Friday, October 30, 2009

The TR: Barackula Masks, Still Blaming Bush and Anderson Cooper is Hot

It’s about that time! Everyone’s buying their Barackula masks, gorging on treats, eyeing hot zombie dates and -- oh, um, taking time off Tuesday morning so they can vote. Right. Our Culture Minister would like to know, however: would she be looked down on for wearing her Princess Peach costume to the voting booth? These things ain’t cheap, you know!


Most Democrats are really hating on Lieberman right now, but he’s got a Kanye attitude about it. And normally we’d laugh, make a few jokes, and move on. But after threatening to block the public option (and who is really surprised?), he’s hoofing around snabbing media attention - for what? Re-election? Really?! Hear all about it on Sunday’s Face the Nation.

But what with the healthcare bill STILL heating up and almost-on-the-floor (...sounds like our Culture Minister at the club, knowwhatI’msayin’), it looks like Congress is gonna be workin’ overtime to make it happen. Even (gasp) through Thanksgiving! We’ll bring over some leftovers and juice boxes, you guys! By the way, if you STILL haven’t gotten around to reading the damn thing, here you go. As painful as it is to look at, it’s been and will continue to be 100 times more painful to pass. You know, like a kidney stone. AND, don’t you worry, ultra-conservatives! So far, basic benefits for women like pelvic exams and birth control aren’t required to be covered by insurers (we just found out, though, that domestic violence screenings ARE). Won’t be killing any potential babies with those sneaky pelvic exams, no way, no how!

Expect to hear more about Pakistan and Afghanistan in the same breath (Pakghanistan? Afghakistan?), especially after Hillary’s “tough talk” (sigh) and O’s meeting with his Executive Smart Peeps that happened this afternoon. (Has anyone called Hillary a bitch yet about all this, or are we still being respectful? Wonder how long that’ll last...) The decision on Afghanistan is still not coming, and, like everyone’s been saying, it’s getting touchy. Set the DVR for former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on CNN this weekend.

Apparently the economy is “on the rise,” even though most of its progress has been thanks to government spending. But our attitudes are changing -- most people think we need to “keep in recovery mode” (and most people are still “blaming Bush for all this bullshit”).

Well, this is interesting. Talking Points Memo will now be a part of the press pool. Online journalism for the win?

The Week That Was

There's been some mixed press over Obama's visit to honor the bodies of 18 soldiers killed in Afghanistan. We think it was a good move -- don't deny what's happening and let the families know that you are there, front and center, for your citizens. And don't apologize for it, neither.

We guess that brief love affair with Grayson is now over -- for us, anyway. He got caught calling Linda Robertson, a lobbyist, a "K Street Whore." Also speaking of sexism, people have been getting all hysterical (a little feminist snark there) over Obama playing sports with boyos only. FINALLY Melody Barnes was invited along for the golf trip -- you know, to crack open the beers, giggle at all their jokes and clean up after everyone goes home.

Lou Dobbs was shot at -- literally. He and his wife were standing outside their Jersey home when a gun was fired and a bullet hit the wall, and he's thinking the attack is from pro-immigration supporters. Yeah, probably. Scary stuff!

"Everyone in Congress is under investigation!" That headline sounds a little ridiculous to us, but it's perfect for the media to glomp on and wave around triumphantly. So take it as a lesson in "making news," everyone. This is the umpteenth time you've heard that your Congressional reps are corrupt, but add a little hysteria and an "uncovered document" and you've got yourself a story. Class dismissed!

OHHH, ANDERSON! We realize a lot of our pundit-loving female friends have secret or not-so-secret crushes on you, but so do our pundit-loving guy friends. Who is this purty fella?

Wal-Mart will now be selling caskets, as you already may know. But turns out Costco's been doing it for years. And Overstock. And some place called Casket Xpress. And EWWW.

Vampire alert: Twilight fan restaurant will be opening in Washington State, and our Culture Minister's tickets are already booked.

Auto-Tune the News is officially Over. Mindy Kaling of the Office? You're our new T-Pain.

Shameless Self-Promotion

For the second year, Queenie (aka Suzanne Turner) has been selected by the prestigious Campaigns & Elections POLITICS Magazine to judge the best political campaigns of the season. Turner joins luminaries such as James Carville, Eleanor Clift, Julie Germany, Mark Penn, Larry Sabato, Bob Shrum, George Stephanopoulos, Christine Todd Whitman, Joe Trippi and Judy Woodruff. Huzzah!


We told y'all about Levi Johnston a while ago, and everyone is STILL talking about it. Hush up until he puts out, okay? Then sneak a look and pretend to everyone else that you didn't. It's okay. You and the rest of America are only curious, right?

And, in a completely unsurprising follow-up story, the Yes Men are getting sued.

Catch our Culture Minister NOT dancing at the DC101 Halloween party in Clarendon tonight, and don't overdo it on the candy tomorrow. Be safe, kiddos!

PS: This is why we love the Today Show.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The TR: Internet Rodeo, Healthcare Hardball and Fox News Gets a Ton of Free Publicity

Weirdly, this week had some religious overtones, thanks to Twitter all a-squabble over God's existence, Obama celebrating Diwali and the sound of liberals praying for a public option.

But fear not, delinquent pagans among you -- Halloween is right around the corner, so you can practice your heathenism in peace. Like handing out candy to the damned socialists that'll be knocking on your door. Trick or proletariat dictatorship!


A watered-down version of the public option is now in play in the Neverending Story of Healthcare. Pelosi is taking a firmer stance on this, calling on colleagues to stand for a Robust Option, but this is probably happening because of several hundred thousand calls to Congress generated by social media campaigns. Ergo, the public supports it! Even some GOPers admit that reform has got to happen, and killing it altogether is irresponsible -- again, the public agrees. Here's hopin'.

Afghanistan update: not much.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Act is going to O's desk. Finally.

Virginian's, y'all will be voting very soon, and the race has been covered in earnest all week. Now they're predicting the end of Creigh Deeds (much to the White House's joy), and our Culture Minister can't say she's THAT disappointed -- although neither candidate leaves much to be desired. What she's more disappointed about is the "light purple-ing" of her state -- oh, and that pesky right to choose.

Is journalism dead yet?! This is taking way longer than Grannie ever did. Am I right, Dems?

Another time to set those DVR's, everybody! Palin. On Oprah. We're taking bets now -- will she a.) jump on the couch, b.) get totally slammed by the most powerful O of all or c.) giggle and offer almost nothing newsworthy, because SOMEONE finally media-trained her?

The Week That Was

BRING ON THE PITCH FORKS! More bonuses are being distributed among government-aided banks, and the White House was piiiiiissed. Kenny Feinberg and the Fed have been making moves to cut compensation for top executives at these firms, with mixed reviews, and we kinda agree that it's more of a media storm than actual changes to the system. At least someone OTHER than Michael Moore is taking this on. But is this overstepping boundaries? Or is it not enough?

Speaking of pay czars, the WH lost its battle to keep its arch-nemesis FOX News out of interviews with Feiny. We can't decide if this whole "FOX News is biased!" battle was a good move (look, do you really consider FOX a credible news source? Really??) or a bad one (way to stir up the Conservative base, guys). Not to mention that, yes, there may be an actual journalist or two working for FOX, despite the bad apples writing memos all up in there. Anyway, this is just playing to Dems without actually having to do anything. Much like that whole gay rights thing.

Ooo, somebody got PUNKED. The Yes Men (the Culture Minister is smothering her giggles right now) sent out a fake press release with the Chamber of Commerce's logo, and BAM! Fake news! Hopefully this will teach some people to do some research (see the little name and phone number up at the top of those releases? You can call them for info!), but it's also calling even more attention to the Chamber of Commerce's stance on climate issues and to the issue in general. Let's face it: the Yes Men (teehee) successfully pulled it out.

Lots of online news this week. We still consider the Internet the Wild, Wild West at this point -- gunfights for territory, rampant looting, spur-of-the-moment clusterf&%ks and saloon girls (SIGH). A favorite this week was the Twitter battle over the #NoGod hashtag and censorship -- get the full story here. (Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Windows 7 -- we actually like it, but our stuck-up Apple-loving friends have been yowling about it for weeks now.)

The Balloon Boy debacle continued for a while, but the most entertaining meme of the week goes to this game, which the Culture Minister totally has only played for sake of journalist inquiry. She swears.

Reader Comments

We got lots of responses to this gem from last week:

"We were peacefully working through the day yesterday when suddenly our Twitterstreams were HIJACKED. Small boy in a balloon? Trapped thousands of feet in the air?? IT CANNOT BE! It's a Roald Dahl book come true! This little boy is LIVING THE DREAM!"

One reader shouted, "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!" and we're ever-so-glad! Great minds, we assure you.


Well, we warned women about healthcare and what happened? NWLC and SEIU hijacked the #fem2 hashtag and got thousands of signatures and phone calls to Congress about protecting women's healthcare. Nice!

We did, however, miss news on the record deficit that came out last Friday. Can't win all the time, we 'spose...

Everyone's starting Halloween parties early -- and DC is being taken over by Howard Homecoming this weekend. Check out our Culture Minister's favorite local rapper Wale at Love tonight (she'll be dropping by Hirshhorn After Hours too) and lots more via the Going Out Gurus. Oh, and if family-friendly is more your thing, Air & Scare is tomorrow!

'Til next time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The TR: Look! Up in the Sky! It's... the Hoax that Hijacked the Entire News Cycle!

Now that all this balloon drama is over, we are working extra hard to remind you that there is ACTUAL NEWS happening this week. We swear! So kick off those still-wet-from-trudging-through-the-rain-this-morning shoes and grab yourself some afternoon coffee -- we're ready to roll! And, first up, the latest Autotune the News. Not as great as usual, but worth it for the first 20 seconds.


Since the healthcare bill that was in the Senate Finance committee passed, it's been a race to prepare for what now seems inevitable: reform! We can has! Or can we? This is going to be even more grueling than before, since the special interest groups are now hauling ass to make sure their interests are protected. Obama is also getting a little more into it, and using all kinds of "mopping" metaphors to describe the situation. Women, don't let your needs get washed away in the chaos (and don't use these mopping metaphors around your daughters, or this might happen). Check out Pelosi's call with BlogHer recently for starters, and watch her negotiating with the Blue Dogs in coming weeks.

We're still putting off a decision on Afghanistan, in part because of the fraudulent election results over there that still haven't been resolved. But these delays could get dangerous, making us look weak and potentially empowering insurgents. We don't have any advice for you, Mr. O -- just don't screw it up. No presh!

The DOW hit 10,000! ...And has virtually nothing to do with the state of the economy. You knew that, though, didn't you? Although things are (sort of) looking up, the "storm clouds are gathering" over the sinking dollar and rising spending/debt. Most Main Street Americans haven't been feeling too optimistic about the state of things, anyway, since recovery has been and will keep being slow.

Rush Limbaugh vs. the NFL has caused an incredible amount of sturm und drang on right-wing radio, in cable chatter and in the blogoshere. Limbaugh allegedly successfully defended himself against claims of racist statements, but the investors voted him out. The Right is saying Limbaugh is being persecuted for political beliefs -- even that someone involved with the team was a *gasp* "friend of O," so the fix came from the WH. Others (like Eugene Robinson) say he's a loudmouthed windbag who makes his living by spewing hatred, so he got what he deserves. Queenie already pays no attention to football (except as background noise that reminds her of fall), and is just really ticked that Limbaugh's First Amendment Rights have to be part of her pre-coffee morning chats with her Prince-Consort, aka, "The Crank."

Expect more mockery of the new GOP website in coming weeks, and especially of Michael Steele's blog and EXCELLENT writing skills. The hits just keep on comin'!

Geek alert! You can now use your iPhones on the Metro, sort of! But for the love of everything holy, please text only and save your conversations for when you're outside. Our Culture Minister doesn't need to hear about your weekend plans or that co-worker you hate or ANYTHING ELSE while she's trying to nap in her seat.

Blago versus The Trump. Cue your DVRs now!

The Week That Was

Obama went to New Orleans this week for the first time since taking office, and, blah blah blah, h'ray! He's not G.W. Bush!

The National Equality March in DC happened, and, while it received very little media coverage (or firm commitments from Obama), it was good stuff. Here are some speeches, here are some great photos and (we couldn't resist snarking it up a bit, even if we support the cause wholeheartedly) the 10 funniest signs carried by protesters. Also, a must-read about "glamdalism" and the way the media spins homosexuals.

Well, this is f&*ed up. A Justice of the Peace in Louisiana denied an interracial couple a marriage license so he could "protect the children" they will have. We just threw up a little. Racism is not dead, folks, and don't start thinking it is -- this is a great big country with a LOT of people in it, and most of them don't think like us.

We’re trying to feel sorry for Meghan McCain and her boobs, but we just can’t. Putting such a MySpace-y picture up was a stupid idea, Ms. “I am a Serious Pundit (LOL, Hi Daddy!),” and it's not because you have cleavage or because we enjoy slut-shaming. Men who do shit like this and try to pass themselves off as "people who should be taken seriously" also get made fun of. Just ask Levi Johnston.

There's been a Photoshop scandal raging through the Internets lately over Ralph Lauren and their propensity for grotesquely misshapen women to wear their clothes. And what makes it even rage-ier? The fact that one of the models in question was fired for being TOO FAT at a size 4. To the Ralph Lauren PR people: HAHAHAHAHA.

OMG, this baby is alive.

In Memoriam, Childhood Dreams Edition

We were peacefully working through the day yesterday when suddenly our Twitterstreams were HIJACKED. Small boy in a balloon? Trapped thousands of feet in the air?? IT CANNOT BE! It's a Roald Dahl book come true! This little boy is LIVING THE DREAM!

Uh, or not.

WTF, y'all. Turns out the whole thing was faked. The Internet memes started almost immediately, and most of America is understandably disappointed (we saw this on the Simpsons already). Way to go, Balloon Boy. This story is officially played out, and our childhood fantasies of sailing away in a balloon are shattered. (By the way, this, by far, was our favorite response yesterday.)

Whatever. Let's all go see Where the Wild Things Are and get our imaginations back.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Maybe you've seen the front page TIME Magazine coverage on women's new roles in society? Or you're anticipating tonight's Dateline piece, Sunday's Meet the Press interview and NBC's week-long coverage-a-thon? Well, we didn't have anything to do with any of that -- the big hat tip goes to Maria Shriver herself and the Center for American Progress. We do draw your attention, however, to the one missing piece: actual POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS so society can catch up with women's progress and provide things like, say, child care and equal pay. Congrats, client AAUW, for promoting the social change that still needs to happen.


Thank god all that Nobel Prize bullshit died down, but check out what happened at the fiesta we mentioned last week: Presidential salsa dancing scandal!

Got your Halloween costume yet? Our Culture Minister is heading over to the National Opera's costume sale to scope for ideas, but if you so much as TRY to snag anything pretty out of her hands, she won't hesitate to use violence. Just sayin'.

Stay warm and we'll see you next week!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The TR: A Nobel Stunner, Bombing the Moon and GOP Gang Rape

We're puzzling over the Obama Nobel Peace (su)Prize. An award so he WON'T escalate in Afghanistan? So he WILL? Because he's not W? Because Michelle is descended from a slave girl named Melvinia? Because the Nobel Peace Prize has an affirmative action quota? (Not our opinion, but it's out there.) You know we love O, but, like many a pragmatic lefty, we're scratching our heads. I mean, c'mon, the guy wouldn't even meet with the Dalai Lama yesterday. Way to shake up a Friday, people.


We woke up this morning and flipped on our Google Readers -- only to find THIS. We checked to see if it was an Onion story. Or maybe a joke being played on Republicans. But no, people, this is official: Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The backlash is both predictable and over the top (overreacting is a key part of the political process, natch), and it's from BOTH sides. Things That Could Justify This Happening: Obama will announce that gay marriage is a-OK, y'all!; the entire Middle East is going to lay down their arms on Monday; there were actually terrorists on the moon and WE WON; Obama is actually a part of the Justice League.

So what else are we waiting for next week? Well, Afghanistan, for starters. Our peaceable Prez has been mulling over troop increases (we'll let you think about the irony for a while) during this 8th anniversary of the war. A decision will not be reached for several weeks, at least -- but some correspondents with firsthand experience are saying it's time to leave, and some Congresspeeps are trying to block increasing troop levels.

Also, health care, the monolithic bill that has been lumbering through the Senate for what feels like forever. It's been drowned out in the other noise, but it will be in the news for, um... ever.

What will O say at the Human Rights Campaign Fund dinner tonight? With the National Equality March this Sunday, the President has the opportunity to show he's earned the Nobel by making big policy announcements supporting gay marriage, ending Don't Ask Don't Tell and endorsing violence against LGBT as hate crime. If he rises to the occasion, expect the stories to last into next week. If he doesn't -- maybe he IS just an empty suit. Ssshhh.

Bobby Jindal is still angling for a nomination. Just sayin’.

We’re not really talking about Joe Wilson anymore, but South Carolina is -- it’s become one of the most expensive campaigns EVER.

Get ready for una celebraciĆ³n -- the Obamas will be hosting una fiesta latina next Wednesday to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We don't remember these under Dubya, do you?

So the other night, while watching It’s Always Sunny on the DVR, this came on our screens. W. T. F. Can we PLEASE stop giving Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy more money? Oh, wait... we have to see his Johnston first.

The Week That Was

We got really pissed off when we heard about Nancy Pelosi needing to be put in her place. We liked how she handled it -- "I'm in my place. I'm Speaker of the House." But we, once again, must point out that it's a little more acceptable for people to be sexist rather than racist. If you don't know what we're talking about, go ask Hillary, or even Sarah. We may think Palin's a joke, but that's for thinking she lives across the street from Russia -- not because she's a chick.

So, speaking of misogyny, about 30 Republicans in the Senate did not support the Franken Amendment to restrict defense contracts given to companies that prevent victims of workplace assault/rape, battery and discrimination to take their cases to court. The amendment passed, but these guys look like assholes. Especially because all 4 GOP women voted for the amendment. Here's the full list of these non-supporters!

We're so relieved. Apparently DC is, like, smart and stuff, and we knew it (like, duh), but it’s still validating to hear once in a while. And to anyone that might question this: just give us this ONE THING, all right? If not fashion, culture, food or sports, just this. Thanks.

NASA BOMBED THE MOON! This means war! Or, um, publicity. NASA guided the LCROSS spacecraft and the Centaur rocket towards the moon early this morning to test if the impact will reveal the presence of water and ice. Our Culture Minister is having a total geek moment. Check out the Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and images, and please tell us where we can apply to be the official Twitter-er for the space program.

Holy California.

Remember Dilbert? Anyone working in an office right now should, and, much to our Culture Minister’s joy, he’s entered the 21st century. Diltweet? Tweetbert?

In other tech geek news, Twitter sucked yesterday. But turns out it's saving all your angry Tweets about how much it sucked -- good thing, since future generations will love the first-hand evidence that people loved hearing themselves talk. Secondly, there are almost 500 news articles available about some tween pop star quitting Twitter (qwitting?) and... *sigh*. Finally, more employers than ever are blocking social networking sites at work. Luckily, this can’t happen to Licensed Social Media Gurus like ourselves, but we’re also too smart to post shit on Facebook that could get us fired. Privacy settings, y’all.

Shameless Self-Promotion

For your viewing pleasure, a few broadcast hits. Yes, mainstream media still does do news occassionally, especially (ahem) with Turner on your team.

Also, check out Queenie, Mr. E.Politics himself and Kira Marchenese with One World to talk about new communications strategies for non-profits. RSVP here and let us teach ya a thing or two.

In Memoriam, Half-Smoke Edition

The founder of Ben's Chili Bowl, one of the most well-known DC institutions, passed away Wednesday at age 82 and the city is in mourning. Go grab some eats this weekend (preferably at 3 a.m. on Saturday, like the Culture Minister does -- trust her, it tastes better then) and go to the celebration October 16 at the Lincoln Theater on U Street. RIP, Ben.


Iran chatter has died down, but Aghanistan and healthcare are still rolling through the news cycle. But who could have predicted this metaphorical "slap on the ass after a good football game" for Obama? No one. Exactly. So don't blame us.

What a week. It might be a good idea to go blow off some steam, huh? Oktoberfest is happening in the boonies of Virginia this weekend, so find our Culture Minister at Reston Town Center for some brews. If not, catch DJ Tiesto at FUR Sunday night so you can celebrate that day off on Monday in style. Trance not your thing? Try Taste of Georgetown. Something for everyone!

Have a fabulous long weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The TR: Dems Drop the Ball, Letterman Owns Up and Chicago's O-Face Ends Prematurely

This week has been a bit of a let-down. Dems... we don't even know what to say. We're sure everyone's seen the Jon Stewart sketch by now, but it's to the point where even those mockeries just make us sad, not amused. And, with the O's out of town, we don't even have any inspirational photos for you. Just Michelle looking cute. Sigh.

Ok, ok, how about Family Guy spoofing WaPo's editorial cartoons? We'll start there. Read on for more uplifting and inspirational words from the Gospel of Snark. We'll get through this together. Hallelujah!


Healthcare, dears. We couldn't get the public option this time around, much to basically everyone's chagrin, and we're all in agreement that this is the equivalent of nailing jelly to a wall. The talk on Twitter lately has been all about abortion and reproductive rights in the healthcare bills. Get yourself informed if you don't know what's on the line for women's health -- that combined with the abortion law in Arizona means PAY ATTENTION.

Expect more Iran/nuke chatter over the weekend, as the Sunday Show sched seems to foretell. Talks this week didn't really lead to anything concrete, besides some stern scolding from Obama and a promise from Iran. Right. Sarkozy ain't happy, and when the French are telling you they think you're weak, well, you've got a problem.

Gen. McChrystal (after his speech on Thursday) met with Obama for 30 minutes in Copenhagen to discuss more troops in Afghanistan, and this is tooouuuchy stuff. Talk about a dilemma: risk being painted as "weak" and not serving the needs of our military, or risk spending even more money, further dividing the Democratic Party and having a lost war on your Presidential record. Ouch.

Is gay marriage back in the public discourse? Well, it always is, but you know what we mean. It's back in the DC Council next week, and there are rumors about passage in Texas and New Yawk. Fingers crossed!

Oh, Sarah. We'll be hearing more about you, as you've deftly inserted yourself back into the news cycle, and we're not bitter. Just don't run for any offices and we'll be fine, 'kay?

Rio. There. Olympics, Rio, done. Now the post-Chicago spin machine begins! Media coverage of this has been and will be kind of bipolar -- is this really EPIC FAILURE for Obama/Oprah? (Obaprah?) Sorry, Cha-Town. But don't worry, DC -- WE'RE finally looking hopeful about SOMETHING, since the Caps are starting again and that's our only real source of sports pride. Not that we're, like, knowledgeable about that stuff. So what? CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!

The Week That Was

We have to say it: Republicans are on their trash-talking game recently, forcing Dems to eat their words just seconds after they say them. Dems, WHERE ARE YOU?! Are the Republicans making a comeback? McCain is sure tryin'. So is John Ensign. This is just... there are no words. There just aren't.

China celebrated its 60th anniversary with lots of fancy celebrations this week, aiming to show off its military strength and position as an economic superpower. Yeah. We already know. And, oddly enough, the Empire State Building was lit to celebrate. Now we're just confused.

Huge disasters in American Samoa and Indonesia have left thousands of people dead, and aid is just starting to flow to those countries. You can donate here if you want to help.

An ancient skeleton was discovered that proves the existence of an earlier human ancestor, and could question our assumptions about evolution. If you have them, anyway. Some of you believe in other things, and you're allowed, and that's all we're going to say on the subject. Ahem.

Letterman admitted that he's slept with some of his staff, in response to an extortion attempt he received. Sarah Palin is unsurprised, but we are weirdly impressed at how he handled this... er, sort of. Don't famous people get these kinds of threats all the time? How guilty WAS he?


We TOLD you to pay attention to Afghanistan! Did you listen? We'll pretend you said yes. And gave us credit. Also, speaking of a drop in fundraising, please note stories about House of Ruth this morning. ALSO, speaking of the Goog, Google Wave invitations hit the web and our Twitter-feeds exploded. Love having geeky friends (they done makes us look SMRT), but why, when ANYTHING happens to Google, does it immediately trend?

There are about a million Oktoberfests this weekend. 'Tis the season. Craft Bastards is this Saturday. And if you need a haircut, come with the Culture Minister to the Bang Salon Cut-a-Thon to benefit ovarian cancer patients this Sunday -- free drinks AND good karma! But watch out for 10-Miler traffic clusterf&*ks. We warned you.

Have a good one!