon early this morning to test if the impact will reveal the presence of water and ice. Our Culture Minister is having a total geek moment. Check out the Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and images, and please tell us where we can apply to be the official Twitter-er for the space program.

Holy California.

Remember Dilbert? Anyone working in an office right now should, and, much to our Culture Minister’s joy, he’s entered the 21st century. Diltweet? Tweetbert?

In other tech geek news, Twitter sucked yesterday. But turns out it's saving all your angry Tweets about how much it sucked -- good thing, since future generations will love the first-hand evidence that people loved hearing themselves talk. Secondly, there are almost 500 news articles available about some tween pop star quitting Twitter (qwitting?) and... *sigh*. Finally, more employers than ever are blocking social networking sites at work. Luckily, this can’t happen to Licensed Social Media Gurus like ourselves, but we’re also too smart to post shit on Facebook that could get us fired. Privacy settings, y’all.

Shameless Self-Promotion

For your viewing pleasure, a few broadcast hits. Yes, mainstream media still does do news occassionally, especially (ahem) with Turner on your team.

Also, check out Queenie, Mr. E.Politics himself and Kira Marchenese with One World to talk about new communications strategies for non-profits. RSVP here and let us teach ya a thing or two.

In Memoriam, Half-Smoke Edition

The founder of Ben's Chili Bowl, one of the most well-known DC institutions, passed away Wednesday at age 82 and the city is in mourning. Go grab some eats this weekend (preferably at 3 a.m. on Saturday, like the Culture Minister does -- trust her, it tastes better then) and go to the celebration October 16 at the Lincoln Theater on U Street. RIP, Ben.


Iran chatter has died down, but Aghanistan and healthcare are still rolling through the news cycle. But who could have predicted this metaphorical "slap on the ass after a good football game" for Obama? No one. Exactly. So don't blame us.

What a week. It might be a good idea to go blow off some steam, huh? Oktoberfest is happening in the boonies of Virginia this weekend, so find our Culture Minister at Reston Town Center for some brews. If not, catch DJ Tiesto at FUR Sunday night so you can celebrate that day off on Monday in style. Trance not your thing? Try Taste of Georgetown. Something for everyone!

Have a fabulous long weekend!

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Sara DownToEarth said...

re: Obama--why is it the rest of the world can see (be it Obama or Bush) what so many Americans are blind to? At least I don't have to hide that I'm American now, when I travel!

re: sexism--My cattle-raising friends (all male and republican) all assumed I was an ecstatic Palin supporter, because after all, she was a WOMAN, so I HAD to support her, right?

And your clips-when you've made it on Comedy Central, you know you're big time. :)