Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi Tortured, Goracle to Self-Immolate, Google Fails

Queenie's in a tiff, no doubt about it. Didn't you read it here first that O wouldn't move on a torture witchhunt, bc he knew what Congressional Dems knew and when they knew it? Politics as usual, bay-bee. The Republican obit is veddy veddy premature, despite crowing from all the Dem pollsters.


Watch the downward spiral and weep, dear readers. The conversation has ineptly (or deftly?) been changed to what Pelosi knew and when. Her rambling, document reading performance didn't help much. Dontcha know how these things work, chickens? Everyone on the Intelligence Committees AND the leadership of both parties has been in on the show -- and THAT's why wise O didn't want a partisan truth-telling commission. What is it about communications crisis preparedness that these politicos don't quite get? Eat crow young and tender while exuding confidence and announcing next steps. Then you own the next news cycle. Uh, right? Or stumble around blindly and deny, deny, deny. And hand it all to Rush on a silver platter.

Of course, the Senate Gitmo debate next week will keep this story burning (especially since Obama just confirmed he'll be resuming military trials). Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee timed the fight over the closure of the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba with a $91.3 billion supplemental war spending bill hitting the Senate floor. Hmmmm.... anyone paying attention up there on the Hill? Hellooo?

Save the planet -- or NOT? O says yes, and the House bill should be approved by August. But it faces tougher going in the Senate, where R's and blue D's are nervous about "cap and trade." So, voila -- a compromise climate change bill that House Dems hope will attract enough support to win approval next week by the Energy and Commerce Committee.

But all this wonky conversation could get REALLY REALLY fun -- the Goracle has "not ruled out" engaging in super cereal civil disobedience against new coal plants. Oooh -- can we watch? YouTube? That Gore TV station no one knows the name of? (For the latest on climate science or wonkery, sign up for Duke University's Nicholas Institute's new e-zine blog thingie. C'mon -- you know you want it.)

Debt Shangri-La, dah-links. Senate credit card bill (teehee) next week. We're so pleased that our beloved politicos hope to fix it all up so that we can continue to live on our exorbitant debt. Let's hope China keeps buying our U.S. Treasury notes so we can keep buying all that junky stuff they make. BUT -- unlike Wall Street -- we're still on the hook to (eventually) pay it all off. Hmmmm... what will our darling favorite economists say about our continuing debt addiction? Anyone keeping notes on who did what when so we can be sure to trot it all out in the next Presidential? Dancing in the shadow of the economic guillotine, mes enfants.

Let's watch as the Senate ponders the fate of the next FCC Chair. Hearings on Julius Genachowski's ends a political stalemate that has pitted Democrats seeking to fill the commission's seats sooner rather than later against Republicans, who had stalled the nomination. In the headlines or a snoozer? We say check it out on C-Span, late night edition. Wine glass in hand.

Okay, we'll try the hockey thing AGAIN. I sooooo hope our "source" has got this right, as Queenie cannot even be bothered to check TV listings about (gasp) sports. The Caps got knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs by Pittsburgh, but there is still potential with the NBA: The Houston Rockets pulled out a win, which means they will go to a final Game 7 against LA on Sunday 5/17. Expect to see many pretty faces in the LA crowd.

The Week That Was

O got decisive House approval for money to escalate U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the victory obscured anxiety within his party about the course he is taking in the war-torn region. Oh -- and the top commander got canned, even as Pakistan ran a multi-million dollar ad campaign trying to persuade policymakers that they are also victims. Some Democrats -- as opponents of President Bush's war in Iraq -- see the same perils in the new administration's military moves. Plus ça change, my loves... (But at least we're focused in the RIGHT part of the world, this time.)

Release the photos or don't release the photos? (O). Release the memos or don't release the memos? (Cheney-CIA). They're gonna all pop up on the Internet somehow, someway, so why not get ahead of the curve, no? The good news is that we can't even get through a White House briefing on any of this without being interrupted by the reporters' ringing cell phones. Journalism ADHD on hyperdrive. Remember: if you can't say it in 140 characters, it doesn't exist!

Health care all around. Things got moving this week, as ubiquitous O and team touted various solutions and health care companies, and insurers announced cost-cutting measures. Let's set up some scorecards and keep track. The whole conversation is sure to be more complex than that NCAA brackets thingie.

We're loving the SCOTUS leaks, and the Ginsberg plea for a woman on the court. Women? Hispanics? Both? Preferably wearing tattoos that say ROE RAWKS?

SPEAKING of Roe RAWKS tattoos, Slate was all set to offer up Double X, a blog founded by women but meant for everyone. Okay, sure. But so far it's received mixed reviews. As our good friends in the blogosphere will tell us, controversy keeps 'em coming back! (And check out this piece by Ann Friedman about "women's interest" media and the national conversation. A worthy read!)

OMFG -- how did we LIVE without the outsourced brain that is Google? The search engine when down for nearly an hour yesterday, and the world as we knew it ended. Momentarily. In the meantime, Twitter exploded with a bitchfest of epic proportions -- and this just after that itty bitty #fixreply snafu.

We were very surprised that the new Miss America only got a GUEST hosting slot on Fox. Why not an entire show? Certainly her fifteen minutes could be stretched into an entire high ratings hate-filled season. Or did the Donald want too big a cut? And so nice Governor Palin jumped into the fray. Beauty queens are VERY threatened by gay marriage, apparently. Too sad, as gay men are their biggest fans.

Warning: personal screed notice. WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE MOTORCADES? Is this evidence of a really active executive branch? Or just a very imperial one? Queenie can barely get any work done what with the shrieking of sirens. Our interns are in danger of being crushed under the carriage wheels whenever they venture out to Starbuck's (yes, former doomed aristocrat Queenie fondly remembers her own carriage days careening over peasants). Can the Bushies really have ventured out so rarely?


Funny we didn't realize that CBS's Schieffer had last Sunday morning show's coup with Cheney's "torture works" op-ad. That was the week's conversation shaper, fer sure. (Yeah, yeah -- head of Paki/Aghani on THAT OTHER show even as we approve millions and re-structure that little war... but who's paying attention?) Expect lots more drama ginned up by right-wing radio and unfortunate Repug demands for a witch hunt.

So... broadcast is not completely irrelevant yet, dear blogger friends. Steele will be facing off against Tim Kaine this Sunday. Watch for the entertainment quotient.

See ya next week!

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The Crank said...

Nancyt Pelosi is calling for a truth commision; She demands to know what she knew and when she knew it.