Friday, May 22, 2009

The TR Lite: Calorie-Free, Just in Time for Swimsuit Season!

Ready for the weekend? We certainly are! In honor of that, here’s a quickie TR to get your afternoon started right -- so you can zoom out and dodge the crowds. The Queen’s already skated off to the beach, natch. Remember the sunscreen, children!


Healthcare’s stayed in the news all week, and it’s here for the long haul: O’s reform legislation will be officially introduced in Congress. Will even half of what he’s proposed make it through?

GM might be heading for bankruptcy sooner than we thought, and right when Chrysler will lose ITS bankruptcy protection. Eep. Keep an eye on this AND oil prices, folks.

Fresh from the torturous media frenzy, Nancy P. is off to China next week to speak on energy and the environment. This after a no-comment press conference and a show of solidarity from the staff. Pelosi might have to leave the PLANET to get away from those pesky torture questions...

The CA Supreme Court will rule on Prop 8 this Tuesday (we know -- but sometimes Perez DOES report real news), and the DC gay marriage bill is under fire.

They’re interviewing for SCOTUS -- but don’t expect an announcement until AT LEAST next week.

Whatcha doing next Saturday? If the answer is, “my seventh grade teacher,” we found yer friends.

The Week That Was

Bo and Dick’s dueling security speeches had most of Twitter and the media rapt with attention for a while – Gawker has a lovely round-up of the turmoil. Even better: the Daily Show take.

Speaking of, please let us know... what the hell is Cheney trying to accomplish these days? Is it,
A: Underscore what the right perceives as O-hypocrisy on torture?
B: Protect his legacy?
C: Actually try to, as they say in the biz, "keep it real?"
We can't figure it out. If anyone out there has poll numbers on how well Cheney is playing the base, puh-LEEZE send 'em our way.

(PS: Dear Bushie, don’t worry, most of America feels liberated from you, too. Tell Cheney to go take a vacation, would you?)

The first bill to create a national limit on greenhouse-gas emissions was approved by a House committee yesterday -- is it time for serious eco-friendly policy making? Harry Reid says: "Word."

Steele, Steele, Steele. We know your party is, um, “restructuring,” but we can’t imagine this is helping.

Neither is this.

Oo, another CNBC meltdown! (This one is just for the LOLz.)

American Idol was an upset! Uh, apparently. Whatever -- we didn't watch, either. How much longer will this be on, anyway?

Quote of the Week

"The blogosphere is no alternative, crammed as it is with ravings and manipulations of every nut with a keyboard... Good journalism is structured and structure means responsibility... I would trust citizen journalism as much as I would trust citizen surgery." -Morley Safer, CBS News


Here's the Sunday morning show sched, but hopefully you'll be napping through all of it. Have some fun, and we'll see you next week!


Victoria said...

The reason Cheney is bustin' out all over right now is that he's trying to protect his legacy as the president of the United States from 2000 - 2008.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Victoria. That's what we thought, too. But from a hyper message-disciplined party, this HAS to serve some larger purpose. I can only think that the conservative base must be digging it, and want to see poll numbers on the base and mushy middle. Guess I should head on over the, where they know everything.

Gloria said...

Several places have suggested a darkly insidious motivation: Cheney is laying the groundwork in case there is another terrorist attack. If that happens, then suddenly he was right all along and Obama and his policies would be completely wrong.