Friday, February 13, 2009

The TR: Senator 'About Face' Gregg, Stim-u-limp II, Obama Curses

Fiery crash? Buffalo plane crash or Judd Gregg taking himself out of the line up? Hard to tell which gets the headline this week. With our Culture Minister on a plane to California, here's an abbreviated graphic-less TR. We just couldn't help ourselves...


Judd Gregg. Intoxicated by the chance to work in the new administration, he just couldn't examine his conscience until the most opportune moment to sink the stimulus plan. Or was it qualms about the Census Bureau? Perhaps the White House fumbled this one (expect TONS of commentary on the WH vetting process) but who really is to blame here for denying the new administration the opportunity to truly build a bipartisan cabinet?

But, in any event, could Sen. About-Face have waited just a few more days or was this his attempt to distract Washington from the real task at hand? Expect this to be the top talk-fest item on the Sunday shows and elsewhere.

SCREED ALERT: What you call pork, my dear Rs, the Queen calls shovel-ready projects that employ people too poor to buy banks or fund junkets with taxpayer bucks. In other words, this is money that goes right back into the ailing economy. Not to mention unemployment benefits, healthcare, food for children, and the like. That also goes back into the ailing economy. Aaarrrrggghhh. (And now we truly regret NOT running the Queen's character assassin's piece attacking Gregg two weeks ago. Sorry, Gloria, you were right-on.)

The on-going partisan battle over money for the people (as opposed to money for the banks) will continue, as main stream media and the blogosphere hang on to every tiny detail of bill passage (or not), merging of House & Senate bills, signing, etc. We just wanna know - why can't Joe the Plumber get some relief while the R's & Wall Street titans keep calling the shots? Why do congressional Democrats cave and cave and cave on messaging, allowing the losers to frame the debate? Oh, we get it - Joe the Plumber doesn't feel he is needed right now, he works for the R's and won't actually step up to help the common man. This isn't a referendum on Obama, by the way, REALLY. It's an indictment of the ineptitude of Democrats on the Hill. We repeat aaarrrggghhh.

(Speaking of which, we are once again indebted to Media Matters and Media Channel- this time for this analysis of the "Iron Triangle" of stimulus misinformation which is fueling the Repugs insanity and the Dems Stockholm Syndrome.)

But ARE the banks getting enough? Two trillion just won't do it! Expect more commentary on little Timmy Geithner's "wing and a prayer" strategy (thank you Tom Toles) through the weekend and beyond. Where is Alexander Hamilton when we need him?

The Week That Was

Ooooh Rihanna. In the IF YOU HAD TO ASK category, then please go immediately to and get all the horrid details. Adorable became sinister with particularly lurid domestic violence. Get your head out of wonkdom and marinate for a moment in the top story that the rest of the country (including our most computer-literate youth segment) is concerned about.

We won't re-play the ups and downs of the stimulus here (just too many jokes possible). It's too disgusting. Suffice to say that the Queen is EXTREMLY displeased with the "100 hours" coverage of the Obama presidency. Can the guy have 100 days, puh-leeze? Or is the news cycle just too amped up on methamphetamines? And could we have some finger pointing towards the methods of the Hill Dems?

A creative solution to the slow-downs in the newspaper industry: free labor! A Toronto free daily newspaper has laid off all of its staff writers - but it won't be without copy for its pages because it will be using non-paid interns instead.

We also were so disappointed that this "insider tip" from Guy Kawasaki via Twitter turned out to be a New York Times article. So Google is about to get into the power monitoring business, and we could have learned about it from the ailing Grey Lady? But we got it in a DM tweet from Guy Kawasaki? What's that about? And for a moment we thought we were VERY IMPORTANT members of the social media universe.

Ann Coulter is under investigation for voter fraud. Now this is worth a click.

Just because you read this far, we give you a very special treat. OBAMA CURSING AND (ALSO) TRYING TO SOUND LIKE A REAL BLACK MAN! Coming soon to ring tones everywhere: "There's white people and then there's real mothafuckas like you" (Judd Gregg reference?) and "You ain't my bitch nigga, get your own damn fries." We're in love with our actual black President!


Well, we missed it. Great, big, obvious 200th birthday of Lincoln strained through the miracle of O's presidency story. How did we miss it? I mean, President's Day weekend is RIGHT NOW and we love old Linc, gay or not, racist or not, mentally ill or not. How did we not predict this?

And Darwin - we missed Darwin's 200th birthday and the obvious opportunity to re-fight all the culture/religious wars. (4 in 10 people don't believe in evolution, btw). Shout out to Rick Weiss' oped and the drama it inspired online here.

Likewise, we missed the run up to Valentine's Day stories. What, are we only reading POLITICO and Roll Call? In that case, you guys don't need the TR, you're already steeped in inside-the-Beltway humorless coverage.

And the GRAMMIES! We forgot about the GRAMMIES! Ye Gods! You mean the world does NOT revolve around the stimulus package?


In other news, our beloved Ben Carlson heads back to San Francisco tomorrow. Read this and weep dear friends. Ben reminds us (and all our clients) that phones and the internet do in fact exist and he will still be available on his Turner e-mail address. But - so far away!!!!

Reader Comments

Lots of love for the snark. Thank you! The grumpy old Queen is BACK IN BLACK. Big hugs and see you next week.


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