Friday, October 2, 2009

The TR: Dems Drop the Ball, Letterman Owns Up and Chicago's O-Face Ends Prematurely

This week has been a bit of a let-down. Dems... we don't even know what to say. We're sure everyone's seen the Jon Stewart sketch by now, but it's to the point where even those mockeries just make us sad, not amused. And, with the O's out of town, we don't even have any inspirational photos for you. Just Michelle looking cute. Sigh.

Ok, ok, how about Family Guy spoofing WaPo's editorial cartoons? We'll start there. Read on for more uplifting and inspirational words from the Gospel of Snark. We'll get through this together. Hallelujah!


Healthcare, dears. We couldn't get the public option this time around, much to basically everyone's chagrin, and we're all in agreement that this is the equivalent of nailing jelly to a wall. The talk on Twitter lately has been all about abortion and reproductive rights in the healthcare bills. Get yourself informed if you don't know what's on the line for women's health -- that combined with the abortion law in Arizona means PAY ATTENTION.

Expect more Iran/nuke chatter over the weekend, as the Sunday Show sched seems to foretell. Talks this week didn't really lead to anything concrete, besides some stern scolding from Obama and a promise from Iran. Right. Sarkozy ain't happy, and when the French are telling you they think you're weak, well, you've got a problem.

Gen. McChrystal (after his speech on Thursday) met with Obama for 30 minutes in Copenhagen to discuss more troops in Afghanistan, and this is tooouuuchy stuff. Talk about a dilemma: risk being painted as "weak" and not serving the needs of our military, or risk spending even more money, further dividing the Democratic Party and having a lost war on your Presidential record. Ouch.

Is gay marriage back in the public discourse? Well, it always is, but you know what we mean. It's back in the DC Council next week, and there are rumors about passage in Texas and New Yawk. Fingers crossed!

Oh, Sarah. We'll be hearing more about you, as you've deftly inserted yourself back into the news cycle, and we're not bitter. Just don't run for any offices and we'll be fine, 'kay?

Rio. There. Olympics, Rio, done. Now the post-Chicago spin machine begins! Media coverage of this has been and will be kind of bipolar -- is this really EPIC FAILURE for Obama/Oprah? (Obaprah?) Sorry, Cha-Town. But don't worry, DC -- WE'RE finally looking hopeful about SOMETHING, since the Caps are starting again and that's our only real source of sports pride. Not that we're, like, knowledgeable about that stuff. So what? CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!

The Week That Was

We have to say it: Republicans are on their trash-talking game recently, forcing Dems to eat their words just seconds after they say them. Dems, WHERE ARE YOU?! Are the Republicans making a comeback? McCain is sure tryin'. So is John Ensign. This is just... there are no words. There just aren't.

China celebrated its 60th anniversary with lots of fancy celebrations this week, aiming to show off its military strength and position as an economic superpower. Yeah. We already know. And, oddly enough, the Empire State Building was lit to celebrate. Now we're just confused.

Huge disasters in American Samoa and Indonesia have left thousands of people dead, and aid is just starting to flow to those countries. You can donate here if you want to help.

An ancient skeleton was discovered that proves the existence of an earlier human ancestor, and could question our assumptions about evolution. If you have them, anyway. Some of you believe in other things, and you're allowed, and that's all we're going to say on the subject. Ahem.

Letterman admitted that he's slept with some of his staff, in response to an extortion attempt he received. Sarah Palin is unsurprised, but we are weirdly impressed at how he handled this... er, sort of. Don't famous people get these kinds of threats all the time? How guilty WAS he?


We TOLD you to pay attention to Afghanistan! Did you listen? We'll pretend you said yes. And gave us credit. Also, speaking of a drop in fundraising, please note stories about House of Ruth this morning. ALSO, speaking of the Goog, Google Wave invitations hit the web and our Twitter-feeds exploded. Love having geeky friends (they done makes us look SMRT), but why, when ANYTHING happens to Google, does it immediately trend?

There are about a million Oktoberfests this weekend. 'Tis the season. Craft Bastards is this Saturday. And if you need a haircut, come with the Culture Minister to the Bang Salon Cut-a-Thon to benefit ovarian cancer patients this Sunday -- free drinks AND good karma! But watch out for 10-Miler traffic clusterf&*ks. We warned you.

Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

I am clueless how David Letterman becomes the victim, as suggested by the headlines and news stories. Serial dating of your employees is not cool. As to the courage to fess up....he just followed the approved method: tell people what your blackmailer thinks you would pay to keep silent. Practical, too, since he saved $2 million. It was fess up or face a string of serial blackmailers! Not a victim and practical, not a man of courage.

Suzanne said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this. I completely agree and have been rather open-mouthed in wonder about it. It's actually Polanski-esque. Of course, there's a big difference between sex with a drugged 13-year old and with an employee. BUT in both cases it's a clear abuse of power -- especially when your employer is a wealthy celebrity (or, in the case of Polanski, your rapist is a famous director). As we can see from the media fall out in both cases, the skewed power dynamic is further illustrated by the perpetrator's control of the subsequent media story.