Friday, July 24, 2009

The TR: Gates-Gate, Forgetting Sarah Palin and R.I.P. Taco Bell Dog

We're truly into the signature hot, sticky, Amazonian kind of summer you Washingtonians have been waiting for... yuck. Although fun, spontaneous thunderstorms (check out this awesome photo) are a plus, no? Everyone's got an August exit strategy, including Congress -- plenty of time to work on those media campaigns, people!


Call us Pollyanna, but we haven't heard the last of the healthcare-before-pols-get-outta-town story. Our impressive Communicator-in-Chief will keep taking his healthcare message to the masses (although, according to Gibbs-y, not via Twitter). We haven't had someone this good since, well, Reagan (hmmmm). The Senate Dems are unimpressive, however. Tell us -- unemployment booming, states going under, entitlement systems cracking -- just what about this mess don't folks understand? (And don't give me any of your right wing radio crap.) Healthcare is the elephant in the room -- and it's now or never.

The Gates racial profiling story will continue to provide plenty of commentary grist for the mill. The bottom line: did he show the cops his ID or didn't he? Early on he said no, then he said yes; cops maintain all along he refused. Queenie's own husband had cops pull guns on him when there was a report of a break-in at our peaceful little castle. Now, racial profiling is alive and well, don't get us wrong (perhaps the Prince Consort's dilemma was redneck profiling?), but, FYI, it's always helpful to be polite when scary cops have handcuffs and guns.

Will we have a food safety bill out of the house by Friday or won't we? Food safety groups say yes; CQ sez maybe. Then expect victim stories next weekend and beyond.

Our resident Fortuneteller found us this handy guide for all the econ-jargon we've been ignoring for the past 8 months or so. It may be especially helpful as the Treasury Department continues to introduce legislation to regulate our financial markets; Geithner was, yet again, testifying this morning. This week it was a bill aimed at tightening credit card regulations and next week it'll be legislation will regulate over-the-counter derivatives.

Sotomayor's hearings may be over, but we are still sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting for our Wise Latina to be voted in. Finally! A vote has been scheduled for next week Tuesday and key Republicans are finally jumping on board. Buenas suerte! (Btw, did you see the Colbert screed on reverse racism? LOVE it!)

Those outside of Chicago’s radio airwaves haven’t heard much from Rod Blagojevich lately, especially since former Chief of Staff John Harris ratted him out in a plea deal. But we may here more of his lame excuses next week when a judge will rule whether or not to release transcripts of secret FBI recordings that have been requested by CNN. Good -- we're sick of Palin!

The Week That Was

Hillary was all, "Stop it with the nukes," and then North Korea was like, "LOL! You're a stupid girl!" And then Hill was like, "Whatevs, grow up." With Congress going to recess, this sounds like we're back in preschool. When's snacktime again?

Despite the fact that (and we quote) "we're living through a clusterfuck of epic proportions," we liked Obama early in the week and weren't so much feelin' the Republicans. But now we find he's on a thin rope -- there's a huge risk of Prez-overexposure, these press conferences ain't helping, and now his approval rating is less than 50%. It's gotta be the mom jeans.

OMG, New Jersey! 44 people have been arrested in a massive money laundering scheme, including mayors, officals and rabbis. In case you're planning your own giant corruption scandal, my friends, remember to keep it quiet or use codewords or something. Doesn't anybody watch TV anymore?

In social media news, Congress is all over it with their own social network; if you're feeling lonely in the Twitter-verse, this is probably why; and don't freak out if you lost some followers -- it's just trash day. Our Culture Minister lost 20 spam-bots!

Walter Cronkite and the Taco Bell Dog passed away this week, and in a blow to respectable journalism, they got similar coverage. Maybe it's because all the big names were attending Cronkite's funeral? R.I.P., Old Ironpants.


So weird! We mentioned Dan Rather last week and here he is again, still talking about that little military record event. Dan, are you listening out there?

No TR next week, kiddos -- the Culture Minister needs a sunburn tan, and Queenie needs a snarking break. In the meantime, you can check out the coolest DC blog we've seen in a while (written by a firefighter!) while we're gone.

Don't miss us TOO much -- we'll be back before ya know it!


Suzanne said...

The police report on Henry Louis Gates' arrest shows the professor gave his Harvard ID, NOT his drivers' license. If the Harvard ID does not have a street address on it, then the police did not have the information they needed to release him from the scene. What a mishigosh!

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