Friday, September 25, 2009

The TR: Qaddafi Can't Pitch His Tent, CNN's in the Line of Fire and Damn -- That Baby is Huge

This is becoming something of a weekly feature for us. Every week we find new cute pictures from the White House, and, you know what? We're not ashamed. THESE PEOPLE ARE ADORABLE. Also adorable: a dog riding a tandem bike. See? Not everything has to be super-serious all the time! Wait... what was that about Iran?


Canadian Shakedown! Libya's Muammar el-Qaddafi wasn't welcomed with open arms during last week's trip to the U.S. American hotels refused him. He couldn't pitch his tent in Central Park (that's what she said!). And, even after calming down a little, he won't be getting hugs when he arrives in Newfoundland next week either. Instead he can expect a smackdown by Canadian's Prime Minister. Obama should have offered him an earful too, but we guess he's too busy trying to become Leader of the World.

The G-8 plans to expand into the G-20 on a more permanent basis to include a broader range of countries to confront global problems, including the economy. Most Americans probably don't care about this. Case in point: when asked if it still FEELS like a recession, people said: "Meh."

Maybe Democratic moneygivers were tapped out by the last Presidential election -- ya know, the incessant solicitations for HOPE and CHANGE and CASH. Or maybe it’s just the economy. Or maybe (ugh) it's Joe Wilson -- he's been raking in the dough, and the RNC is scurrying to get in contributions before the end of the month's reporting period so they can unseat Pelosi. Let’s hope that news stories about an extreme drop in fundraising inspire those with deep pockets to start refilling the coffers in the weeks ahead -- before Palin makes her move.

He’s still dancing, and our eyes still hurt. Tom Delay wasn’t booted from DWTS this week, despite polls showing an overwhelming dislike for the scandal-ridden former politico. So you still have another chance on Monday to get a good laugh in. While Delay believes the support he is receiving from members of Congress is sincere, we believe that they're just pulling a Sanjaya -- so we have someone to make fun of OTHER than Mark Sanford.
Can a marketing campaign propel Yahoo! over Google? Yahoo! executives are hoping millions of dollars can buy their way to the top as they launch a global marketing initiative next week. Despite throwing money at their Y!OU campaign, Queenie's team isn’t so sure the effort will work. Google is a terrifying powerhouse that isn’t likely to be toppled anytime soon -- and they are always watching.

This is a gigantic baby. We predict it will be a gigantic person. Check back with us in 20 years.

The Week That Was

The G20, like we said, had beefed up security in the ‘Burgh, but it doesn’t seem to have helped. Police looking like futuristic G.I. Joes stood by as a CNN reporter was hit with tear gas amid protests and riots. We had CNN on during the crazy-time speeches at the UN this week, but the biggest un-surprise (get it) for everyone was Iran's clandestine nuclear facility. Will this mean tougher stances and sanctions? Or more hot air?

Is it "one of the most serious terrorism cases in years", as the NY Times calls it, or are these things happening all the time? Maybe living in DC makes us think the latter, but this (and other cases) should not be taken off your radar just yet.

We've been trying to avoid mentioning Glenn Beck/FOX too much, but sometimes it just can't be avoided. The ACORN mess has put his name all over the airwaves, and especially now that ACORN is suing the "pimp and prostitute" who did the sneaky videotaping. And, for some reason we can't figure out, Glenn Beck Day is coming up. Luckily, SNL's great opening sketch last weekend did some of the snarking for us.

Painful cuts at CQ-Roll Call hit the waves this week, and, among mournful Tweets and blog posts, shots were poured. One more blow in the industry's long and sordid struggle with the Internet. Gotten laid off recently? Fishbowl DC is here to help.

And, for our local public transportation users, this was unnerving: Metro riders were locked in Van Dorn station for almost an hour late at night Thursday. Not the best way to end the week, huh?
Shameless Plug

Didja catch us at the Internet Advocacy Roundtable yesterday with Dr. Digipol himself? If you missed it, the podcast will be up soon, we swear.

Also, put this on the calendar: October 21 at the Rock and Roll Hotel (one of our Culture Minister's fave H Street spots), Dems, Repubs, House members, Hill staff and journalists are converging for KARAOKE NIGHT. We're all about bipartisanship, but don't think you can bribe THIS Culture Minister into getting on stage. She's got a reputation to uphold, ya know.


Ok, so maybe our mention of the G20 summit last week was a little too subtle. Next time we'll use all caps. Thanks, Internet!

DC reality update: are THESE the new housewives?

U2 concert next week, and looks like everyone in the city will be there. Let us know if it turns into an Obama-lovefest -- like most things around here do. If aging Irish rockers aren't really your thing (or, er, if the ticket price is just not do-able), you've got options: Chuck Brown tonight, trippy avant-garde music all weekend long and Barracks Row Oktoberfest on Saturday.

See you out and about!


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