Friday, January 30, 2009

Senate Stimulation, Climate Cataclysm and the Blago Bumpoff

Oh how lovely to have someone quick and smart and absolutely Presidential in our little town!

But, you horrid inconsistent readers, you really mustn't revile the Queen for snark one week and attack her for lack thereof the following. Since commenters who favor sarcasm outnumbered the niceniks exponentially we will return to our wicked ways. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed that "Yes We Can" is toddler fave Bob the Builder's theme song? Surely Michelle knew -- after all, she was Barney the purple dinosaur's legal counsel.


Stimulae, stimuli, stimulus? It's up to the Senate now. Background: on strictly partisan lines, the House passed a mammoth heap of help for the people. Meanwhile Neil Cavuto and others on the right argued that Obama has been exaggerating the crisis (huh?), and radio talk show host Chris Plant claimed Bob Reich wants money exclusively reserved for African-Americans. After the feeding frenzy House-side (was it really Pelosi's fault, and was access to birth control truly the problem?) the whole three-ring circus is heading for the calmer, more deliberative Senate.

O/Joe are scrambling for bi-partisan vote on stimulus in Senate - meanwhile we're already seeing attacks on the Wall Street bailout, counter-attacks on the wealth of O's cabinet, and cable shows constantly running O/Joe sound bites.

So the Stimulus Bill (which sounds like a Z-list porno star's name, says blogger CityMama) is THE conversation of the moment -- tag your issue to it or stand back from the fray.

Expect to see more -- a lot more -- of our new crush: dough-faced stud-muffin Robert Gibbs, Obama's press secretary. Can you say "transparency" darlings? Daily, lengthy White House briefings -- our CNN/MSNBC cup runneth over.

We'd like to see some climate change movement on the Hill next week, and E&E News PM says Sen. Barbara Boxer (chair of the Committee on Environment and Public Works) plans to announce her ideas for a climate cap-and-trade bill on Tuesday. Senate Repubs, looking to demand their pound of flesh on the stimulus package, might give her a fight, but on the other hand our favorite prophet of doom, the Goracle, was just in town to formally testify that the planet is already ever-so-screwed, so could we puh-leeeze get with some corrective legislation like quick fast? This just after NOAA scientists, recently freed from their basement shackles, released a peer-reviewed journal article detailing the inevitable planetary destruction -- even if we cit-uh-zens and all polluting industries instantly switch to Priuses and those funny-looking lightbulbs this minute. So Boxer's timing may be fine.

The green-jobs-to-be-created-by-climate-solutions angle (stories and ads driven by EDF and the Alliance) was a grand slam amid the stimulus debate. (See spin advice item 1, dah-links.) We HOPE climate change becomes a BIG media item next week (tho we're betting on a few weeks/months down the line). Enviros -- CAN WE BUILD IT? YES, WE CAN!

Dear Blago-son-of-bitch is gone baby gone... or not. We so admired his chutzpah (if not his brain power) in taking his case to the media, but is there any point in continuing? Despite his dismissal, he just might have some more highly amusing Jerry Springer-like tricks up his sleeve. We love/pity his efforts to associate himself with movie heroes. We wickedly hope to see our favorite Elvis impersonator extend his political death throes.

The Queen has yet to receive her invite to O's bipartisan Super Bowl party (postal service screwup!) so she's making other plans. Guess who O's supporting (hint: PA was dark blue in the presidential election, and AZ's senior senator is...). BTW, by getting its racy ad banned from the Super Bowl broadcast, PETA got big publicity for its Veggie Love campaign without the multi-million $ ad buy.

The Week That Was

Oh my! O gets A+++ marks here at TR Central for media smarts. The flurry of executive orders, bill signings and other actions restoring the country to sanity came flying out of the Oval office at breathtaking speed -- can you say Gitmo, Gag Rule lifted, stem cell sagacity, Ledbetter gender pay equity and the like? We'd exclaim "no rest for the weary," but he even looked tan, rested and ready during the insanity of the stimulus debate. You go, O!

Even the things we weren't so sure about (Pakistan bombings, anyone?) were handled with grace and ease. Get your Secretary of State confirmed, bomb the mountainous border area of Pakistan and Afghanistan that harbors terrorists (check box next to campaign promise "focus on Afghanistan"), continue enjoying honeymoon with libs, and earn some points with neocons, but that's not all...

Give your first Presidential interview to Al-Arabiya!! Wow! The symbolism -- iron hand, velvet glove and respect, respect, respect. Say my middle name's Hussein like that's a good thang, suckas. Brilliant.

The Obamanator had such aplomb he even made time for humor, as he teased District denizens that closing schools over a smidge of snow and ice is wussy. Chicago public schools haven't closed for snow in 10 years, and the Obama girls used to play in the stuff at recess. No doubt Caribou Barbie would have dissed us worse....

While we're raving about a WH fully in control of the media cycle, we'd also like to note the genius of using the CEO of Google as a third party endorser of the stimulus package(s). Apparently it's all gonna be online, you're gonna be able to track every dollar, every locality. Check out this and this as test runs.

Now -- ahem -- are we only tracking money given to the worker bees? Can we also (oh excuse me for asking) see what's happening to all that money going to Wall Street? Please?

Add textual harrassment to your worries. The Advertising Council's "That's Not Cool" campaign raises awareness of the ways people (often youth) can use mobile phones and online accounts in abusive ways, which may lead to other kinds of abuse. Lesson #1... to remove creepsters from your Facebook, hit the 'remove from friends' button.

The Queen grows weary. So much to cheer, so much to snark, and two, count them, two conferences to keynote and/or organize. PRSA keynote on crisis communications today. But, bigger deal: kudos to VP Internet Gloria Pan, Project Coordinator Katie Stanton and an army of volunteers for putting together Monday, February 2nd's Fem 2.0 conference. Register here -- and be there or be square. If you can't show, then at least be modern and blog.

And, small round of applause, the Turner team recently achieved a publicist's wet dream -- Parade Magazine (women's pay equity) and Oprah (hormone replacement therapy) in the SAME WEEK. That's not counting all those down-market national newspapers, social networking triumphs etc in the same time frame. We can count old-school as the gold standard for a week or two more anyway, before the entire traditional media world collapses. (Thanks to clients AAUW and KLRI for making it possible.)

Ciao for now, kids! See you at Fem2.0!

In Parting...

And another regrettable thing about death
is the ceasing of your own brand of magic
from "Perfection Wasted" by John Updike, 1932-2009

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