Friday, January 23, 2009

Snark-Free Edition

Say hello to TR Central's new neighbors!
We were so excited to officially welcome Barack and Michelle to our city -- and so were, oh, about 2 million of our closest friends. Though our intern was crushed by tourists, threatened by hypothermia and forgot her purse inside the Treasury Department, she reports it was totally worth it for her and her friends, who nabbed this shot of the First Couple strolling down the parade route.
So how about you, dear reader? Crash any parties? Regale us with your stories!
In other news, we have to plug our latest upcoming project: Feminism2.0, a conference on Feb. 2 at George Washington University. We're bringing together major women's organizations, the top voices in the feminist blogosphere and anyone else who wants to learn about the future of internet activism and the women's movement. It's only two weeks away, so sign up now!
We're giving all our points to Barry this week, and we're saving up our snark for next week. Don't worry, dearies -- the Queen is still here for you!


Suzanne said...

Doesn't it kind of look like O is wearing a big yellow "#1" game glove in this photo? Or perhaps its my aged eyes... O scorecard: commitment to close gitmo, repeal the gag rule, bomb Pakistan -- thoughts?

Suzanne said...

Wanted so badly to snark about Caronline Kennedy's sense of entitlement and Palin-esque interview skills, but held my breath. WashPost does do a nice job explaining "how not to pick a Senator," although there's no CKS snark:

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