Friday, May 29, 2009

The TR: Obama's Noms, the Royal Wii and the Future of the Middle East

SotomayOR, SotomayOR, SotomayOR. Is the first Latina SCOTUS judge nominee a racist... or does she just have PMS? On a less serious note, Jon & Kate has America enthralled. Read on for the dramz and the LOLz! Or, if that's too much for you, annoy your co-workers and celebrate Sesame Street's 40th anniversary with these cute clips. Ah, memories...


Obama nom'd Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, and Puerto Rico exploded. We mean... the Republican party. We mean... the Internet. O probably thought he was gonna win some conservatives over by choosing someone with an ambiguous stance on abortion, but who can ever tell what those right-wing wackos will do? (Like this gem, which warns against Sotomayor's potential PMS. Yeah. Really.) Check out this piece on Newt Limbaugh's "white man's burden" and grab the movie snacks as the GOP continues through the remaining stages of grief up to her confirmation (which we think is a thumbs up).

Oh, and as if SCOTUS isn't already all over the wires, the detainee abuse photos are coming to the high court. Watch out for more on this, dears.

There were protests all over the country when California upheld Prop 8 this week, and while they are allowing the marriages already performed to remain valid, we, along with many others, say: *middle finger*. It's a basic civil right, and here's hoping people can get it together enough to realize that. Knowing that most of the country opposes gay marriage, however, makes it even tougher. Read here for an update on the current state of gay marriage in the country, and for a look at upcoming hurdles.

North Korea's missile testing isn't a crisis yet, according to SecDef Gates. "What we do have, though, are two new developments that are very provocative, that are aggressive, accompanied by very aggressive rhetoric." So much so that Chinese fishing boats have started to evacuate. So will this blow up into yet another international crisis, or remain under the radar? Keep an eye on this, all, as Gates & Co. head off to talk security in the region soon.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas came to the Oval Office last week to discuss the future of the West Bank, and while we're seeing the new administration's efforts to revitalize the conversation, it's most likely a no-go. Obama will be traveling to Europe and the Middle East next week, so expect coverage of his speech from Cairo.

Also on the travel agenda? The 60th anniversary of D-Day - but who forgot to invite the Queen? It's okay; she'll probably be busy playing MarioKart, anyway (to which our Culture Minister says, "Me too!"). Check out this awesome picture of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Wii (we've been waiting all our lives to type that sentence, folks).

The Week That Was

Obama was IN California last week, and Lt. Dan Choi, who was dismissed from the National Guard based on his orientation under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, came as close as he could to tell Obama that the policy should be overturned. Check out the vid, and see Dan's second interview with Rachel Maddow here.

Bushie came out of hiding this week in Michigan, and avoided talking trash. Nice for him.

Fort Campbell, in Kentucky has seen a rash of suicides lately and closed down for three days for a "suicide stand-down training event." We agree with John Eskow on this one: we need to take care of soldiers, and not only on Memorial Day. This is a small step.

NASA is now being operated by 7 year olds -- and you know what? We're okay with it.

Jon & Kate + 8 -- you know, that couple with the kids or whatever -- have been all over the news lately in wake of their marriage troubles and season premiere. Now they're being investigated with regards to child labor laws. Wow. This country sure loves a trainwreck, no? We say, get those kids off the air and get those parents some therapy.

Is this Burger-Gate 2? Did he order mustard? WERE THERE FRENCH FRIES INVOLVED?! We can't wait to see where he'll show up next. Hey, Obama! There's a Starbucks, like, IN our building! Or we can try Subway -- DC does have a reputation to uphold, after all.

In other food news, the Canadian Governor General, and we quote, gutted "a freshly slaughtered seal, [pulled] out its heart and [ate] it raw." Don't care why she did it. EWWWW.

In Memoriam... ish

Super top secret alert: Top newspaper execs and publishers met privately to figure out WTF to do after they totes misjudged the significance of the web -- and now, um, are paying for it. (Wait -- maybe not so top secret. But it's more fun if we say it is!) Will they charge for content? Would you care if they did?


Folks seemed to like last week's TR-Lite -- perhaps we should take Queenie to the beach and take it easy more often?

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Suzanne said...

We'd like to clarify that the joke about Sotomayor & PMS was supposed to link to the Liddy comment. WE actually wanted to make the joke that Kim Jong Yosemite Sam Il is REALLY pissed that Sotomayor sucked off all HIS press this week.