Friday, March 13, 2009

The TR: Pecuniary Positivism, Newspaper Necrosis and Tyra's Teachable Moment

As Queenie types, spring is (was?) in the air, the stock market is on the rise, and an arctic snowy owl is checking out lemmings in the fertile hunting grounds just a block away from our office. Oh, yeah, and Pluto is a planet again -- briefly and only in Illinois. But (brace yourself) Bristol and Levi are history (sob). What a week.


We -- and what's left of the media world -- will all hang on the Dow's every movement with bated breath. Far be it for the Queen to say anything to jinx things! We'll just point you to wise man Tom Friedman's column and suggest that there may be other news next week. (Shhhh! Not a whisper to all these optimistic Americans a bunch of Dem pollsters managed to pull together and question. We need them to keep spending their money, especially since the rest of us also took the biggest earnings plunge in the last 50 years.)

Don't expect to hear any decent analysis from CNBC, though. Despite our pessimistic screed last week, we did see phenomenal economic commentary from the newspaper columnists of the world, like here and here and here. Whichever way the Dow heads, puh-leeeeze, dear LORD, let this intelligent conversation continue! (Unseemly praying commences.)

And, based on the (false) evidence above, it seems the Queen ONLY reads MSM over her morning witch's brew. So Hallelujah that the Grey Lady has temporarily saved herself with a complicated real estate deal. But, alas, MORE newspapers will be going under shortly. And just when we needed them to save Democracy from cablenet screamfests and Limbaugh-mania...

We found the liberals! True, they are leaving it to economists and pointy-headed, soon-to-be extinct newspaper columnists to cover the White House's left flank on the economy. (Or to the craven banks that have decided that accepting federal money interferes with their greedy excess.) But our good libs ARE fighting for health care reform, thank goodness! (Don't expect reporters to get the nuances, though. A new report says they aren't up to covering health care any more.)

So, there you have it. We'll hear more about the economy, health care and (how could we forget?) climate change. Apparently, even as Mr. Snowy Owl Goes to Washington (becoming a poster bird for climate confusion), we find the seas are rising faster than expected and the EPA is proposing a reporting system that could shame polluters to greener practices. Now, how will WH energy proposals fare in Congress?

The Week That Was

Geithner on the Hill, heads of financial companies giving Congressional testimony and even Larry Summers live on CNN ("an excess of greed led to a lack of fear" -- and he never even saw the Queen's credit card statements!) Oh, this week was a wonderful economic blab-fast. We STILL aren't pleased with the coverage and agree with Jon Stewart in the current "week-long feud of the century." What, been locked in a dark closet? Check it out here and here and here.

We've been locked in the basement hiding from the Bushies for so long that we almost couldn't believe that something as wonderful as a White House Council on Women and Girls could actually happen! And Barack is such a cutie, calling Michelle his rock. No, dah-link, according to SNL, YOU'RE "The Rock" Obama.

Really, though, hiding from the former President's men WAS wise, considering what Seymour Hersh is saying about Cheney's ring of assassins...

Can you imagine -- seriously -- Bernie Madoff is SORRY and ASHAMED? Say it ain't so, Jo-- er, Bo? Mado?

Oh, and we found a neat new tool to track online ads in political fights. Check out some examples here.

Chris Brown is inspiring everyone to talk about abusive relationships and teen violence -- check out this clip of Tyra Banks talking to Oprah about her own experience. Our Culture Minister applauds his flacks for making the right move and pulling him out of the Kid's Choice Awards. Took you long enough.

Dear readers: please discuss. As scads more blogs pop up and people spend more time on Facebook status lines and Twitter, could the blogosphere be losing influence? Is IT becoming the MSM? Where oh where can we get in-depth economic commentary now?? (Don't worry, you're fine -- you've got us, remember?)


We were happy -- delighted -- to be wrong about forecasting lack of in-depth economic commentary this week. Too bad it was only in the moribund print media. We hit it out of the park on the rest, though, so keep checking back!

Reader Comments

Scores and scores of you lovely folks thanked us for our heartfelt screed last week. Mwah! Kisses back to you! And thanks for the e-mail back and forth and the articles. Really, very very very kind. Please continue to write early and often. BUT, post to the blog, too, pleeeaaase?

If you haven't planned your St. Paddy's Day yet, Shamrockfest still has tickets for tomorrow and it's gonna be nuts. Too wild for you? Sneak over to Virginia for some Guinness and fish 'n chips -- you might run into our Culture Minister in her favorite neighborhood.

Snark on and have a lovely weekend!

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Garth said...

Queen hears a whooo!

Love the column this week and love the snowy owl and your lemming-laden lead. For my money, the bird ain’t confused about the climate, just smart about moving its hunting grounds (as you note) to where all the lemmings are stampeding -- which is still the best metaphor for the deep downturn do-do we’re in these days.

Speaking of birds-of-pray -- thank God for those few remaining beacons of insight (like TTR) helping us find higher ground so we can see, maybe even avoid, the next cliff we all running towards (and, OK, also escape rising ocean levels from climate change)…

Whooo loves ya?