Friday, March 6, 2009

The TR: King Rush, McNugget Imbroglio, & Economist Smack Down

Rush Limbaugh is now officially running the Republican Party. At least THAT’s out in the open. And his challenge to debate O! Now there’s an Oxycontin moment for you... But, wait, this is a DEMOCRATIC maneuver to discredit a private citizen... Or was it 24/7 coverage over a 911 McNugget nightmare? Sometimes hard to tell the difference.


We cannot tell a lie. It’s going to get worse -- much worse -- before it gets better. No, we’re not talking about the continued economic downward spiral. Yes, we’re talking about partisan insanity. Read on for an economists’ slap down -- we’re so damned sick of the media’s inability to cover anything in real depth that we did our own (admittedly minimal) research.

How much longer can the ridiculous Rush Limbaugh story continue? As long as the Fat Man and his lefty wannabes on MSNBC want it to. Yes, it was insane that Michael Steele had to apologize, kiss Rush’s ring and likely lose his job. And, yes, there was unseemly gloating from the WH and the Dems. And, oh yes, the Repub poll numbers are still in the toilet. But CAN WE ALL MOVE ON PLEASE? The economy and planet we save just may be our own. And, btw Dems, there are a lot of angry white guys out there who really love Rush and don’t care 'bout no stinkin' pollsters.

We will get to the forecast, yes, we will. But we have to pause for a brief moment while the Queen REALLY. LOSES. HER. SH*T. Yeah, baby, I’m gonna go all head swiveling, dreadlocked and sans culottes yet again...

We are experiencing the worst financial crisis since the depression. And the best the media can give us is a week on RUSH f’ing LIMBAUGH?????

Queenie had to actually talk to real economists this week, and, guess what. There are perfectly brilliant and credible PhDs out there who are NOT getting all hot and bothered about Obama’s spending -- in fact he may not be going far enough. Throwing money at a broken system doesn’t fix it (duh), we may even need to nationalize a bank or two. Where’s is the media commentary on this? (TV BOOKER ALERT: Get the Peterson Institute’s Adam Posen on your shows NOW.)

We keep asking, WHERE IS THE LEFT? Still in post-Bush stuttering Stockholm Syndrome learned helplessness messaging toward the middle? This is the best Dean Baker can do? We’re at a critical moment in economic history, with untold opportunity, and no one is manning the barricades, pushing O to go further? This leaves the WH completely exposed -- the poles of the conversation are the wacked out Republicans on the right and the White House on the left. At least give the guy some air cover, fer chrissakes. Couldn’t USAction throw together a few more large citizen protests against Wall Street and FOR the common man? Only the left-wing Germans are bitching, and they’re harder to understand than the economists.

Okay, phew, just had to get that out of my system.

Sadly, don’t expect to see any of the above (except Rush) in next week’s news. Instead, you will get:
The Queen is just too damned bone tired to be funny about it. Bring me one of those drinks with a funny little umbrella, dah-link. While you’re searching for last of the 50-year-old rum, ponder this: worldwide depression, two (count ‘em) wars, global climate change now perhaps irreversible, AND WE’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT RUSH.

The Week That Was

Thanks for that housing bail out, O. Glad the CNBC wack job didn’t scare you off. Funny how Santelli doesn’t throw any tantrums when the guvamint is throwing dollars at Wall Street.

While Rome burns, the entire social mediasphere goes wild over SKITTLES. World-shattering analyses: Is it the END OF CORPORATE WEB SITES???? How well did your opportunistic online campaign rank in the Skitter Twitter? (Still confused? Then click!)

Speaking of Rome burning, slow action on global warming solutions. It may yet be too late for all of us, but Waxman has pledged a committee markup by Memorial Day, and Pelosi has pledged a first-ever floor vote before the end of the year.

Hold the phone! Bush memos to invade U.S., suspend civil liberties post-911! 92 videotaped torture confessions were destroyed! Karl Rove & Harriett Myers to testify (not under oath, btw) on AG firings! W: The sorry gift that keeps on giving.

We were tipped off by our favorite paparazzi on TUESDAY that Brad Pitt would be on the Hill THURSDAY. Aren’t we cool? We’re still not sure why he was there, but Nancy Pelosi was sure starstruck. If you saw Angie or any of the brood, let us know!

And, on a final note, we love this decidedly non-scientific survey PROVING all pundits are wrong.


Well, we don’t predict them all, but those we call we call right on the money.

Catch you next week! Enjoy fleeting Spring!


Anonymous said...

The real problem is Conservatives have set back and let loud mouth liars such as cluckie schummmmmer, and obama define all other parties, all the while raping the American Tax payer while running their little hoard with the purple kool -aid. I t don't matter much to me anymore but it does to my children and great grand children.

Over the last 60 years I've watch and liars and cheats utimately pay the price for their crooked ways. Many time the media will look the other way and not report on and they are just as guilty as schummmmmer and obama. This has allowed the dirty little pigs to breed new pigs and wallow in the slop. It will continue until 2010 and then all hell will bust loose.

I don't know if there will be time to save America from all the Marxist polices that have been allowed the last 2 years under a Democrat controlled Senate and Congress. Conservative do have to stand for what they believe in and define the liars, crooks and theives for what they are.

The sky is not going to fall tomorrow. Climate change being man-made is a hoax and only keeps foney tenured professors in theire lofty postions promoting more ilth.

How in the L does a man that don't pay his freaking taxes and is obama treasurey muck, know a darm thing about normal global warming and cooling. Greed folks Greed is obamas government.

I do not understand why obama Hates the Hard Working America middle class. Obama has had a free ride all his life with free college, etc Rezco but yet obama hate is emerging as the driving force. obama there are professinal people that can help you through your troubles. obama you have been like a bully in the playground with your actions or people actions you have directed such as rambo the vulgar and baghdad bob. Obama you was a major creator of the deficit you didn't inherit jack.

Rush isn't your problem obama, you are your own problem We have no respect for you, just the office of the President and we will have to clean out the elcrapo after you are gone.

We can hope Pray for obama and make plans to reform all the elcrapo obama and the Democrat have been allowed to heap on our children and grand children.


Phoenix AZ 2nd highest kidnapping capital in the World. Mexico City is uno. Jamet Napolitano 2 term governor of AZ appointed head of homeland security by obama

Bhuvan Chand said...

nice article. I have also a blog on climate change.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Bhuvan. Nice blog.

Suzanne said...

Anonymous -- I'd like to respond to your comment by saying that I'm glad Rush Limbaugh and the other radio talk show hosts are at least talking about the economic changes. While I don't agree with their perspective at all, they are at least giving the stimulus and the new budget the attention they deserve. On the other hand, the mainstream media is locked in the old "who's on first" insider baseball analysis and (with the possible exception of Frank Rich and until today's Washington Post editorial and op ed page) no real conversation about possible remedies for this historic mess.

The solutions -- and how we're going to pay for them -- matter very much to our children and grandchildren.

I would argue that Obama cares very much for the hard working middle American. His own family (and Michelle's) are blue collar to middle-American. The stimulus monies and the housing bail out monies are designed to help cushion the fall for Main Street.

But you and I do agree on this: the media is broken. It is not doing it's job. When a week is spent reporting on political gamesmanship about Rush Limbaugh (generated by both sides), we are not getting anywhere with the enormous problems that face us.

Now - politically sophisticated Democratic friends will tell me that by continuing to flog Limbaugh the Republicans are increasingly marginalized. The battle to re-win the Reagan Democrats continues. But I think gains are temporary.

And we really do need to hear some left-wing ranting about possible solutions. Because Obama's policies are very mainstream. We are not hearing anything other than "throw money at this problem." The left is completely silent. This is disgraceful.

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