Thursday, July 2, 2009

The TR: Are You Even IN Your Office Right Now? Didn't Think So.

Ready for the 4th? We figure that the entire city is off on their vacation plans already, except for those forlorn few trapped in the office right now. Our Culture Minister feels your pain. We hope you can leave soon -- fireworks, hot dogs, BBQ and the pool are calling your name!

Enjoy these juicy TR tidbits -- just like Mom used to make.

The Tr Lite: Freedom Edition

MJ, MJ, MJ! The King of Pop's death has crashed the news cycle this week, and taken Iran/the economy/any other celebs/everything else with him. The latest:
ANYWAY. Aside from that, things actually happened in the world this week. We know! We were surprised too!

Hey, South Carolina! Did you accept Sanford's apology? We heard the words "self-serving" and "bullshit" were appropriate. His wife thought so too, and she deserves the props (and WOW, we hate linking to this but listen to some of the bs Michael Wolff is spewing about her). Look, blah blah blah, scandal, infidelity -- we wrote about it last week, we mentioned it this week, we're done, okay? No more Sanford. We're bored. Go back to Maria, take care of your sons and call it a DAY.

North Korea is celebrating the Fourth of July early! H'ray! Wait... what?

Everyone is unemployed. We mean, you knew that, but now it's confirmed. And it's all Obama's fault!

Now, okay, everyone knows that pulling out is not always a great plan. (Take that one how you like, folks.) But the US pulling out of Iraq's major cities? We'll take it. Say hi to Papa Joe and George Stephawhatever for us!

This is from last week, and made the Twitter rounds already, but LOL! Stoned wallabies!

In Other News You Forgot Was Still Happening, it's FRANKEN.

The quickest scandal we ever did see: first the WashPo was offering a pay-for-access dinner; then everyone freaked out; then they weren't. Bam. Well done, all.

Finally, in local news, the Real World-ers are moving in, and the stalkers/haters are on it. If you're into the DC blog scene, expect to hear more about their every move, and then wonder why you care.

PS: Don't. Forget. About. Iran.


So that's it. Maybe we missed something, but you know what? We're outta here. Tell us what we missed and we'll, um, read it.

Here's a handy list of ALLLLLL the fun things you can do around here this weekend. And be careful with those fireworks, people. THIS IS WHAT COULD HAPPEN. For serious. Don't Sanford it.

Have a GREAT holiday!

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