Friday, March 27, 2009

The TR: It's a TR Central Birthday Week!

In honor of this birthday week (both the Queen AND her Character Assassin were celebrating), we're taking a little vacation. We liked this so much that we're posting it again. Read it, share it, make it your laptop background -- whatever it takes to REMEMBER IT. From the mouths of babes, dearies.

Of course, this break-in-snark only means that you, dear and loyal readers, get to give the Queen a little birthday gift. Send us your snark -- what happened this week that got you all up in arms? Got any rants, raves, keen observances... even puns? Send 'em to us and we'll publish our favorites next week so you can all show off your handiwork.

In Memoriam... Again. Sigh.

Get out your trumpets, folks. The NY Times is cutting salaries AND jobs -- read the goodbye memo here. And the Washington Post is launching a new round of buyouts. And the SF Chronicle is teetering on the brink. AND Cox Newspapers is closing their DC Bureau. Good luck, dear reporters... if you MUST turn to blogging, at least do that with dignity.

(Btw, check out the stats on MSM in DC here. Not encouraging.)


Maybe the Queen shouldn't dictate the TR off the top of her head to the Culture Minister while driving in city traffic. (Yes, children, that's how the sausages are made here.) We had some REAL HOWLERS last week. For the record we REALLY DO KNOW that ANDREW Cuomo (not Mario) released the letter the got the nation's blood lust boiling. And, yes, we also know that our esteemed reader and permission-based marketing expert is named SETH (not Franz) Godin. And fer chrissakes, our predix were even off -- Michelle's little victory garden got FRONT PAGE COVERAGE for two days in a row, when we predicted the middle of the paper. But -- we were correct in all else, particularly the fact that food safety was not part of that conversation.

We have only the excuse that we are a dumb little e-zine/blog wannabe that it is tossed off in between paid client work. Thus, we illustrate how the Internets really work and why it's a crying shame that newspapers and real journalism are dead.

Reader Comments

Despite our rank idiocy, we got many many raves last week. "Love it so much," "keep 'em coming" and the like. Thank you, friends. And thank you that only ONE of you called us on the Mario-Andrew slip up (good catch, Dianne!) xxoo

Enjoy your weekend, and see you next week for more snarking good times!


Grace said...

All Hail the Queen! Have a great birthday and thanks for the TR! I love reading it. Stay snarky! xoxo

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Grace!!!

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