Friday, October 30, 2009

The TR: Barackula Masks, Still Blaming Bush and Anderson Cooper is Hot

It’s about that time! Everyone’s buying their Barackula masks, gorging on treats, eyeing hot zombie dates and -- oh, um, taking time off Tuesday morning so they can vote. Right. Our Culture Minister would like to know, however: would she be looked down on for wearing her Princess Peach costume to the voting booth? These things ain’t cheap, you know!


Most Democrats are really hating on Lieberman right now, but he’s got a Kanye attitude about it. And normally we’d laugh, make a few jokes, and move on. But after threatening to block the public option (and who is really surprised?), he’s hoofing around snabbing media attention - for what? Re-election? Really?! Hear all about it on Sunday’s Face the Nation.

But what with the healthcare bill STILL heating up and almost-on-the-floor (...sounds like our Culture Minister at the club, knowwhatI’msayin’), it looks like Congress is gonna be workin’ overtime to make it happen. Even (gasp) through Thanksgiving! We’ll bring over some leftovers and juice boxes, you guys! By the way, if you STILL haven’t gotten around to reading the damn thing, here you go. As painful as it is to look at, it’s been and will continue to be 100 times more painful to pass. You know, like a kidney stone. AND, don’t you worry, ultra-conservatives! So far, basic benefits for women like pelvic exams and birth control aren’t required to be covered by insurers (we just found out, though, that domestic violence screenings ARE). Won’t be killing any potential babies with those sneaky pelvic exams, no way, no how!

Expect to hear more about Pakistan and Afghanistan in the same breath (Pakghanistan? Afghakistan?), especially after Hillary’s “tough talk” (sigh) and O’s meeting with his Executive Smart Peeps that happened this afternoon. (Has anyone called Hillary a bitch yet about all this, or are we still being respectful? Wonder how long that’ll last...) The decision on Afghanistan is still not coming, and, like everyone’s been saying, it’s getting touchy. Set the DVR for former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on CNN this weekend.

Apparently the economy is “on the rise,” even though most of its progress has been thanks to government spending. But our attitudes are changing -- most people think we need to “keep in recovery mode” (and most people are still “blaming Bush for all this bullshit”).

Well, this is interesting. Talking Points Memo will now be a part of the press pool. Online journalism for the win?

The Week That Was

There's been some mixed press over Obama's visit to honor the bodies of 18 soldiers killed in Afghanistan. We think it was a good move -- don't deny what's happening and let the families know that you are there, front and center, for your citizens. And don't apologize for it, neither.

We guess that brief love affair with Grayson is now over -- for us, anyway. He got caught calling Linda Robertson, a lobbyist, a "K Street Whore." Also speaking of sexism, people have been getting all hysterical (a little feminist snark there) over Obama playing sports with boyos only. FINALLY Melody Barnes was invited along for the golf trip -- you know, to crack open the beers, giggle at all their jokes and clean up after everyone goes home.

Lou Dobbs was shot at -- literally. He and his wife were standing outside their Jersey home when a gun was fired and a bullet hit the wall, and he's thinking the attack is from pro-immigration supporters. Yeah, probably. Scary stuff!

"Everyone in Congress is under investigation!" That headline sounds a little ridiculous to us, but it's perfect for the media to glomp on and wave around triumphantly. So take it as a lesson in "making news," everyone. This is the umpteenth time you've heard that your Congressional reps are corrupt, but add a little hysteria and an "uncovered document" and you've got yourself a story. Class dismissed!

OHHH, ANDERSON! We realize a lot of our pundit-loving female friends have secret or not-so-secret crushes on you, but so do our pundit-loving guy friends. Who is this purty fella?

Wal-Mart will now be selling caskets, as you already may know. But turns out Costco's been doing it for years. And Overstock. And some place called Casket Xpress. And EWWW.

Vampire alert: Twilight fan restaurant will be opening in Washington State, and our Culture Minister's tickets are already booked.

Auto-Tune the News is officially Over. Mindy Kaling of the Office? You're our new T-Pain.

Shameless Self-Promotion

For the second year, Queenie (aka Suzanne Turner) has been selected by the prestigious Campaigns & Elections POLITICS Magazine to judge the best political campaigns of the season. Turner joins luminaries such as James Carville, Eleanor Clift, Julie Germany, Mark Penn, Larry Sabato, Bob Shrum, George Stephanopoulos, Christine Todd Whitman, Joe Trippi and Judy Woodruff. Huzzah!


We told y'all about Levi Johnston a while ago, and everyone is STILL talking about it. Hush up until he puts out, okay? Then sneak a look and pretend to everyone else that you didn't. It's okay. You and the rest of America are only curious, right?

And, in a completely unsurprising follow-up story, the Yes Men are getting sued.

Catch our Culture Minister NOT dancing at the DC101 Halloween party in Clarendon tonight, and don't overdo it on the candy tomorrow. Be safe, kiddos!

PS: This is why we love the Today Show.


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