Friday, October 23, 2009

The TR: Internet Rodeo, Healthcare Hardball and Fox News Gets a Ton of Free Publicity

Weirdly, this week had some religious overtones, thanks to Twitter all a-squabble over God's existence, Obama celebrating Diwali and the sound of liberals praying for a public option.

But fear not, delinquent pagans among you -- Halloween is right around the corner, so you can practice your heathenism in peace. Like handing out candy to the damned socialists that'll be knocking on your door. Trick or proletariat dictatorship!


A watered-down version of the public option is now in play in the Neverending Story of Healthcare. Pelosi is taking a firmer stance on this, calling on colleagues to stand for a Robust Option, but this is probably happening because of several hundred thousand calls to Congress generated by social media campaigns. Ergo, the public supports it! Even some GOPers admit that reform has got to happen, and killing it altogether is irresponsible -- again, the public agrees. Here's hopin'.

Afghanistan update: not much.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Act is going to O's desk. Finally.

Virginian's, y'all will be voting very soon, and the race has been covered in earnest all week. Now they're predicting the end of Creigh Deeds (much to the White House's joy), and our Culture Minister can't say she's THAT disappointed -- although neither candidate leaves much to be desired. What she's more disappointed about is the "light purple-ing" of her state -- oh, and that pesky right to choose.

Is journalism dead yet?! This is taking way longer than Grannie ever did. Am I right, Dems?

Another time to set those DVR's, everybody! Palin. On Oprah. We're taking bets now -- will she a.) jump on the couch, b.) get totally slammed by the most powerful O of all or c.) giggle and offer almost nothing newsworthy, because SOMEONE finally media-trained her?

The Week That Was

BRING ON THE PITCH FORKS! More bonuses are being distributed among government-aided banks, and the White House was piiiiiissed. Kenny Feinberg and the Fed have been making moves to cut compensation for top executives at these firms, with mixed reviews, and we kinda agree that it's more of a media storm than actual changes to the system. At least someone OTHER than Michael Moore is taking this on. But is this overstepping boundaries? Or is it not enough?

Speaking of pay czars, the WH lost its battle to keep its arch-nemesis FOX News out of interviews with Feiny. We can't decide if this whole "FOX News is biased!" battle was a good move (look, do you really consider FOX a credible news source? Really??) or a bad one (way to stir up the Conservative base, guys). Not to mention that, yes, there may be an actual journalist or two working for FOX, despite the bad apples writing memos all up in there. Anyway, this is just playing to Dems without actually having to do anything. Much like that whole gay rights thing.

Ooo, somebody got PUNKED. The Yes Men (the Culture Minister is smothering her giggles right now) sent out a fake press release with the Chamber of Commerce's logo, and BAM! Fake news! Hopefully this will teach some people to do some research (see the little name and phone number up at the top of those releases? You can call them for info!), but it's also calling even more attention to the Chamber of Commerce's stance on climate issues and to the issue in general. Let's face it: the Yes Men (teehee) successfully pulled it out.

Lots of online news this week. We still consider the Internet the Wild, Wild West at this point -- gunfights for territory, rampant looting, spur-of-the-moment clusterf&%ks and saloon girls (SIGH). A favorite this week was the Twitter battle over the #NoGod hashtag and censorship -- get the full story here. (Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Windows 7 -- we actually like it, but our stuck-up Apple-loving friends have been yowling about it for weeks now.)

The Balloon Boy debacle continued for a while, but the most entertaining meme of the week goes to this game, which the Culture Minister totally has only played for sake of journalist inquiry. She swears.

Reader Comments

We got lots of responses to this gem from last week:

"We were peacefully working through the day yesterday when suddenly our Twitterstreams were HIJACKED. Small boy in a balloon? Trapped thousands of feet in the air?? IT CANNOT BE! It's a Roald Dahl book come true! This little boy is LIVING THE DREAM!"

One reader shouted, "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!" and we're ever-so-glad! Great minds, we assure you.


Well, we warned women about healthcare and what happened? NWLC and SEIU hijacked the #fem2 hashtag and got thousands of signatures and phone calls to Congress about protecting women's healthcare. Nice!

We did, however, miss news on the record deficit that came out last Friday. Can't win all the time, we 'spose...

Everyone's starting Halloween parties early -- and DC is being taken over by Howard Homecoming this weekend. Check out our Culture Minister's favorite local rapper Wale at Love tonight (she'll be dropping by Hirshhorn After Hours too) and lots more via the Going Out Gurus. Oh, and if family-friendly is more your thing, Air & Scare is tomorrow!

'Til next time!

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