Friday, August 21, 2009

The TR: Does O Really Want It? And other sad August political lessons…

Public option or death panels? Netroots uprising or town hall scaries? Shaken or stirred? Run along and get some fresh ice, dah-ling, this is going to be a long one…

Queen's Screed

We dispense with our regularly scheduled programming to flip the f* out.

In the dog days of August 1994 an earlier Democratic president was unclear about his health care bottom line. The long media shadow of O.J. Simpson in white Bronco distorted all things. CNN’s CRUSHING 24-hour news cycle was just TOO MUCH TO BE ENDURED by regular journalists. Conservative talk radio was new, easily dismissed and highly annoying.

Today, our formerly beloved leader is just as equivocal about health care. The near total collapse of the world economy and an unpopular and unnecessary war cast a long shadow across all things. The implosion of the media is TOO MUCH TO BE ENDURED by our fragile democracy.

And conservative talk radio is brilliantly manipulating the legitimate fears of hard working Americans. Taking a page directly from the abortion clinic violence handbook, town halls are flooded with the angry, the frightened and the well-armed.

When we get Confederate/Yankee level discord over provisions that (excuse me) are designed TO HELP PEOPLE, we are at a terrible crossroads.

Yet the White House and the elite media play right into their hands – nearly abandoning the public option, ridiculing people who have taken the trouble to print healthcare provisions off of fraudulent websites to read them at town hall meetings, calling constituents idiots.

But we reserve our special ire for former golden boy Obama.

How do you not see this coming? These are the people that Swift Boated Kerry, got Dan Rather fired for a [ahem true] report, and have convinced America that socialism is afoot.

Now, we watch and wait.

In Memoriam

Ken Bacon of Refugees International joined that great exodus in the sky on Saturday. A truly great man, the former Wall Street Journal reporter's experience as spokesperson for the Pentagon during the massive refugee crisis of the war in the Balkans transformed Ken into a powerful advocate for the world’s dispossessed people. Don Hewitt did the world another sort of favor by creating the no-holds-barred 60 Minutes. And dear Bob Novak outted CIA agent Valerie Plame, then mowed down a pedestrian in his car. Seriously about Bob, we miss the days when he and Pat Buchanan were the barbarians at the gate. We might disagree but at least we were vaguely on the same planet.

Flagrant self-promotion

That little coal fraudulent letter lobbying scandal just WON’T go away. Pesky what happens when you forge letters by do-gooder groups who don’t actually support your position. Client AAUW’s “blistering” statement is everywhere on the Internet, doing double time in MSM print publications, and even has Rachel Maddow back on the topic.

Reader Comments

“I want my TR” moaned a few friends when we (ahem) totally failed to publish last week. What’s wrong folks – late afternoon in August – don’t you have a beach somewhere to chill on????


Suzanne said...

A weak, anemic, under-reported and under-sourced TR. Not to mention all about Wednesday's outrage. We'll do better next week, chickens.

Suzanne said...

wish I'd written this