Friday, May 8, 2009

The TR: SuperMoms, Pink Quilts and SCOTUS Romps

Queenie is feeling a little disconnected and attenuated, unable to focus. Is it being nominated Mother of the Year? The Bristol-Levi abstinence-don't-work face off? Or the premature declarations of economic recovery married to the request for $75 B more bank dollahs? Whatever. Bring Mama a drinkipoo and diaper the baby your own damned self -- it's her day!


NBC takes the Sunday weekend prize and continues this week's focus on Afghanistan/Pakistan with exclusive Hamid Kharzai/Asif Ali Zardari interviews. CBS gives Cheney a chance to explain it all with his first post-office interview. But that's okay, because Queenie will be with hundreds of other mothers (and kids) in a 24-hour White House vigil knitting a pink peace quilt (and tank tea cozy). No, really! Check it out.

Foreign policy and psychedelic pink yarn aside, we've got better news: The economy is all better! Except for that whole, um, $75B thing. Either it won't last, or we're just bonkers to even be getting out our credit cards again so soon. Of course Krugman's very gloomy, but we love that about him.

Aaaah, SCOTUS speculation. Queenie must have signed 200 online petitions making her royal demands QUITE clear this week. It starts to feel more like eHarmony than a judicial process (hair color, walks on the beach, etc.).

The future of peace in Israel/Palestine could be buoyed by visits from Netanyahu and Abbas in the next two weeks. Keep an eye out for updates and alternatives to the two-state solution, AND on how the new administration might change up the game. Obama's already all over AfPak, which has been hitting the news consistently lately.

Tomorrow night is the White House Correspondents Association Dinner and we know you've got your tuxes and purty dresses all ready to go. Text us if you have any star sightings! (The "celebs" at right, for example). Our favorite Alaskan governor, however, will be MIA for this one.

The Week That Was

Speaking of the Palins: What do Bristol Palin and Kenya (the country, duh) have in common? A no-sex pledge! We LOVED Gail Collins on Palin's scary new campaign, and are scratching our head over Kenya's...

O released his budget to the expected rants and raves. Too little cutting, too much spending, socialist, fascist -- who's to say? Personally, we (and Dan Rather) are more concerned over Dijon-gate.

Hmmmmm... Maybe Specter didn't think through the party switcheroo all the way. Or something fell through in bargaining. Lost seniority? Chairmanship of unfunded sub-committee? Pissed-off former Republican during Supreme Court confirmation? Ouch.

Torture is not torture, and Gitmo was a medium security prison, says Condi under not-exactly-harsh questioning from a Stanford student. Always amusing to watch a preternaturally controlled person show a little passion -- misguided though it may be.

Apparently, the New York Times did NOT bust the Boston Globe's union after all, allowing the venerable New England paper to stay alive. It must have been the ritual seppuku committed by the New York Times editorial staff in Central Park early one morning this week that prevented the appalling move. Well, there were MASSIVE pay cuts at the Globe. And, btw, the Times editorial page will now be written by unpaid bloggers. NOT.

Who will buy Twitter? We're dying to know. If it's not Google and it's not Apple, we have no one left. Or do we? In other Twitter news, Queen Rania has joined the masses, and so has Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister. Even the White House will Tweet you back. Be still, our Twittering hearts!

We just want the ENTIRE WORLD TO KNOW that MomsRising RAWKS. Yes, it's not just that they figured out a way to nominate Queenie (and most of America) for BEST MOTHER EVER. It's the running message at the bottom of this amazing campaign telling us about women's second class economic status. Such smart ladies over there!


Did we EVER screw up. We don't know enough about hockey to even remember what we did wrong, but we seem to have misstated something about the Caps schedule this past weekend. A human rights advocate even recommended... unpleasant methods against the Queen. But, ye gawds, at least you people finally figured out how to comment on the blog!

Enjoy this weekend -- our Culture Minister highly recommends ogling Chris Pine if you need to hide from the thunderstorms!

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